Sexy Shakira Beauty Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Last Updated on December 24th, 2020

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, or popularly known as Shakira is a Colombian singer, dancer, record producer and songwriter. The talented singer is well known across the globe and has churned out some of the best-selling songs of the 21st century, such as “Hips Don’t Lie“.


Beautiful Shakira
Beautiful Shakira


Shakira has received critical praise for her work and has also won many prestigious awards, two Grammy Awards, seven Billboard Music Awards, 28 Billboard Latin Music Awards and five MTV Video Music Awards, among others. She is also the best-selling South American singer and was listed as the 58th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes, in 2014.


Born on 2nd February 1977, and raised in Barranquilla, the singer is well known for her philanthropic activities. She also sang the hit “Waka Waka” song, as the official song for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. This song went on to be one of the most-watched music videos on YouTube, with more than 1.5 million views. Its not just her voice that has made millions of fans across globe; it’s also her beauty and perfect body which has been in the limelight for quite a while.


sexy shakira waka waka song
sexy shakira waka waka song


Let’s checkout the measurements of this girl whose hips don’t lie!


Shakira Vital Statistics:


Shakira Vital Stats
Shakira Vital Stats

Height: 5 ft 2 in or 157 cm


Weight: 53 kg or 117 lbs


Breast Size: 34 inches


Waist: 24 inches


Hips Size: 37 inches


Bra Size: 32B


Dress Size: 4 (US)


Shoe Size: 7 (US)


Getting those enviable abs and killer shape is certainly not as easy as Shakira portrays it to be. Finding the perfect balance between training and nutrition is key.

Let us see how Shakira manages to hit the sweet spot!

Shakira Workout Routine:


Shakira has proved time and again that she’s tougher than she looks. The mother of two has adopted quite a strenuous full-fledged workout routine. Shakira is extremely committed to her routine and manages to train around 5 days a week. Sometimes, even twice a day!

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shakira workout and fitness body pics
shakira workout and fitness body pics


Her trainer has devised a special workout, as per the needs and requirements of the famous singer. The beautiful singer prefers to have a concrete goal and tends to focus on individual body parts and form.


shakira zumba and workout
shakira zumba and workout

Shakira alternates between cardio and strength while making sure that she is building up her endurance and stamina so that she can walk into a two-hour show and make it through a long tour.

Shakira’s workouts are regularly changed so that she does not feel bored and can actually enjoy her workout sessions.

Her workout sessions includes power hip hop, ballet, dance based interval workouts, Zumba, stretching exercises and also yoga.

Each of her sessions lasts for around one or one and a half hour.

When on tour, and unaccompanied by her trainer, the singer uses the workout videos prepared by her trainer, or simply connects with her on Skype, to remain consistent with her workout.

This is the level of dedication towards her fitness. She hates it when she has to go by a day without working out. According to Shakira, workout gives a satisfactory feeling and helps keep the stress out of her life and helps her have a sound sleep (which is must, specially a day before any show).


If she is so much dedicated towards workout, just imagine how strict she would be regarding her diet. So lets checkout what is being served in her plates to eat.

Shakira Diet Plan:


Complementing her intense workout and training sessions, Shakira also ensures that she has a well-balanced and nutritious diet plan.


Shakira curly hair
Shakira curly hair


Shakira tends to eat several small meals all through the day and they certainly help keep her energy levels up, which is crucial given her super hectic schedule.

Shakira’s food choices are certainly limited, as she only eats clean food enriched with nutrients.

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She incorporates proteins in all her meals, along with fresh fruits and veggies.

Shakira Diet Plan
Shakira Diet Plan

For snacks, she tends to have warm and filling soups, as an alternative to cookies and caffeine. Because according to Shakira, soups are healthier, energizing and very easy to make!

Shakira also tends to have almost fish every day.

Moreover, as revealed by her personal trainer, Shakira follows her diet and nutrition plan very religiously and does not drink.

Instead of focusing on what all not to eat, they tend to focus on what all items can be eaten and how can she make it more exciting.

To squeeze in all that protein in, Shakira tends to have them added to shakes or have it as protein pancakes.

Taking out the time for that occasional treat and snack is certainly helpful. For example, Shakira would have a couple of peeled and sliced oranges topped with turmeric and cinnamon. Or perhaps a  cacao topped rice cake or just half of a protein bar.

It’s all about allowing yourself to have lots of different things in smaller quantities. Such small and creative, healthy snacks throughout the day are key.


Shakira Weight loss
Shakira Weight loss


Just like everyone else, Shakira too does need the occasional treats. Especially during the weekends when Shakira goes out to spend quality time with her two children Milan and Sasha. This is the time when the singer allows herself some treats as she wants to be able to enjoy the time she gets to spend with her children.

Shakira Beauty Tips:


We do not see the beautiful Shakira put on too much makeup, as she prefers to keep her makeup low-key, with her signature look- dirty long blonde hair, often in waves.


Shakira without make up
Shakira without make up

The gorgeous Colombian pop star takes skin care seriously and takes vitamins, such as vitamin E capsules and vitamin C serums and removes impurities at night with a cleansing brush.

Shakira’s most powerful beauty tip, however, is the most effective one and does not involve many cosmetics at all. All it takes is sunscreen and a beaming smile!

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Shakira is truly an awe-inspiring figure and certainly works very hard to maintain her amazing shape!

If she can do it, with her super hectic schedule, so can you!

All it takes is determination and inspiration coupled with the right guidance. Hopefully, this sneak peek into the talented singer’s routine has motivated you enough to start working out and take a look at what you eat!


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