Sexy Melissa Satta Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Last Updated on September 30th, 2020

Fitness Girl Workout and Diet Mantra

The Italian television presenter, model, and actress, Melissa Satta was born on February 7, 1986, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Satta, along with her appearances in numerous television shows, is also known for her appearances in feature films, Vita Smeralda (2006), II Giudice Mastrangelo (2005), and Moda Mia (2017). Melissa is married to Ghanaian professional footballer, Kevin-Prince Boateng, since 2016, with one child, Maddox Prince.


Born to Italian parents, Mariangela Muzzu and Enzo Satta, Melissa has two brothers. She spent a great half of her early life residing in both the USA and Sardinia. Satta showed great athletic potential, excelling in sports like football and karate. She was a member of the Sardinian Helena Quartu women’s squad where she was a karate champion.


With a major inclination towards the entertainment industry, Satta commenced her career in the fashion industry at a young age of 16. Progressing through the modeling scene in Italy, it wasn’t long before Satta was approached for her first television presentation gig.

hot Melissa Satta figure and beauty
hot Melissa Satta figure and beauty

In 2005, she began her career as a television presenter with the Italian TV show, Mio Fratello e Pakistano, and as an advertising spokesperson for Telecom Italia. Continuing her career in the television presentation industry, Melissa appeared in numerous television shows like Striscia la Notizia (2006-2008), Judge Mastrangelo 2 (2006), MTV Italy’s Total Request Live (2007), and a cameo in the feature film, Bastardi.

melissa satta nike fitness routine
melissa satta nike fitness routine

Melissa was also the presenter on the global fashion channel, Fashion TV, and The White Party Fashion TV Satellite Channel of Italy.

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With her career taking off, she became the presenter of the famous Italian quiz-show, First and Last. She also replaced Maria Jose Lopez, as the female presenter on the talk show, Controcampo, in 2009.

After TV presenting for Victoria’s Secret, Melissa appeared in the sports-based magazine, Sports Illustrated, in 2010. Later that year she was featured on the cover of the magazine, Maxim.

Having gained global recognition, Melissa was also selected as the commercial brand endorsers of the Sportswear Manufacturing Giants, Nike Inc, and the renowned fashion brand, Nicole.

Throughout 2012 and 2013, Satta worked in the Comedy Central Italy’s television sitcom, Intitolata Amici a letto, and was appointed as the presenter of the widely acclaimed Italian sports show, TikiTaka alongside Rafael Benitez.

Awards and Achievements

  • With an early progressive modelling career, Melissa Satta finished among the finalists of the Italian beauty contest, Miss Wall, in the year 2003.
  • She was awarded the title of Miss Extreme in the same beauty contest in 2003.


Vital Statistics

melissa satta body stats and measurements
melissa satta body stats and measurements

The 31-year-old Italian TV Presenter, Melissa Satta is known for her flawlessly exquisite and highly-maintained fit body. Her vital measurements are 34.5-24-34.5 (USA) or 88-60-88 (EU), which signify the perfect body shape.

The perfectly measured body measurements are nearly impossible to achieve without the properly disciplined commitment and determination to a strict workout and diet routine.

Melissa Satta has always been among those who keep promoting strict fitness and diet routines. She have been featured in several sports and fitness magazines as well.

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Melissa believes in a regular fitness schedule to keep the body maintained and healthy.

She also released a few fitness lesson and tutorial videos online on YouTube. In these videos melissa is seen demonstrating various types of hardcore fitness exercises, both conventional and unconventional.


Workout Routine

Having a strong sports background from her early years, the 31-year-old knows how to stay healthy. The renowned Italian TV presenter believes in putting in her extreme efforts to build and maintain her body.

She believes that without complete determination and perseverance, even hardcore exercising will not yield the desired outputs.

workout and fitness by melissa satta
workout and fitness by melissa satta

Melissa Satta claims to experiment with the fitness routines and not stay confined to a limited aspect of fitness. Apart from sticking to the basic gym fitness exercises (Pilates, weight training, abdominal or core exercises, etc.), Satta believes in the natural fitness regime as well. This includes swimming, karate, kickboxing, etc.


Diet Routine

Like several other women in the entertainment industry having an extremely fit body, Melissa Satta also believes in sticking to a portion control diet plan. However, she claims to have no major cravings or weaknesses related to junk food. She still believes that a strict healthy diet is the only path to a perfectly healthy and fit body.

Melissa Satta beauty and fitness mantra
Melissa Satta beauty and fitness mantra

Her diet comprises of major portions of chicken and healthy vegetables. She once claimed in an interview that the secret to her exceptional body is fresh fruits. She told that she keeps a box of healthy vegetables handy on the sets of TV Shows. This way whenever she feels hungry, she doesn’t have to turn to junk food.

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Another common factor of her diet which she considers to be the most important of all is the consumption of water. She believes that without replenishing your body with the necessary amount of liquids, it is impossible to function through the day and further, exercise properly.



It is of paramount importance to maintain the fitness level. It is necessary not only to obtain the perfect skinny body but to also remain healthy. Melissa Satta, the Italian celebrity is a shining example of the perfectly maintained body to lead a healthy life.     

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