Shahid Kapoor Muscular Body Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Born on 25th February 1981 in Delhi (India), Shahid Kapoor is the son of famous actor Pankaj Kapoor and Neelima Azim. Shahid is also known as a “Chocolate Boy of Bollywood” film industry. He is one of the topmost actors and a very known name because of his tremendous acting skills and great looks. Shahid Kapoor is not only famous for his acting, but he is quite a name for his dancing skills, flexibility, and chiseled body.


Muscular Shahid Kapoor
Muscular Shahid Kapoor


Entered in Bollywood as a dancer, Shahid started his career in the 1990s. He showed his dancing caliber as group dancer as well as later in his movies too. His debut movie Ishq Vishk was released in 2003 and he got noticed by a number of directors in the movie. Shahid gained popularity from his next, romantic comedy and blockbuster hit ‘Jab We Met‘ opposite to Kareena Kapoor and won many hearts and awards for the same. Kapoor was nominated for Filmfare awards as Best Actor for this movie. Some of his other releases include Kaminey, R… Rajkumar, Haider, Udta Punjab and Padmavati to name a few.


Shahid Kapoor body
Shahid Kapoor body


The most important thing everyone notices in his movies is Shahid’s perfectly shaped physique, flexibility and the energy he shows while dancing. He is known as one of the best dancers in Bollywood. For some of his movies like Udta Punjab, Padmavati; Shahid left his chocolate boy image to become a macho and muscular man. This tremendous transformation did not happen overnight. It needed a dedication and disciplined routine of workout and diet. So let’s check out the latest vital stats of Shahid that are the talk of town every now and then.


Shahid Kapoor Body Stats
Shahid Kapoor Body Stats

Shahid Kapoor Body Statistics:


This dashing actor has a perfect measurement of the body which can surely make a woman go crazy for him. Let’s take a look at Shahid Kapoor’s latest body statistics:

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Height: 5’ 8” or 172 cm

Weight: 70 kg or 154 lbs

Chest: 42 inches

Biceps: 15 inches

Waist: 30 inches

Hips Size: 34 inches


Shahid Kapoor’s fitness level and hot avatar caught many eyes in his movies. According to his award-winning personal trainer Abbas Ali, Shahid does freehand exercises. Along with weight training and HIIT circuit training. Shahid calls himself a fitness freak and shows off her physical fitness level which is achieved by the level of different techniques. Abbas Ali has made Shahid work his ass-off to get the brawny look he owns today.


Shahid Kapoor Workout Routine:


Abbas Ali has revealed complete workout routine of Shahid Kapoor in one of his interviews. The routine involves a different type of exercises.


Shahid Kapoor six pack abs
Shahid Kapoor six pack abs


 Shahid works out for six days in a week and he is very much particular about this. Be it a busy day because of shooting or other work, he never skips his workout.

He starts his everyday session with cardio, because according to Abbas, cardio must be done before workout, as it improves blood circulation. And when you do weights after cardio, it adds to muscle growth.

Lets checkout Shahid’s gym workout:


Shahid Kapoor Body Workout:


Shahid has a very different pattern of workout in gym. He does one set of exercise every alternate day Monday, Wednesday and Friday and other set of exercise on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.


Shahid Kapoor Workout
Shahid Kapoor Workout

Monday, Wednesday and Friday – He works on chest, biceps, triceps and abs.

(10 reps of 5 sets for each exercise)


Bench Press

Chin Ups

Sit Ups


Lateral Raise


Jumping Jacks


Other 3 days of week Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – He works on legs, calf muscles, back.

(10 reps of 5 sets for each exercise)


Shahid Kapoor Dance
Shahid Kapoor Dance


Leg Curls

Calf Raises(Standing and Seating)

Step Up


Leg Presses

Dumbel Presses(Normal And Inclined)

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Overhead press

Barbell row(Normal and Bent Over)


Shahid focuses on different muscles on each day of the week.

Along with this, Shahid prefers to do running, dancing and swimming for muscle flexibility and overall fitness.

Being a dance lover, he also takes out time for dancing. Dancing not only ensures burning of fat, but also helps build core and those perfect six pack abs.


Shahid Kapoor workout plan
Shahid Kapoor workout plan


The workout is successful if and only if is followed by a proper diet plan. So let’s take a look at Shahid’s diet plan prepared by his nutritionist.


Shahid Kapoor Diet Plan:


No workout routine can be completed without a proper diet plan. Shahid Kapoor too is not an exception to that rule. Unlike other actors, Shahid Kapoor follows a completely vegetarian diet and still manages to build those lean muscles and get the energy to keep up his workouts.


Shahid Kapoor after marriage
Shahid Kapoor after marriage

Breakfast – Shahid starts his day with with a bowl of oats or cornflakes along with fruits and dried fruits. Sometimes he also includes milk shakes or juices in his breakfast.

Lunch – Shahid keeps it very simple in lunch. He incorporates boiled vegetables, pulses, rice, chapatti, salad and a glass of lassi in lunch.

Evening Snacks – Shahid avoids evening snacking. He prefers fresh fruit juice or fruit salad to fulfill the in meal hunger.

Dinner – Shahid usually hits gym in evening, thus he keeps a high protein diet for dinner by adding tofu and sprouts. Rest he keeps boiled vegetables, pulses, chapatti and salad or sprouts for the dinner.


Shahid relies more on natural sources of proteins to fulfill the requirement of his body for protein. He also takes whey proteins before his workout sessions. Also, he includes pulses, beans, nuts etc to increase protein level in his body.


Shahid eats full but takes 5 small meals to keep him going all day long.

Also, he uses a lot of pre and post workout shakes and drink lots and lots of water to keep himself hydrated.

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Handsome Shahid Kapoor
Handsome Shahid Kapoor


Shahid takes care of the content of each meal to get all the nourishment each time he eats. He maintains a balanced combination of protein carbs and fat so that his body does not lack any important nutrient.

Fitness Tips

Shahid’s workout and diet do not focus only on building toned and great abs, it looks after the wholesome and complete fitness of mind, body, and soul for the actor. Interesting, isn’t it?


Shahid Kapoor Modeling
Shahid Kapoor Modeling


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