Sexy Kajal Aggarwal Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Last Updated on December 21st, 2020

Beautiful and Sexy Kajal Aggarwal, one of the most gorgeous actresses of the film industry. She has bright glowing skin, Silky hair, Shiny eyes, Sharp features and a beautiful figure. Her amazing body figure is a result of strict routine that she follows daily. Kajal Aggarwal workout routine consist of gym time and yoga time both. Along with gym and yoga she has a good diet to be followed. Kajal Aggarwal diet plan majorly consist of fresh fruits and juices along with protein rich food.

This beautiful actress was born in Mumbai on 19th June 1985. She has worked in Bollywood as well as Tollywood industry. Her first hit was “Chanda mama”. Besides this, she has given many blockbusters like “Singham” and “special 26”. Her first Bollywood debut was “Kyun ho Gaya Na” and her first Tollywood debut was “Lakshmi kalyanam”.

Kajal attracts her fan with her beautiful smile and sexy looks. She has a huge fan following and many girls aspire to have a figure like her. Her skin and hair are always a common topic amongst the girls.

Kajal Aggarwal believes in staying natural. She admits that she can’t be pressurized under a knife to improve her looks. She stays as she likes. Her appearance is very natural and cannot be dictated by others. She lives a well-balanced life, hits the gym daily and follows her disciplined exercise routine. The Actress believes that sufficient sleep and plenty of water is very necessary for a healthy life.  She manages her work along with good amount of rest very efficiently.


kajal aggarwal vital stats
kajal aggarwal vital stats

Kajal Aggarwal Vital Stats

Height: 5 feet 5 inch

Weight: 55 kgs (approx.)

Chest: 34
Waist: 30
Hip: 35

Bra Size: 32B

Eye color: Black

Hair color: Black


Because of the growing eagerness among the fans we have come up with this article. This article contains some beauty secrets and workout plans followed by Kajal.

Want to know about the workout routine of kajal? Want to know what kajal has to say about the workout regime?


Sexy Kajal Aggarwal Workout Routine

*Don’t overdo: Kajal believes that one must neither overdo nor underdo exercises. This will harm your body rather than building it. Kajal makes sure not to miss her exercise routine and also does not indulge in an overdose of exercise. She avoids very heavy weight lifting also. As this causes unnecessary wear and tear of muscles.

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*Yoga: Kajal practices yoga thrice in a week. Her Yoga routine consists mostly of yoga poses for flexibility and Surya namaskar at a stretch. Yoga and meditation are key for a good posture and for a peaceful mind as well.

kajal aggarwal yoga fitness
kajal aggarwal yoga fitness

*Strength training: The other three days she goes for strength training. She does exercises like squats, planks  for strengthening abdominal muscles and arms, Dip exercise for chest and arms and back muscles

*Russian exercises: She also does various kinds of Russian exercises that help to reduce the abdominal fat and tone the body.

*Cardio: She includes various types of cardio exercises on an incline in her routine. Cardio exercises help to build up the core and also improve our energy and stamina.

*Arthro-Pilates:  One hour of Arthro-Pilates once per week is done by Kajal. This cuts the weight and all the extra calories in minutes.

*Freehand exercises are done, to help her tone upper body and arms.

*Dancing: And yes, of course, the actress loves dancing. Dancing is a very good exercise and a mood refreshing activity too.

*Swimming: She prefers to swim 3 to 4 times a week. Swimming is a whole-body exercise. It tones all your body parts. It also helps generate a lot of energy. Swimming is one of the greatest mood busters to many.


Kajal Aggarwal Diet Plan

Besides this kajal is very particular about her diet and nutrition too. Fans often ask:

kajal aggarwal diet plan
kajal aggarwal diet plan

What does Kajal Aggarwal eat? How did Kajal get such a lovely posture? The answer to these questions lies hereunder: She is a pure vegetarian and takes 7 meals in a day. She starts her day with green tea, avocado, baby spinach, mint and honey for a glowing skin.

*Post workout: she drinks a healthy smoothie full of protein. It includes chia seed and coconut water.

*Breakfast: Her breakfast consists of brown bread with peanut butter, soya  and oats

*Lunch: One may find some brown rice, Salad, Fruits and legumes. She basically consumes fruits rich in vitamin C.

*Evening: She enjoys juices or coconut water.

*Dinner: She is fond of some crunchy aloo along with some fresh soup.

*No Junk: She avoids packets and junk foods and prefers to take her food from home wherever she goes.

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*Cheating: She has 2 cheat days every week when she has her favorite, pizza, burger and parathas. However, she does extra work out on the next day to shed the extra calories gained.

*Hydration: She prefers to take lots of water. As water helps to reduce extra toxins and also very good for a glowing skin. She is fond of coconut water and green tea as well.


Secrets from Kajal Aggarwal Beauty Regime

Kajal is a very simple girl and loves to stay without makeup. She does not believe in putting on kilos of makeup and then marketing herself. She believes in the goodness of natural products, The chemicals in the beauty products just give Artificial beauty to your face and hair which is not long-lasting.

Kajal once said in her interview “Be smart and go natural. Using natural ingredients is the best you can do for your skin and hair and to be beautiful from within. For my skin, I could bathe in coconut milk all day long”.


sexy kajal aggarwal workout fitness
sexy kajal aggarwal workout fitness

For Skin:

Kajal Aggarwal relies mostly on herbal and organic products for her face.

She is just fond of coconut oil for her skin as well as her hair. She loves to use coconut base products as they penetrate the skin and rejuvenate them.

Kajal also uses homemade face packs like that one made of Multani Mitti and Honey for perfectly glowing natural and bright skin.

She also uses crushed almonds for exfoliating her skin once every week. Exfoliating the skin peels off the pigmentation from your skin by removing dead cells leaving behind lighter and fresh glowing skin.

She added that the first thing she does after coming home is to remove the makeup and then cleanse, Tone and moisturize the face.

According to the actress ”for getting a charming face, Proper intake of water in our body is a must. It cleanses the system from within and this reflects on your skin making it more charming and glowing”.


For Hair:

She loves taking the hot towel and coconut oil massages on her head, this gives her instant results. She prefers to use sulphate free shampoos. According to her, the shampoo must contain a high amount of glycerin.

She often squeezes a few drops of lime on her hair for glowing and soft hair after the hair wash. She regularly goes to a hair spa too.

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sexy kajal aggarwal workout routine
sexy kajal aggarwal workout routine

Concluding Thoughts:

We often think that the beauty and alluring features of the actors are a gift that God has bestowed upon them. But the same is not true. The actresses have to do lots of hard work to maintain their beauty and fitness.

They are very busy shooting the whole day and moving from one place to another for promotions, shoots and interviews. Despite this, they have to take out some spare time for exercise and workout routine. They have to take special care of their hair and skin as they have to be presentable all day.

All of us who are die heart fans of Kajal must know that she is very particular about her diet and exercises. Also, she does exercises in balanced proportions so that it does not exert much pressure on her body. She loves staying natural and happening always. She follows a very balanced diet plan that is enriched with all kinds of minerals and vitamins and takes plenty of fluids.

I hope this article attracts all the fans of Kajal and is able to answer all your questions. All Kajal fans can now steal some of her beauty secrets and apply them in their daily lives to get fit and all-day glowing.

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