Simple Tricks that can help you Beat Insomnia

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” – this proverb is as true as the fact that money does not grow on trees. You may think that these proverbs are meaningless and are just to teach children good habits. But this proverb is applicable on all – from child to old. Science has proved that anyone who is having a habit of sleeping on time and waking up on time has better health when compared to those who have trouble in sleeping or insomnia.

By the time you must be aware of the consequences of inadequate sleep that we have told in our earlier article. So, if you now have got the idea about the consequences but your habit is making it difficult for you to sleep on time or you are suffering insomnia, then this article is exclusively for you. I know how it feels when you wake up in the middle of night and you are watching clock or imagining things you want to do in life (this is not wrong, but the time to think about it is not right) whole night.

health benefits of good sleep
health benefits of good sleep

You can’t help it at that time, but next day it becomes really dull to spend whole day in work or elsewhere. Apart from foods that can help fight insomnia I have collected some really easy and effective activities that you can do in your daily life and enjoy a better sleep and take benefits that a good sound sleep offers.

Some measures that can help you with trouble in sleeping or insomnia:

  1. Make Routine:

This may look impossible now, but this is really one sure help in long term. You might have observed yourself that the time at which you usually have lunch in office, you start feeling hungry at the same time on Sundays also. This is just because your body sticks easily to the routine and starts functioning accordingly.

Similarly if you’ll develop a habit to go to bed early every night, your body will adhere to it and you will automatically start feeling sleepy at that time and as a matter of fact you’ll be able to complete 8 hours of sleep. In initial stages it may be difficult for you to go to bed early, but  you only will see the benefits later, and always remember today’s pain is tomorrow’s gain.

  1. Bedroom Hygiene:

Your bed should be a place which is meant only for sleep or sex. No third activity should be carried out on bed or in bedroom. But people these days are like, watching TV, reading books, doing office work, cutting vegetables, more than half of the activities are on bed. But this is not a good practice if you are already not getting sleep in night, because all these activities more or less makes your bed unhygienic, dirty and even left it with fumes which further makes you feel less likely to lay there to sleep and your body no more feels that bed as a place to sleep.

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So, from now onwards make sure that you don’t enter bedroom until or unless you want to sleep and also keep a check that your bed sheets must be clean, proper pillows with clean covers are there. We recommend to use a room spray of your favorite fragrance in bedroom, it also helps ignite sleep. Plus, keep your room well ventilated, as fresh air has been found to a help in making a sleep, a sound sleep.

  1. Sex:

Feeling surprised and anxious at the same time, how come sex could help get sleep? Yes my dear friend, sex is more or less like a sleeping pill. You might have observed yourself that every time you have sex, you get a strong feel to sleep or even sleep once the act is over. This is just because sex helps fight stress, tension and also helps release the sleep hormones in body, plus the physical activity makes you feel tired and your body wants to sleep. This is not just for men, but for women the hormones release are 53% more than that in males. Now don’t think that how can you do it on regular basis, we are soon coming up with the benefits of having sex on regular basis. So, have fun and get your work done.

  1. Physical Activity:

As a matter of fact the people who usually have a sitting job (work by sitting weather on a computer or anything) are the ones who have trouble in sleeping or suffer insomnia, while those who indulge in physical work at job are less likely to get insomnia. This is because, physical activities maintain the blood flow to brain, as a result our brain stays healthy and release appropriate amount of sleeping hormones. Plus, the body that worked throughout day gets tired and wants rest, and sleeping is the best rest our body knows. So, a good workout session will definitely lead to sound sleep.

crunch claps exercise for abs
crunch claps exercise for abs

Thus, those who do no/less physical activities throughout day, they should develop a habit of going on morning/evening walk/running or any sort of physical activity they like, it will surely cure your insomnia and will get you a good sound sleep. Just make sure that you finish your exercise or physical activity 4 hours before bed time.

  1. Maintain Dinner Time:

People who have their dinner two to three hours before bed time, they tend to enjoy a better sleep than those who eat dinner and sleep immediately. Doing so doesn’t only gives a call to obesity, it induces a number of health problems also including insomnia or trouble in sleeping. This is because when we eat our brain is fully functional on how to digest the food and not just brain our other organs are also busy in extracting nutrients and digesting food, as a result the production of sleep hormones is less, body is still not ready for sleep. Plus laying just after dinner may also cause gastric problems which doesn’t invite sleep and keeps you awake. Add few food items in your diet that may help in getting better sleep.

  1. Avoid caffeine:

A cup of coffee in morning is allowed, but having coffee throughout the day is a big NO. Because caffeine as you all know is an anti-sleep agent. If your body has just 25% of caffeine of what you have in a mug of coffee then you won’t be able to sleep until or unless it is all out of the body. So, if you’ll have it even 5-6 hours before going to bed, it won’t be out of your system till your bedtime because caffeine is not that easy to excrete. Plus, one major problem that caffeine brings along is it gives rise to midnight urination which can be more than a nightmare for those who are already fighting to get a sleep. And remember not just coffee, but cocoa and chocolates are also a great source of caffeine.

  1. Avoid Alcohol:

Alcohol, often misunderstood by many as a medication of getting sleep is actually more dangerous than caffeine for your sleep especially for women. It might look tempting to you to have a peg of alcohol in night when you are having trouble in sleeping, but it would do more harm than good that you think. Studies have shown that no doubt alcohol does not fight like caffeine does with the slumber, but it doesn’t let you reach those deeper stages of sleep which you reach when you are sober. Plus, our body doesn’t let alcohol stay inside, so it will keep waking you up in midnight which could sometimes even lead you to stay awake rest of the night. Its for the best to avoid alcohol.

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health effects of drinking alcohol
health effects of drinking alcohol
  1. Hide Mobile Phones:

Mobile phone is one thing that has become the enemy of your sleep and gives you trouble in sleeping. Gaming, socializing, browsing, emails, SMS – all these seem so interesting that you even forget what the time is. This is the biggest distraction that you can have while sleeping, so make sure you keep your cell phone aside in your cupboard or may be at a place which is not easily reachable from bed. Nor just mobiles divert mind, but also the light emitted from mobiles, suppresses your body’s production of sleep hormones (melatonin), and thus adversely disrupts your sleep. Instead of wasting your time in mobile phones, you can enjoy some soft and soothing music with your partner, it will also relieve tension and ignite slumber.

Mobiles are biggest distraction in night
Mobiles are biggest distraction in night

These are the easy eight practices you can follow to reach the deepest stage of sleep and reap the best out of night. These are the tested and proven activities that won’t only help you with trouble in sleeping but will also make you healthier. Don’t know how adequate sleep can help you make healthier? Read my other article “Sleep Well Stay Well”.

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Apart from the above mentioned points there are a few special activities for sleep, like meditation, doing yoga poses that fight insomnia and getting massage, these can also help you out fight insomnia.

Keep posting your queries, reviews and liking through comments. And don’t hesitate to ask, it’s your health, your website.


Practice Healthy…!! Stay Healthy…!!


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