Smart Ways to Stay Healthy, Are you Smart and Healthy?

Last Updated on December 21st, 2020

We are living in a rapidly changing era of all times. Everyday a new discovery is made and new advancement takes place in various fields. Humans have become more dependent on technology for almost all their needs and tasks.

In other words we can say that, we are approaching to smarter ways of doing things. But are we taking smart actions & decisions for our health and fitness also?

Now why to choose the smart ways and not the traditional ways to live a healthy life. The reason to now move ahead to smarter ways for healthier you is because today we do all day sitting jobs and no physical exercise is done. We are more concerned about jobs and money than we were few years back because the financial situation has changed for many of us and we now no longer can rely on that 6 hours of job. This leads to more mental pressure and stressed situations which affects our mental ability to understand the importance of things and thus we over look our major requirement and that is health.

There was a time when we used to learn “Health is Wealth” but now we believe that the opposite is true.

To better deal with such situations let’s catch up with technology and smart thinking and find out ways to still live a healthy balanced life.

At least many are trying to stay healthy with smart technology in use and making sure they remain in good shape.

How are they doing it?

That is the question we should ask. There are many smart ways you can follow to stay mentally, socially and physically healthy.


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So without much more delay let’s learn to stay fit with smart technology in hand.

stay healthy with smarter ways
stay healthy with smarter ways

Get your Health tracker

Yes with health in mind, many companies have come up with many health tracking devices that keeps the track of your fitness. Shows statistics of your daily workout in terms of calories burn, steps taken, distance covered, sleep taken and much more.

Some of the tracking data covered and features covered is given below:-

  • It tracks how much calories you have burned in one day.
  • How much steps you have walked through in a day.
  • How much distance you walked.
  • Check how much sleep you took and out of that how much was deep sleep.
  • You can set the targets as well for your fitness regime.
  • Check how much workout you did in a day.
  • Set alarms for yourself.
  • Get notification about your diet plans.

Keep it sync with your mobile and see the monthly performance and statistics.

Health tracker are available in market which ranges from few hundreds to few thousands depending on the features and quality.

Many good brands like Fitbit, Apple, Intex, Samsung, MI have released a wrist band that tracks all these fitness activities.


Get updated with latest health Q’s

Do you keep yourself updated with health and fitness news? Facts and figures that says a lot about your health can be an extra added benefit for you.

Sometimes the best way to stay healthy is to know what is unhealthy for you. The best way to know what is good and what is bad for your, is to read good articles.

Be smart and read and learn more. People often ignore things which are related to fitness and health which ultimately leads to the poor info. You should always know that “Half knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge”.

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Few Basic things that can help you keep healthy while you are doing your job.

  • Always make sure you wear a mask on your face if you have to travel a lot on roads as part of your field job. Use your handkerchief to cover your nose and mouth. Allergies are the root cause of many health issues. (and of course wear helmet if you are on 2 wheeler)
  • Stay well hydrated. Carry a water mixed with electrolytes like glucose.
  • If you have job that demands long hours of sitting, then always make sure you have a walk around after every 1 hour or less. Proper blood flow to all parts of body is really necessary.
  • Avoid working on computers or laptops for long hours. You can use paper-pen to do some small- small tasks like maintain notes.
  • Avoid lots of tea and coffee (not more than 3 cups). It gives you temporary help by increasing your simulation power but leads to bigger losses in longer runs.


eat healthy to stay healthy, smart tips
eat healthy to stay healthy, smart tips


Why am I including this in smart ways? Negligence of this is one of the very common reason why people fall ill. Do not overlook this as an unnecessary step to healthy body. It is in fact one of the very important aspect of healthy mind and body. You should have a good diet plan and sleeping habits.

You should have a heavy breakfast, moderate lunch and light dinner meals to stay healthy. Water is something really important part of life and you should know the benefits of drinking enough water every day that can ensure proper balance in your body liquid.

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Sleeping in the right posture is really important as it can lead to back problems or muscle pains.

Similarly there are many other things you should know about proper sleeping habits and healthy eating and drinking.


Finally we would like to tell you a small secret of living healthy and fit life.

The Secret is “Keep Smiling”


“Read Healthy Stay Healthy Always”

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