Sexy Kiara Advani Body Fitness and Beauty Secrets

Last Updated on November 24th, 2020

Kabir Singh fame actor, Kiara Advani, has become a youth icon for millions of people. Apart from the blockbuster movie, Kabir Singh, Kiara Advani has given stellar performances in M.S. Dhoni, Lust Stories, Guilty and Good Newwz. The natural glow and beauty along with Kiara advani body fitness add on to her outstanding performance as an actor, to make her the talk of the town. With a minimalistic approach to beauty, Kiara vouches for natural solutions for a glowing skin and for staying fit. Here are some of the secrets that the actor has confessed to, which you can follow too, to ace the beauty and fitness game!

Before we begin lets check out the kiara advani body vital stats that makes her such a sizzling actor.

kiara advani body hot and sexy
kiara advani body hot and sexy


Kiara Advani Body Stats

Hot and Sexy Kiara Advani body shape is really amazing and she has worked hard to get that amazing jaw dropping figure which she flaunts. 

vital stats kiara advani
vital stats kiara advani

Height: 5’5’ or 165 cm.

Weight: 121 Lbs or 55 kg.

Bust/Breast Size: 34 inches or 87 cm

Figure Measurement :- 34 -36-34

Waist size: 25 inches or 64 cm

Hip/Butt Size: 34 inches or 87 cm

Bra Size: 32B

Dress size: 4  (US)

Shoe size: 7.5(US)

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Light Brown


Daily Morning Routine

The actor’s typical day begins with drinking a glass of lukewarm water with lemon drops, as she strongly believes in the benefits of water to your skin and the body’s well-being. This is followed by a process of deep cleansing and moisturizing, setting up the routine for the rest of the day. Water give you the nutrients required by your body, improves blood flow, and helps in releasing toxins and waste from your body. Lemon, on the other hand, boosts your metabolism right at the start of the day.

kiara advani diet plan and nutrition
kiara advani diet plan and nutrition

Diet That Kiara Loves

Kiara swears by a light breakfast formula, full of fiber, that would help her work out well during the day. She begins with a bowl of oats along with her favourite fruits including apples, oranges, and berries. In one of her interviews, Kiara mentions that she is keen on taking up her pre-workout snack which includes apple with peanut butter as a dip. She is also very fond of green leafy vegetables and her daily lunch includes roti along with vegetables like spinach, ladyfinger, pumpkin, paneer, and sprouts.

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For dinner, the actor usually takes fish, roti, and vegetables. Kiara Advani is particular about the amount of salt and oil used in her food and tries to avoid the two as much as possible. She is also a seafood lover, and relishes salmon, sushi and pomfret.

Adding a few more tips, Kiara mentions that she eats small portions in every 2 hours to maintain the right nutrition and diet. In between her meals, she usually opts for figs, walnuts, and other nuts. Lemon water is also her favourite. Apart from taking care of the nutritional value of her diet, Kiara also ensures that she is eating her lunch by 12:30 PM and is finishing her dinner as early as possible, to give the body time for proper digestion.

Kiara stays true to her diet plan even when outdoors, sticking to fruit delights. But she also has her moments of indulgence with desserts and cheat meals. Nevertheless, she follows her diet religiously to stay fit as well as for her healthy skin. Kiara Advani Body Figure is maintained with healthy diet plan followed daily.


kiara beauty and skin secrets
kiara beauty and skin secrets

Beauty and Skin Secrets of Kiara Advani

Sexy Kiara Advani’s flawless skin has been the talk of the town ever since her debut in Fugly. If you want skin as glowing and healthy as Kiara’s, here is the secret.

celebrity kiara advani sexy figure
celebrity kiara advani sexy figure

Kiara believes in giving herself the right nutrition and conditioning in and out. She begins her day with a glass of water to drink and cleansing her face deeply. She washes her face thoroughly and then moisturizes it well. Kiara Advani is also very particular about using a good sunscreen constantly throughout the day.

She suggests that one should use a non-oil based sunscreen even during monsoons and moisturize properly so that the skin is always conditioned. Kiara also revealed in an interview that she follows a proper skin night care regime and believes that it is in important part of skin care that many people miss.

The actor stated that she stays without make-up whenever she is not shooting, so that her skin gets the time to breathe. Her favorite face masks and hair masks are all natural, homemade remedies, since those, she believes, give her the best skin and hair treatment.

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She also believes that what you eat, shows on your skin, and therefore follows a healthy, nutritious diet that we shared in the previous segment.


Sexy Kiara Advani Fitness Regime

As much as the actor takes care of her skin and diet, she is also a complete fitness freak. Kiara ensures that she goes to the gym and works out regularly. She has an exhaustive fitness routine which includes several forms of exercise. If you want a Kiara Advani body figure which is toned and in great shape, here are her secrets to fitness that you must follow.


kiara advani workout regime
kiara advani workout regime

Pull Ups

Kiara religiously does pull ups every day. Pull ups benefit your body and core strength tremendously. This form of exercise strengthens your back muscles, arm, and shoulder muscles and helps improve posture. These also improve your grip strength and increase blood flow, thereby boosting mental health. Similar to cardio exercises, pull ups also build strength while helping you lose excess fat.



Kiara also includes burpees in her fitness regime. Burpees is an excellent form of exercise to lose weight and tone your body. In addition, burpees also strengthen your heart and lungs. They also build your core strength and help in improving brain function, cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure. Burpees, among other exercises, burn one of the highest number of calories.



Kiara also enjoys walking and does not miss her routine walks. Walking is the easiest exercise that you can do to lose weight, strengthen muscles, and improve circulation. So don’t forget to take a walk to your nearby stores or climb the stairs instead of taking the lift.



Kiara believes that dancing is a great cardio exercise that keeps your body toned and builds strength. Whenever Kiara must miss the gym workout because of her schedule, she ensures that she dances her heart out. Dancing improves your motor fitness and strengthens bones, along with muscles. You can also improve your agility, flexibility, and coordination with a dancing routine.


Boxing & Kick Boxing

Kiara had developed interest in boxing and takes it as part of her fitness routine. Missing the gym also results in her practicing boxing extensively. Fitness boxing acts like an aerobic exercise that gets your heart pumping and lowers the risk of cholesterol, diabetes, and blood pressure. It also lifts your mood and improves blood flow while helping you lose weight and toning your muscles.

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Regular Squats

Squats are also a part of Kiara’s fitness routine. Squats help you in reducing weight and toning your hips and legs tremendously. They target your lower body, particularly the glute and inner thigh muscles. Squats also increase your athletic strength and ability.

kiara advani body hot figure shape
kiara advani body hot figure shape

Functional Training

Functional training is a relatively new form of work out that is aimed at making your routine tasks easier to do, by training you for functioning better in those. Kiara includes this form of training as part of her routine in order to stay fit and healthy. Functional training usually includes squats, lunges, and dead-lifts. The routine includes compound exercises, making movements at multiple planes. This training helps your body in preparing better for performing as one single unit. It also improves your level of body awareness, while focusing on coordination and balance.

Therefore, Kiara’s fitness regime includes a mix of interval and functional training, kick boxing and dancing.


Concluding Thoughts 

Being an actor, a style and beauty icon as well as a fitness enthusiast, Kiara Advani definitely puts in a lot of hard work and determination. Everyone appreciates the Kiara advani body size, figure and shape she has maintained. If one wants glowing skin and a toned body like Kiara, all you need to do is to follow her fitness and beauty secrets as religiously as Kiara, and become the best version of yourself. So wait no more; Get on track for a healthy and fit body now.

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