Sexy Marzia Prince Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Marzia Prince is an award winning international fitness expert with over 12 years of experience. She is a Cooper Certified Personal Trainer, a Physical Fitness Specialist and a Pre/Postnatal Fitness Instructor. She is trained in the Biomechanics of Resistance Training, a Fitness Specialist.


Marzia Prince’s Journey to Fame and Glory

Marzia has always been physically active, taking part in school sports and aerobic classes. She was actually 23 when she finally hired her first personal trainer and started lifting weights. She absolutely loved the way her skinny figure transformed into a shapely and strong woman’s body. When she was in college to become a registered nurse, she ended up changing her degree and became a physical fitness specialist.

marzia prince fitness tips and trainer
marzia prince fitness tips and trainer

In the mean time she also got certified in nutrition and became a life coach as well. After becoming a fitness trainer, she read books to upgrade her knowledge of fitness and took more certifications. In 2007, she took part in Ms. Bikini Universe and won. This was her start.


Achievements and Recognitions of Marzia Prince

Marzia Prince is a top celebrity trainer, fitness expert, life coach, IFBB Bikini Pro and Gaspari Athlete.

marzia prince hottest proffesional trainer
marzia prince hottest proffesional trainer

In less than 4 years she became one of the most sought after fitness supermodels in the industry. 

She has graced many fitness and bodybuilding covers including Fitness Magazine, Natural Muscle Magazine, Iron Man Magazine, Muscular Development Magazine, Planet Muscle Magazine, and many more.

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At 30 years old, Marzia Prince signed on with Gaspari Nutrition as a spokesmodel for the women’s community. She went on to win her IFBB Bikini Pro card in June 2009 at the Chicago Jr. Nationals.



marzia prince body stats
marzia prince body stats

Marzia Prince’s Vital Statistics

  • Height: 5′ 9″


  • Weight: 125 lbs


  • Bust Size: 36″


  • Waist: 26″


  • Hips: 36″


  • Cup Size: C


  • Dress Size: 3 (US)
  • Shoe Size: 10 (US)


Workout Plans

Marzia’s favorite body parts to work on are her legs. She says that if she is only left with three exercises, she would choose lunges, pull ups and hanging leg raises.

marzia prince workout routine
marzia prince workout routine

Lunges are very convenient to perform, any type, walking, side reverse and stationary lunges and they work the major muscle group of legs, glutes and the core.


Pull ups are necessary for working out the back, shoulders, arms and helping strengthen the grip in your hands as well.

Hanging leg raises are some serious ab work.

They challenge your core, hip flexors and upper quads. 

As a trainer, she wants to know how to work every muscle group and every angle from one exercise.


The most popular sample workout routine that Marzia followed was:

  • Day 1: Back, Chest, Plyos and Step ups
  • Day 2: Absand Cardio
  • Day 3: Legs (large muscle groups and plyos)
  • Day 4: Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders and Cardio
  • Day 5: Legs (little muscle groups)
  • Day 6: Cardio
  • Day 7: REST
fitness workout marzia prince
fitness workout marzia prince

Marzia does her cardio a few times a week getting it done in different ways.

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It could be a cardio kickboxing class, zumba, or HIIT.

It is beneficial to the body in so many ways from being a great stress reliever to fat burning. 

In the training centre/gym, Marzia will hit 3 different machines and spend 20 minutes on each.

For example- step mill, treadmill, elliptical.

Diet Plan and Nutrition

Marzia adopted a vegan style diet plan to gain proper nutrition. She actually fell ill a few years ago from the standard high animal protein competition diet and learned it the hard way that a competition diet can only be a short term for her. Her current diet plan looks like this:

Meal 1 – Brown rice protein powder with oatmeal. She adds a little cinnamon for seasoning.

Meal 2 – Whey protein isolate drink with 1 cup of fruit. She has this meal post workout.

Meal 3 – Large salad with plenty of green vegetables along with beans and quinoa. 

Meal 4 – She takes 15 almonds with a large apple. 

Meal 5 – Using a juicer combine green veggies, brown rice and black beans. 

Her favorite cheat meal is a great margarita with some chips or salsa.

marzia prince amazing body photoshoot
marzia prince amazing body photoshoot


Marzia uses a number of supplements including:

  • Gaspari Nutrition’s Spirodex (In the morning) 
  • Gaspari’s Anavite
  • Gaspari’s BCAAs ( a multivitamin used before and after workout) 
  • Gaspari’s Super Pump Max (Pre-Workout) 
  • Myofusion (Protein powder)
marzia prince yoga practice
marzia prince yoga practice


Marzia says that her motivation comes from different sources every day.

Sometimes it might be a client, it could be a photoshoot or a competition, a motivational saying, a beach vacation with her husband, or her own personal goal.

She has to have some type of motivation to keep her going forward. It also has to come from within oneself to keep going on an everyday basis.

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It becomes addicting in a good way that it just becomes a habit.



Marzia says that fitness is not a look but a lifestyle. She also encourages everyone to realize the importance of researching and educating oneself. Give yourself the correct nutrition and stick to your workout plan. Consistence is the key.


Dr. Amanda
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