Sexy Ananya Pandey Body Fitness and Workout Routine

Born to, renowned actor, Suyush aka Chunky Pandey and Bhavna Pandey on 30th October 1998, Ananya Pandey is a promising actress who has nailed the silver screen with her amazing performance in her debut film Student of the year 2, casted alongside the dapper Tiger Shroff. One of the most anticipated Bollywood star kids, Ananya is a social media queen too and knows-well to keep her audiences glued to her posts. Even though venturing into the film industry only in 2019, this aspiring actress won the prestigious Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut too.

ananya pandey body and beauty tips
ananya pandey body and beauty tips

A close friend to both Suhana Khan (Sharukh Khan’s Daughter) and Shanaya Kapoor (Sanjay Kapoor’s Daughter), she did her schooling from Dhirubhai Ambani International School and has pursued her graduation from the University Of Southern California, Los Angeles. Like any other young girl of her age, despite her work schedules and fitness sessions, she loves partying, snapping pictures with her cousins and friends, and gormandizing on pizzas, chocolates, and other junk foods.

A dog lover, an Emma Watson fan, and Virat Kohli fanatic, in spite of being born with a silver spoon this young diva knows exactly how to balance the stardom and her personal life quite well.

Besides, this gorgeous young artist also has an impeccable fashion sense, and why not when she was a fashion student herself. Ananya knows it well that being blessed with flawless beauty is not enough until one works towards it to maintain and nurture it. And so, this 22-year old rigorously indulges herself in workout sessions and fitness classes and makes sure that in the pursuit of enjoying her young-adult phase, she doesn’t loose-out on her hot figure.

So, after knowing her, are you curious about what this wonderful diva does to keep-up her elegance and maintain her sexiness? If yes, then you are in the right space.


Ananya Pandey Body Stats

From a chubby teenager to a ravishing young adult, we can really say that puberty hit her hard to make her look how she is today – absolutely amazing! Below is the Ananya pandey body measurements that she has maintained with great workout, yoga and strict diet plan.

sexy hot ananya pandey body stats
sexy hot ananya pandey body stats
  • Height – 5’7’’ or 175 cm
  • Weight- 119 Lbs or 54 kg
  • Bust/Breast Size – 32 inches or 84 cm
  • Figure Measurement – 32 – 26 – 34
  • Waist – 27 inches or 67 cm
  • Hip/Butt Size – 34 inches or 86 cm
  • Bra Size – 33B
  • Dress Size – 4(US)
  • Shoe Size – 8(US)
  • Hair Colour – Black
  • Eye Colour – Dark Brown

Moderating between sports, gym, yoga, and dance, the stunning beauty is a fitness freak.

Forever trying to keep her body well-toned and in the perfect shape, this SOTY star doesn’t actually have a fixed mantra of fitness and nor a definite diet plan but rather loves to experiment and juggle between different things to strike the perfect balance between having fun and staying fit.

However, she adheres to a specific calorie limit per day and leads a well-disciplined life to avoid any health issues.


Ananya Pandey Diet Plan

Starting her day with a green juice that is a concoction having a lot of water celery and other green veggies to detoxify her system, this star kid then prefers having poached eggs or omelet and some butter-toast for her breakfast. Owing to her moods, she also loves biting into south Indian delicacies for her morning food, like Dosa, Idli, or Upma. Be it any cuisine, Ananya’s all-time favorite food companion is a cup of dark black coffee which, according to her, helps her give a kickstart to the busy day ahead.  

ananya pandey body shape
ananya pandey body shape

Ananya is one such person who swears by her lunch, especially when shooting. She prefers having something light and healthy to satiate her afternoon hunger pangs, like some chicken sandwiches or sometimes, fresh veggies, grilled fish, and a chapatti.

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Besides, she also loves snacking and thus, keeps seasonal fruits, dark chocolate or nuts, and some fresh coconut water or her favorite black coffee handy.

At dinner, this young beauty avoids having non-veg and generally sticks to her conventional routine of having one of two chapattis, some vegetable dishes, some fresh greens, and a bit of assorted salad.

Apart from all these, she makes sure to have plenty of water to boost her metabolism as well as to keep her hydrated and going throughout the day.

She also makes sure that whatever extra calories she’s in taking gets burned out during her workout sessions.


Ananya Pandey Workout Routine

ananya pandey workout routine
ananya pandey workout routine

Trained by celebrity fitness trainer, Yasmin Karachiwal, this lovely actress is day by day becoming one of the most beautiful divas of the Hindi film industry. Enthralling her fans with her hot figure, elegant looks, and smooth curves, Ananya believes in not having a set exercise routine but rather having a mix of everything put together strategically.

From dancing to yoga, this dazzling queen knows how to have fun even during the most rigorous exercises. Generally preferring a mix of cardio and weight training, she makes sure that even though a big-time foodie, nothing affects her charming body and bewitching beauty.

This fitness freak is a sports enthusiast too, and often moderates her fitness regime with, some or the other, sports she loves to indulge in.

In addition to all these, she also loves doing Pilates and more often, goes out for swimming too as she strongly believes that health shouldn’t be taken for granted.


Ananya Pandey Beauty Secrets – Pampering The Skin

Ananya Pandey knows that chemical enriched cosmetics and synthetic beauty products most often harm the skin and deprive it of its natural glow. And so, this budding star keeps it simple and natural, most of the time. Thanking her genes most often, she swears by the age-old beauty hacks of applying a pack of Haldi, Honey, and Yogurt on her skin daily which not only reduces tanning, if any, but also helps in reducing blemishes, inflammation, and whatnot.

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ananya pandey yoga routine
ananya pandey yoga routine

As an actress, the use of makeup is imperative but then, Ananya knows how important it is to let the skin breath and so, she washes it thrice a day, sprinkles a lot of rose water to keep it hydrated and fresh, and makes sure to apply suns-cream and eye-cream whenever outdoors.

Besides, she strictly maintains a disciplined life and sleeps timely, as she firmly believes that ample time must be given to the body for healing and rejuvenating, so as to avoid any health or skin issues in the near future.  

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