5 Simple Ways to Improve Mental Health of Your Employees

Last Updated on October 9th, 2022

Are you one of the business owners who think that the mental health of the employee is none of your business? If yes! Then you are wrong because this is your business. Business means not the business but the mental health of your company’s employee. It is very important to provide better mental health in the business workplace or to improve mental health in some cases. Because it does impact the communication and productivity of your business.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to help your employees to improve mental health. It does not only help in improving the well-being of an individual but also the overall health of the organization. You can hire services from company’s like Dialogue that provides virtual healthcare for your employees.

What Mental Illness Can Cost You?

Do you know that every 5th person in America has a mental illness? Yes! My friend, there was a report last year that proved that. That is why; you need to take this matter very seriously as it is related to your business. Moreover, as a leader, it is your responsibility to take any possible action to avoid it.

A rough estimate from the center for prevention and health states; About 100 billion dollars is the cost of mental illness of the employees in a year. Due to this, the employees often absent from the work which effects the productivity of the organization. As an employer, you are the one going to pay that money.

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You need to take proper steps to help your employs. In this article, we will share strategies that will help build a mentally healthy workplace in your organization.

how to stay mentally healthy
how to stay mentally healthy

Life Balance

You need to maintain a life balance within your organization. Do not praise your employees for their good or bad work. Moreover, do not expect them to work for you in their home. It maybe looks good to have your employees work in the evening at their home. But it is not a good idea in the long run. How you could expect good performance and high productivity from your employees without proper life balance. In the end, they will burn out and it will cost your decline in productivity.

Discuss Mental Health

You should discuss issues like depression, stress, anxiety and other mental illness in the workplace. Encourage your employee to not struggle with these things. Moreover, educate the leaders of a team about mental health problems. Having a monthly program to access the mental health of the team should be a task on the manager plate. Understanding the mental health state of employee can help greatly is not only to improve mental health but also in early fixing of issue without actually leading to the state of mental health problem.

mental health and issues
mental health and issues

Screening Tools

Most of the employees take other mental issues like stress. They often fail to recognize the symptoms of their mental illness. It is maybe they are thinking that they will come out of it on their own. There are screening tools available that can help the employee to assess their risk factors. Regular work stress is a major factor that causes mental health issues. Dealing with multiple issues like work-life balance is also an important point to discuss and consider.

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To help understand the mental health situation of the employee, there should be a one to one meeting held up every month or quarter between the HR manager and employee to screen the condition and help him accordingly.

Wellness Is the Priority

A healthy diet and regular exercise are a great way to improve mental health. So, make it your priority and encourage people to develop these good habits. Offer your employees incentive by taking part in the wellness program. Team building activities are designed to help improve mental health of employees and also to create a team bond. Different types of wellness programs are encouraged like yoga, meditation, morning stretching and also sometimes some fun activity in the campus for your employees can help a lot.

mental health treatment
mental health treatment


Laughter Therapy

Laughter is a good medicine and it surely works well when you are trying to improve mental health. So try to create a environment where employees can joke around, enjoy their time on lunch with colleagues and have a little laughter therapy. There are many laughter therapy sessions also organised in many companies to help the employees overcoming mental health issues.

Consulting a physiologist can also be of great help. But the only part that should be taken care of, is the privacy of the employees. No inside information should be leaked out and a good therapy session with the concerned person should help improve his mental health.

Sometime even the Ayurvedic massage help in reducing stress and tension which we carry around unnecessary. There are different types of Ayurvedic massage therapy that can help to improve mental health.

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Mental Health is an important part of your overall health and it can affect you in a number of ways. You will face concentration issues, more sleep deprived, increased stress levels can cause heart issues and more. So it is always advisable to find out the reason of your poor mental health and work towards strategies to improve mental health. Motivation from the senior people in the team or some motivational lectures help cope up with the mental health problems many times. Taking some time off from work and relaxing can also make things better.


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