Sexy Alice Taticchi Fitness Workout Routine, Bikini Figure

Last Updated on July 1st, 2020

Alice Taticchi, Miss world from Italy has been in news globally. She has been one of the most searched Italian celebrity in past years due to her beauty and fitness. She took the limelight from the stage of Miss world. Alice is full of grace, and at the same time has those seductress qualities within herself that can spell bound anyone.


Her Background

Alice belongs to an upper-middle-class family, and she was raised with quite a comfort and ease. She has always been interested in modeling field with keen interests in brands and photoshoots. She, therefore, decided in her teenagers to pursue a career in modeling itself. Though there were some obligations from her father’s point of view, still she began her career at initial adolescents with her mother’s support.


alice taticchi beauty secrets
alice taticchi beauty secrets

Height  –  180cm – 5′ 11”

Bust  –  83 – 32”

Waist  –  63 – 24”

Hips   – 93 – 36”

Shoes –   40 – 9

Eye  –  black

Hair  –  dark brown

Located  –  Perugia

Citizenship  –  Italian



In initial stages of modeling, she began participating in various beauty pageants competitions and finally was selected for the 2009’s Miss worlds edition. She won the Italy’s Next top model reality show, which was very famous in early 20’s.


Her selection in the prestigious contest such as Miss World 2009 was not at all an easy task. Italy is filled with beauties but Alice Taticchi made sure to ace them all by keeping herself fit and taking care of her body fitness as well as her beauty.

Such a big achievement in her life gave her confidence over her shyness, which was due to her height. She is one of the tallest of her school and college batch played volleyball too. Her interest in volleyball was one of the reasons she has those killer legs and amazing figure to carve for! Moreover, she developed a hobby of playing piano at a very tender age and has been playing it for attaining and sustaining mental peace.

hot and sexy alice fitness workout
hot and sexy alice fitness workout

From her first break, that was with Italia’s Next top model, Alice was recognized as one of the most disciplined and refined girls of the batch of models selected. During this show, she realized the importance of toning her body and the need to work on her elegance. And from here onwards there was no turning back. She determined and dedicated her routine to tone up her body and ace the catwalk skills too. That dedication paid its price by making her the winner of the competition.


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Workout Schedule

Alice took up the platform and maintained her work on toning of her body. She went through some rigorous exercises and gaming throughout the day. With squats, lunges and weight exercises being the most of it.

She attained the desired toned body. Not only this, she even closely monitored all the food she ate, since toning up the whole body requires both exercising and dieting simultaneously.

alice bikini bod secrets
alice bikini bod secrets

She has worked her way out from fiction to reality by sustaining her toned up body for at least a decade now.

Let’s have a sneak peek of her workout schedule.



Alice prefers her workouts to be in the morning since it makes her feel fresh and then she has the whole day for herself to cope up an finish her other tasks.

On Mondays, Alice usually works on the sexiest part of her body, i.e. Legs. She does squats followed by barbell step ups, split squats, and single leg Romanian deadlifts. Most of the time she does fives sets of five reps.


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Tuesday is her heavy lifting day. Alice follows a tough routine for overhead squats, pushes presses and pushes jerks. She also most of the times prefers pre-workout protein for before her workout. She goes with oats for her morning breakfast and protein intake.

alice taticchi sexy body
alice taticchi sexy body


 For every model, she has to sustain a stamina and high strength. Wednesday’s are dedicated to achieving this! It is a high-intensity functional class on Wednesday’s with f45 London bridge. She always has some amazingly pumped up sound playing in the background for boosting herself up.



Thursday is not a hitting gym day for Alice, she prefers to be at home or either, go for a game of volleyball or crash at her dance class for learning some more moves. These things work out on her body flexibility and hence are a further add-on for her fit body.



For most of the workouts sessions, she follows up various deadlifts which are inclusive of both sumo and Olympic. She even tries and challenges herself by doing a hamstring curl drop set. Though, Friday is also a leg day for her.



Saturdays are meant to be party days globally, and therefore a lot of workouts in restricted on these days. However, Alice manages to do a session of pull-ups, bent over rows and face pulls for her satisfaction. She always manages to have a satisfactory workout for herself.


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If she has been busy the whole weekend and has not undergone proper fitness exercises then she completes her checklist on Sundays, or else she prefers it to be her rest day too.


With such an exhausting workout schedule, Alice also manages to look amazingly beautiful. She because of her morning exercises, proper sleep and a say no attitude to junk foods. She is very clear on the part of being beautiful and fit at the same time and hence follow everything on her checklist. 

Dr. Amanda

Dr. Amanda

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