Shiv Linga Mudra and Shankh Mudra & Health benefits

Mudra Gyaan is a science that deals with the routing of the energy in the body in a particular specified direction so as to get the desired effect or benefit out of it. Hand Mudras help us in achieving that goal. They are part of the hasta yoga. Yoga is again a bigger science that is having multiple different uses and advantages. Hand Mudra is just another part of this yoga. The mudra gyaan when practiced with the right method and in the correct manner can help in healing wounds, curing ailments and protecting body from any possible infection or flu. The hasta mudra opens up the energy channels and stabilize the internal power that otherwise could have resulted in unwanted mood swings or unhealthy practices. It uses the nervous system of the body to send message to the brain and relax the body when it is under stress or depression.


If we stretch certain nerves for specified periods, it helps in toning up the nervous system and in the flawless functioning of the entire body. In the different Mudra practiced for different needs and requirements, the fingers of the hand are folded in certain specific postures.

This tension applied on nerves has the power to fight with all the problems of our body. And this art of applying tension on nerves is called Mudra Science.

yoga and meditation posture
yoga and meditation posture


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Here, we are going to discuss two mudra’s – The Shiv Linga Mudra and The Shankh Mudra.

Are you feeling bloody cold this winter? Then, Shiv Linga Mudra is the cure for you!

Linga mudra generates heat in the body. Performing this mudra in extremely cold weather is very helpful. While doing this mudra, one should take lots of liquid content like fruit juice or drinking normal water.


Method:  Tie fingers of both hands in a criss – cross manner and keep thumb (either of left or of right hand) perfectly straight.

Refer to the below picture to understand better.

shiv linga mudra health benefits
shiv linga mudra health benefits


Time – Limit: This mudra should be performed only when you really need it, not unnecessarily just for fun.


Benefits :

  1. Linga Mudra generates heat in the body. It is excellent when the body is cold due to shortage of cover in inimical weather and is generator of the body.
  2. Shiv Linga Mudra generates heat in body which helps in destroying phlegm and helps in problems of colds, catarrh and coughs. It cures cough generated problems like asthama, nimonia, tuberculosis etc.
  3. Shiv Linga also removes the excess fat from body and makes one look slim and fit.
  4. If menstruation ends before three days, then also this mudra is helpful.


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  • If one is suffering from ulcers or acidity, then he should not do this mudra.
  • Once the problem is solved, one should stop doing this mudra.


Shankh Mudra


Method: Enclose the left thumb with right hand fingers and touch the Index finger of left – hand to the right – hand thumb. This is called Shankh mudra. Apply a little pressure from remaining three left – hand fingers to the folded right – hand wrist.


Refer to the below snapshot to know how to do it.

shankh mudra for alertness
shankh mudra for alertness


When you do this mudra, you will feel that a little pressure is applied from the left thumb to the middle of right palm, and hence the points of thyroid  and digestion (according to acu–pressure) are automatically pressed. Hence, Shankh mudra cures thyroid.



  1. Practicing Shankh mudra regularly helps in curing voice related problems. It affects thyroid gland and hence, makes our tone sweeter. This mudra is benefitial for musicians.
  2. After recovering from paralysis, some people face problems while speaking. Their tone is not clear or some face problems in speaking certain words. Shankh mudra is helpful for them.
  3. Shankh mudra is benefitial for liver related problems too.
  4. Shankh mudra is helpful in ladies problems.
  5. Shankh mudra cures tonsils. It cures throat alergies due to dust and clears tone.
  6. It cures thyroid and thyroid related problems.
  7. Shankh mudra increases our digestion power hence, increases our diet.


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