Sexy Giorgia Palmas Fitness Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Last Updated on September 30th, 2020

Giorgia Palmas is a very famous Italian television personality and model. She has also been a runner-up in the Miss World beauty pageant in the year 2000. Giorgia shot to fame with her performance in many popular Italian TV shows. She became even more popular by taking part in various famous reality shows and had also achieved victory in a renowned Italian show. She has become successful in earning a large number of fans due to her perfectly toned body. Giorgia Palmas Fitness is very amazing and she has a very good diet plan too for her perfect body.

Due to her beautiful body, she was chosen to be a model for many brands. She has also been on the cover pages of many top magazines. Even after the birth of her child, she maintained her fitness and looked gorgeous like ever. All the viewers of her shows have become a fan of her physique and have been very keen to know how she manages to maintain such a healthy body shape.

georgia palmas sexy figure
georgia palmas sexy figure

Giorgia Palmas Fitness Regimen

Although Giorgia Palmas has a gifted slim body, she never gives up on following a proper fitness regimen to stay healthy and also to stay in shape. She firmly believes that it is very necessary to implement a proper diet plan combined with a regular workout for the purpose of maintaining a good body structure and staying healthy internally. She has incorporated an accurate fitness regime that suits her body requirements and goes well with her schedule. This has inspired many people to walk the path of fitness.

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georgia palmas fitness vital stats
georgia palmas fitness vital stats

Giorgia Palmas Vital Statistics

Height: 5’7” or 170 cm

Weight: 59 kg or 130 pounds

Bust Size: 32 inches

Waist Size: 27 inches

Hip Size: 37 inches

Shoe Size: 8 (US)

Dress Size:  4 (US)

It is not possible to obtain an enviable body shape overnight. Giorgia Palmas triumphed in getting a fit body with a fabulous physique due to her commitment towards regular workouts and healthy eating habits.

Giorgia’s Workout Plans

Giorgia Palmas is very serious about embedding her lifestyle with various physical activities to work out and stay in shape. Most of the times, she begins her day by going to the gym because she feels that workouts will help to accelerate the metabolism and burn more calories. She became a trendsetter with her special workouts in spinning. She performs spinning on a regular basis because it is perfect for burning fat very quickly and it plays a major role in letting her stay in shape. Spinning helps her to shape her legs, tone the buttocks, stretch the nerves and improve the functionality of the cardiovascular system.

workout of giorgia palmas

It is not only the gym that keeps her in shape but also her involvement in sports. Giorgia Palmas is a sports lover and participates in surfing whenever she is at the beach. She also chooses to go for cycling whenever possible. Swimming, running, walking etc also form a part of her fitness style. In one way or the other, she involves herself in physical activities to get the perfect body shape. She also follows a training that is based on dance choreographies so that she can have fun while working out.

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Dietary Habits Of Giorgia Palmas

Giorgia Palmas strongly believes that healthy eating habits are very pivotal for maintaining physical fitness and staying sharp. She does not encourage stressful dieting and has been a follower of a balanced diet. She always eats well and never skips a meal. Moreover she never goes for absurd diets and strictly follows the diet prescribed by professionals. She knows her trainers, who understand the requirements of her metabolism. She has always been vocal about the fact that starving is not the correct choice for dieting and one must have healthy meals in small portions throughout the day.

Giorgia consumes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and makes sure that they have a major share in her meal. She avoids unhealthy food like chips, sweet shop friends, chocolates which hinder the healthy regimen. Her nutritional eating plans have motivated many to shift to healthy food items.

sexy giorgia palmas figure
sexy giorgia palmas figure

Giorgia Palmas Beauty Tips

Tip #1: According to her, Giorgia Palmas suggests that jeans is an evergreen fashion choice and is a must have to look stunning at any occasion.

Tip #2: She believes that working out early in the morning provides undeniable benefits to health but she suggests not performing the workout on empty stomach.

Tip #3: She never uses lipstick and prefers to stay natural by applying a transparent gloss. She believes that it’s a reflection of true beauty.

Tip #4: She states that water is an essential element to enhance the beauty of the skin and therefore she makes sure to consume lots of water every day.

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Tip #5: Giorgia always carries the mascara with her as she thinks it’s the perfect tool to beautify and highlight the eyes.

Giorgia Palmas has been in support of a healthy lifestyle and has made sure to implement it without any fail. To all of her fans, she has been an example to follow with regard to her exceptional fitness regimen and extraordinary dietary habits.


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