Social and Mental Health, an Important Aspect of your Life

Last Updated on August 5th, 2017

mental and social health tips
mental and social health tips

We all talk about physical health and fitness, but what we don’t care about to talk is the social and mental health. The social and mental health is really a necessary part of your well being and should not be neglected. Many people think social health as the health related to how social you are in terms of mingling with new people. It surely does not mean how social you are on facebook and twitter. Your social health is what indicates how people think about you and how it affects you. It has many other things that you should surely look into like how extrovert you are, how easily you make friends and how you avoid making enemies in the society you live. It is bad if you are really introvert since it puts you in the state of no friend list.

Few tips that can help you being in the healthy social state are:-

Avoid the word β€œEGO” in your life. When you avoid this you actually save many relationships in your life. This is the word that can kill your love and friendship if you keep it close to you. There is no harm in saying the magical word β€œSORRY” if it comes from heart.

Sometimes people just don’t say sorry because they feel this will prove that they are wrong. But I say you should say sorry even if you are right because you think saving a beautiful relationship is far more important than anything else.

Now another thing people usually miss in their life is sacrifice. Today we all want to have something big but nobody wants to sacrifice anything for gaining big things. Try doing it for something good and you will surely feel the energy of happiness in your body that has the power to strengthen your immune system. Now that is just the extra you get other than the good wishes and well wishing prayers from those whom you helped in the way of doing sacrifice.

SMILE, it holds great power when used in times of great difficulty. How?

Must be thinking how it can be helpful when used in difficulty because at tough times either you cry or you are in stress and depression. That sad moment can be overcome with a smile. There is always a reason to smile and with that smile you can always tell yourself that life has its obstacles and we have the smile to deal with that. Yes when you smile in times of great difficulty your body is able to give your mind the power to deal with any worst situation and you actually start thinking positive as well. The smile on your face can also help the other person in dealing with worrying situation when you can give him the reason of smile.

smile can change the world around you
smile can change the world around you

Smile gives hope to someone, love to someone and a reason to laugh may be. It adds more beauty to your face and keeps you healthy from your heart and brain.

Smile gives confidence to someone, happiness to someone and true friendship to someone.

β€œSpread it since it is worth using it”


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Are you Mentally healthy?

Ok let me ask you something. When you have a stressful situation what do you do?

Most of the people they start going into depression or stressful state where they stop laughing, smiling, talking to others. They get depressed and they usually feel sad and worry about the problem all the time. I am able to tell all these from my experience and I used to be the same. I used to keep thinking about the problem and worry about it knowing that I cannot do anything.

Ok but then how to deal with this. I follow the below algorithm to deal with this, may be it will help you also.

how to stop worrying and be happy
how to stop worrying and be happy


Now make your decision very clearly!!


Are you having mood swings? If yes then you surely need some mental fitness guidance. You are not completely healthy at mental state. You feel like really unsecure and when things do not go your way you start over reacting. Start Meditation.

Mediation will help you bring your mental stress under control, improve your emotional control and will help you deal with problems in a very smooth manner. Try yoga for emotional control. Many people get agitated very quickly. For them the best solution is to start practicing Yoga and Meditation at least 1 hour daily. You will find a great improvement in your mental health and will improve your concentration power and observation power as well.

That is all we wanted to share with you. Hope you will have some thing new to learn here and we wish for the best of your health and hygiene.

Now it is your turn to share your health secrets and tell us something you want to share. Use the comment section below and share your views, opinions and queries if any.

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