Sexy Kate Upton Beauty, Workout, Fitness Tips and Diet Plan

Last Updated on December 24th, 2020

Kate Upton is a gorgeous American actress and model. She famously appeared in the Sports Illustrated, Swimsuit Issue numerous times. In her first appearance in 2011, she was named the Rookie of the Year. She was also featured as its cover model in the issues of 2012, 2013 and 2017 as well. The beautiful Kate Upton was the cover girl for the 100th-anniversary cover of Vanity Fair and has been featured on the covers of French ELLE, Vogue Italia, Cosmopolitan, British Vogue, Esquire, The Daily, and Muse Magazine, among several others.


Kate Upton nudes


Kate Upton, born on 10 June 1992, in St. Joseph, Michigan, USA. In the year of 1999, Kate moved to Melbourne, Florida with her family and is an avid fan of sports. When she was young, she realized her love for horse riding and has since been a five-time world champion equestrian.

In 2008, Kate Upton signed with Elite Model Management and thus began her career in modelling. Eventually, she moved to New York City and then signed with the IMG Models in 2010 and has taken the world by storm ever since. Kate has been featured on some of the most prestigious magazines and has worked with numerous acclaimed photographers.


beautiful kate upton pics and images
beautiful kate upton pics and images


The supermodel has appeared on famous talk shows such The Ellen Show, Jimmy Kimmel, Le Grand Journal, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Late Show, and Saturday Night Live. In her capacity as an actor, she has starred in projects such as The Other Woman (2014) and more recently, The Layover (2017). Kate Upton is happily married to Justin Verlander and continues to enjoy tremendous success.

Now let’s take a look at the impressive stats of the blonde beauty!


kate upton figure and sexy bikini bod
kate upton figure and sexy bikini bod

Kate Upton Vital Statistics:


Height: 5 ft 10 in or 177 cm

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Weight: 64 kg or 141 lbs


Breast Size: 39 inches


Wait: 28 inches


Hips Size: 36 inches


Shoe Size: 8.5 (US)


Dress Size: 8 (US)


What an Impressive Body Stats she has, she surely is a delight to the eyes of the viewers in the Hollywood film industry. But she has not got all that for free, instead she has put up lots of efforts in gym and outside for attaining that bikini shape figure that is admired by the lovers.

 Sexy Kate Upton


Let Find out the Workout Routine and Fitness Plan that she follows for maintaining her figure.


Kate Upton Workout Routine:


Kate Upton works really hard to maintain her fitness and body shape. She has found for herself a training plan that works really well for her body.

Kate Upton Workout

Unlike most people, her focus is on feeling strong and staying healthy, rather than simply fit into a dress size.

Kate has a pretty dedicated workout routine with her personal trainer.

Kate’s loves to train and her routine tends to go on for around 40-45 mins every day.

For one, she really enjoys strength training as it helps her feel strong.

According to her, lifting weights not only makes you feel strong but can also alter your perception of yourself.

Not only does it help her remain fit, but also boosts her self-confidence and helps boost her body image.


Apparently, Kate can deadlift over 200 pounds, bear crawls with 300 pounds and does sled pushes with 500 pounds. Impressive, isn’t it?

Kate Upton yoga
Kate Upton yoga

She loves to keep mixing up her exercise so that she remains motivated and does not get bored.

Apart from lifting weights, Kate Upton also practices Kickboxing, skipping rope, pilates and yoga.

Kate Upton has recently started doing yoga and has become a huge fan of it. Kate has stated that yoga not only helps you stay in shape and fit but it also helps fight stress and makes you feel stronger from within. 

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All this workout needs to be followed with a proper balanced diet. And her nutritionist has made a special diet plan for Kate so that her body doesn’t exhaust even after workouts and her body gets all the nutrients in required proportion.


Kate Upton Diet Plan:


Of course, to have a killer shape like Kate Upton and to slimming down in general, there needs to be a balance between a great diet plan and working out. Kate prefers to eat according to her blood type and believes that it contributes to her results as well.


kate upton sexy hot pis and figure shape
kate upton sexy hot pis and figure shape


 As per Kate’s personal trainer, nutrition is key to maintaining her fitness. Kate is committed to both, her training and eating right and that is what enables her great results. For her, this not as a short-term weight-loss plan, rather it is a long-term healthy lifestyle change. Kate believes that it is important to intake enough protein, follows it by including a lean protein in every meal.

Kate ensures that she is getting 4 to 6 ounces of protein in the form of her favorite food items, such as a fresh veggie salad with chicken, or turkey meatballs. Moreover, Kate has cut out processed foods and sugars and processed foods from her daily diet.

However, she does grab that occasional doughnut! Her favorite juice consists of superfoods such as Kale, celery, apple, cucumber and ginger. While she enjoys living and eating healthy, she does give in to the occasional craving for desserts while dining out at a restaurant or indulging in her favorite wine, once in a while.


kate upton hd classic pics and figures
kate upton hd classic pics and figures


Kate Upton Beauty Tips:


Growing up, Kate often had to put on makeup for showing horses and eventually participating in equestrian competitions as well.

Kate Upton Diet Plan

It was then that she began developing the makeup habits that she still has.

For starters, Kate Upton ensures that her skin is always moisturized and well nourished.

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Moreover, when they moved over to Florida, her mother ingrained the habit of putting on sunscreen into her- something that she still does.

 Since she spends a lot of time outside, Kate prefers to have a natural look. For her, makeup is a simply something that helps her feel well put together and completes her look.

It takes tremendous hard work and dedication to achieve and maintain fitness. Hopefully, getting to know about the kind of work supermodels like Kate Upton put in, has inspired you all as well!


To know more about Kate, you may follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well.


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