Sexy Rakul Preet Singh Workout and Beauty Secrets

The gorgeous Rakul Preet Singh is an Indian actor and model, well known for her work in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi cinema. Rakul was born in the capital city of Delhi on 10th October, 1990. Though the 28 year old actor has worked predominantly in Tamil and Telugu movies, Rakul has also acted in several Bollywood movies including De De Pyaar De, Yaariyaan, and Marjaavaan. Her acting skills have impressed everyone and she has become a household name in India, yet, equally impressive is her fitness and beauty. So, what does she do to maintain herself, even during the hectic days of shoot? We have answers to all your questions. Read on to find out!

Beauty And Fitness Secrets Of The Gorgeous Actor

rakul preet singh sexy figure
rakul preet singh sexy figure

Rakul Preet Singh Body Measurements

Height – 173 cm (5 Feet 8 inches)

Weight – 57 kg

Chest size – 33 inches

Bra Size –  33C

Waist size – 25 inches

Hip size – 34 inches

Eye colour – Brown

Hair colour – Black


Sensuous Looking Rakul has an impressive body figure and a beautiful skin texture. Apart from maintaining a perfect figure, she is also able to keep herself strong and healthy, both inside and outside. Let’s find out the story behind her successful fitness and beauty regime.


Rakul Preet Singh Workout Routine

“It’s very important to sweat for your skin to glow” – Rakul Preet Singh

The beautiful actor follows a stringent workout routine not only to maintain her hourglass shape but also to stay strong, healthy, and fit. She believes that just like it is important to wash dirt off your face, every single day, it is equally important to wash off toxins from your body every day.

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hot rakul preet singh body workout
hot rakul preet singh body workout

Rakul Preet works out for six days every week. She begins her day with warm up exercises including stationary or dynamic stretches for at least 10 minutes. This is followed by an exhaustive cardio workout. Cardio exercises could include burpees, different types of squats, jump ropes and jumping jacks. She also includes kickboxing, cycling, treadmill and skipping in her cardio workout.

This is then followed by extensive strength training exercises, and then a cooling down process. The strength training exercises include core and limb strengthening with bodyweights, sandbags, tires, or weights. The cooling down process is also an essential part of her workout, which includes yoga and body stretching.


rakul preet singh workout routine
rakul preet singh workout routine

Rakul Preet Singh Diet Plan

Actress Rakul Preet has revealed her diet secrets in her interviews. She, in fact, hates the word ‘diet’, and replaces it with ‘lifestyle’. Rakul preet singh workout routine is followed by good diet. Her diet is extremely crucial to maintain her figure and health, apart from her beautiful skin. So, what does Rakul eat that keeps her fit and glowing?

sexy hot rakul preet singh diet plan
sexy hot rakul preet singh diet plan

Rakul believes in following a healthy and balanced diet. She ensures that she is eating homemade food, avoiding packaged food, and any sort of fried and sweet food items.

Her day starts with ghee coffee. This includes 5 gm of ghee added to black coffee, that she sips before working out. This gives her body the energy to sweat more, while also making her stomach alkaline and is also good for skin. The fat first routine ensures that your blood sugar level does not spike, and therefore you crave very little.

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Her diet includes lots and lots of fruits and vegetables, along with good carbs. These include roti with dal and sabzi. These carbs give her not only the required energy, but also essential fatty acids, fiber, vitamins, zinc, chromium, magnesium, and amino acids.

Rakul also does not take any dairy products, and avoids gluten too. She absolutely avoids junk food too, in order to boost her immunity and core strength. She also ensures that she is taking enough Vitamin C which gives her the right doze of antioxidants. It also increases immunity and aids in absorbing iron.


sexy rakul preet singh beauty body
sexy rakul preet singh beauty body

Rakul Preet Singh Beauty Secrets

Rakul has a flawless and glowing skin that is followed by millions. She is not only a fitness icon, but also a model for a beautiful skin texture. Here is how the actor maintains her commendable skin, even during exhaustive shoots.

The actor believes in indulging in self-love, and giving her skin all things natural to get that healthy glow. Apart from a healthy diet and a stringent workout routine, Rakul pampers her skin with natural ingredients to keep it healthy and glowing.

She enjoys coffee and fruit masks, that give her skin radiance and a natural glow. While she does admit to getting de-tan lasers and facials, her beauty secret as she admits, is the use of completely natural ingredients. She also applies papaya or banana mixed with curd to her skin for providing nutrients to her skin. She also applies tomato juice on her skin to remove tanning.

sexy rakul preet singh workout
sexy rakul preet singh workout

All Secrets Revealed

We have revealed to you all secrets of Rakul Preet Singh’s workout regime and diet plan, that allow her to maintain her strength, agility and beauty. It is very difficult to maintain yourself amidst exhaustive workout, but Rakul is a pro at it. She ensures that she is eating right, sweating as much as is required, and avoiding any unhealthy food items.

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She is obsessed with the weighing scale, and ensures that she is weighing her food and having just the right amount. With the intake of right macronutrients and healthy sources of fats and carbs, Rakul is able to maintain, both her hourglass figure and her agility. She is able to not just look good, but also feel good. And that’s the biggest secret to her success!

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