Sexy Rachel Yoga Fitness Routine and Diet Plan

Last Updated on December 21st, 2020

Rachel Brathen is a yoga guru, social media influencer, entrepreneur and author. She is the founder of the 109 World, a non-profit and the online yoga video service, which received $430,000, more than double of its funding goal of $108,000, making it the most funded yoga campaign ever. Rachel Yoga Fitness was also listed in the Forbes, Top Influencers for Fitness List 2017, owing to her 2.1 million+ followers on Instagram. Rachel is also the author of the New York Times Bestseller book, “Yoga Girl“. Moreover, the podcasts she launches too, make it to the iTunes charts, almost immediately after.

meditation and yoga by rachel brathen
meditation and yoga by rachel brathen

It was Rachel’s fresh and authentic perspective on yoga and social media that initially made her famous on Instagram, through which she gained tremendous influence online. And yet, she continued to capitalise on that and further her influence. Today, with her status as a successful author, and her ability to sell “rachel yoga” classes all over the world, Rachel can demand a minimum of $25000 per Instagram post.

rachel brathen yoga and fitness
rachel brathen yoga and fitness

Born in Sweden, Rachel eventually moved to Costa Rica in pursuit of yoga and happiness. It was when she chanced to meet the man of her dreams while vacationing in Aruca, that she ended up marrying him and continues to live happily. The couple now has a beautiful baby daughter, Lea Luna.


Unlike most, Rachel isn’t the biggest fan of the everchanging fads and trends in the yoga fitness world, and simply believes that attaining balance is a slow and gradual process, which must be worked on wholeheartedly. So let us dive into the world of the yoga girl, who makes yoga look so good, and continues to motivate and encourage thousands of people in the yoga community and others!

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yoga girl rachel brathen
yoga girl rachel brathen

Rachel Yoga Fitness Workout Plan

 Rachel starts off her day, with a nice, 90-minute long session of yoga, which helps her feel energised, calm her mind and get ready to go take the world by storm! Her go-to exercise is the Sun Salutations since it gets your blood pumping, and is a great mixture to work on all parts of the body. The best part? It is so simple!

Rachel has come up with a sequence of yoga poses to do, which will help you kickstart your day! The workout sequence begins with doing the Downward Facing Dog pose, then proceeding to the Three Legged Dog pose, and then moving to the Crescent Lung Twist. After that, move on to the Revolved Downward Facing Dog, then standing Side Stretch and complete the session by doing the Tree Pose.

Moreover, Rachel suggests starting each yoga session with three slow breaths so as to get rid of any stress or worries. She believes that it is very important to concentrate on your body while doing yoga.

yoga girl yogi mudra fitness
yoga girl yogi mudra fitness


Rachel Brathen Diet Plan

Rachel strongly believes that while one should eat healthily, they should still be able to eat what they want. Instead of going on stringent diets, she has made eating right an integral part of her lifestyle and urges her followers to do the same.

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The yoga girl starts her day with a hot cup of water along with lemon- right before her morning yoga session. One thing that she avoids in the morning, is coffee as it is heavier. Post her yoga session, she goes on to have a huge glass of her green juice packed with nutrition in the form of apples, lemon, ginger and kale. After a while, she has some green tea and a yummy fruit salad.

rachel brathen fitness mantra
rachel brathen fitness mantra

Rachel is big on healthy soups, so for lunch, she indulges in scrumptious and easy to make soups! Some of her favourites include green pea and mint soup and carrot soups among others. Throughout the day, she snacks on fruits and healthy snacks, to keep the hunger pangs away and remain energised. Yoga girl especially loves snacking on pomegranate! Rachel also believes that it is very important to stay hydrated throughout, and keeps drinking water all day. She also drinks coconut water, green tea and green juice. For her dinner, again Rachel tends to have something that is healthy, light and yet conventional. Perhaps a veggie roll or vegan sushi and some soup? Sounds about right!


Even though Rachel tends to travel a lot, she still does try to follow her diet. But, it does get hard and occasionally she has to indulge in greasier foods. However, Rachel does carry dehydrated kale chips and nuts with her and has lots fruits, coconut water and green juice.

rachel brathen diet plan
rachel brathen diet plan

More About Rachel Yoga Fitness

Unlike most yogi’s, Rachel does indulge in her favourite wine and absolutely loves chocolate! A big believer in desserts, yoga girl also ensures that she is able to eat healthy versions of her favourite desserts, in moderate amounts. While this may not be the conceived image of a successful and inspiring yogi’s diet plan, it certainly fits Rachel’s Yoga Fitness philosophy.

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Rachel Yoga Fitness is truly an inspiration, with her flexible food habits and focus on developing a lifestyle that is healthy as well as fulfilling and fun! Surely, her philosophy has motivated you too, to start working on attaining fitness, and ultimately finding satisfaction in life.


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