Sexy Kathryn Budig Yoga Workout Trainer Tips

Last Updated on September 29th, 2020

Kathryn Budig is one of the most popular names in the world of yoga today. She is  an international yoga teacher, creator of Gaiam’s “Aim True Yoga” DVD, Women’s Health Magazine Yoga Expert and the author of upcoming book, “The Big Book of Yoga”. Born on June 2, 1982 in Kansas City, USA, she is also known for her work in Y Yoga Movie (2008). She is a 35 year old woman now with a height of 5’2″ ( or 157cm).

kathryn budig sexy yoga exercises
kathryn budig sexy yoga exercises

Kathryn Budig’s Journey to Fame and Glory

After getting her graduate degree from the University of Virginia in two subjects i.e. English and Drama, Kathryn shifted to Los Angeles and started her yoga training by Chuck Mille and Marty Ezraty. She then served as a Yoga teacher in the YogaWorks Studios of Santa Monica for 8 years. After that, she started giving online yoga classes at YogaGlow website. She took part in various yoga workshops and live classes worldwide. She kept pursuing what she loved and it unfolded beautifully for her.

kathryn budig yoga and meditation tips
kathryn budig yoga and meditation tips

Achievements and Recognitions of Kathryn Budig

Kathryn is a co-founder of the non-profit animal shelter “Poses for Paws” which raises money through Yoga. She has featured in various magazines and shows like Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Om Yoga, E! Entertainment, The Food Network, etc. She is also the brand representative for ToeSox and ambassador for Pangea Organics.

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kathryn budig yoga trainer
kathryn budig yoga trainer

Kathryn Budig Yoga Training

Kathryn suggests to start the day with three yoga poses that will energize your body and make you feel happier very less time, that are Seated Side Bending, Seated Twist, Upward Victory Breath. The poses are directly connected to the working and posture of your spine and belly-button. These three poses will help you to connect your body and breath to change how you feel.

Kathryn has also developed a ten-minute yoga routine for the busybees and the mid-day layabouts. The first asana is the Heart Chakra Pose. This posture stimulates the arm meridians, especially the Heart and Lung lines. Second goes Downward Facing Dog with Revolved Twist which helps in releasing stress and rejuvenates you.

kathryn budig fitness yoga trainer
kathryn budig fitness yoga trainer

The third one is Standing Forward Bend with Twist which relieves tension in the spine, neck and back. Fourth is the Chair pose which stretches the chest and shoulders and tones the leg muscles. The fifth one is Chair Pose Twist which detoxifies your body and also strengthens your back muscles. Sixth is the Crescent and Crescent with Hand Down Twist.

Seventh one is Camel Pose. Eighth one is the Seated Forward Bend. These three poses especially help in the relief of tension in the back muscles, knee muscles and shoulders.

Kathryn advices us to intensively use the method of yoga to deal with extra stress as it provides us with instant or quick results and also helps us in shaping our body.

kathryn budig beauty and fitness tips
kathryn budig beauty and fitness tips

Kathryn Budig’s Nutrition and Diet Plan

Kathryn Budig’s diet is pretty big on liquids. She drinks lots of water in a day and also likes coconut water. She says that hydration is the key. Kathryn makes sure to drink two large glasses of room-temperature water followed by a mug of warm bone broth in the morning.

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She also takes freshly squeezed orange juice sometimes. She goes to The Daily, a local shop, when she is at home, to have their almond milk latte and green juice. Kathryn always adds some herbs to her every dish, her personal favorites are basil and chives. She often adds roasted chicken to her mix of healthy protein. She also loves a good tea at bedtime.

Her favorite is Teapig’s Mint + Licorice tea. Kathryn says that she believes in living a guilt free life and nurtures herself through her healthy choices in everyday life even when she chooses to indulge.

kathryn budig workout and yoga at home
kathryn budig workout and yoga at home

Beauty and Sleep

Kathryn Budig says that she tries to stay away from her phone and emails before bedtime. She makes a blend of essential oils that she puts on before bedtime and sleeps with a humidifier that diffuses those relaxing oil blends. She also likes to de-stress and nurture herself through taking Epsom salt baths.

kathryn budig aim true yoga classes
kathryn budig aim true yoga classes

Aiming True and Inspiration

The famous yogini Kathryn says that truth is the only way one can transform. If she lies to her body, she will end up overextending or injuring herself. This is why her motto is “Aim True”. Kathryn says that taking your power back from the negativity spread in your mind when insecurities hit hard is truly important. She says that the practice of Yoga is incredible as it is a non-judgmental tool which helps you to accept yourself and the way you are.

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Kathryn Budig on her mission to spread body positivity is indeed inspiring. She speaks up about shifting views in the hope of encouraging women and men to realize that we all are struggling but the true happiness lies beyond the insecurities we dwell upon regarding our body size and weight.

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