5 Solutions to Reduce Eye Strain Problems – Eye Relaxing Tips

Last Updated on May 10th, 2022

We all are caught up in the fast moving world, with digital screens all around us. We are surrounded by all forms of screens like mobile, TV, laptop, big screens cinema. Even the watches are now digital and have a screen that demands too much eye power to be used. Moreover we now keep ourselves stick in front of laptops or TV for more time now than ever before. These causes too much eye strain problems and you do not want to have these for longer periods. Increase eye strain problems can result in weaker eye power and more difficulty is reading and watching things down the line in your life.

take care of your beautiful eyes
take care of your beautiful eyes

We all have started giving more time to our electronic gadgets, be it a television, laptop or our mobile phones. The schedule has become so monotonous that we are subconsciously damaging our eye which we are unaware of. But we should never take our eyes for granted.

Consider your eyes as a gift from almighty who created you and gave you the vision to see things around you. So you need to take good care of the eyes so that you don’t lose that gift. Don’t take your eyes for granted. They enable you to see beautiful things around you that creates memories for you to remember through out your life.


Healthy Diet is Needed

No matter how much home remedies are available, the healthy diet can never be substituted for anything. Especially when eyes are concerned, green leafy vegetables or fresh fruits in your everyday diet is a must. A good healthy eating and living habits does reflect in our body. We all know carrots and amla are really good for eyes and we should always eat them raw for improving the eye power. But apart from food, there are few things that should be taken into account for a healthy vision (eyes). Some of the most important and common things which we tend to ignore and are a must for eye strain problems have been discussed in this article.

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I am stating few points that one must follow regularly so that we don’t end up with itchy and red eye by the end of the day.

Remedies for Eye Strain Problems


  1. Eye Massage

massage the eye lids for thicker eye lashes
massage the eye lids for thicker eye lashes

Eye straining is a common problem today. The age is not a constraint. If you are exposed to books, gadgets, or any electronic screen or devises it is bound to give you an eye strain problems after certain point of time. The symptoms for the same could be headache, which is very common with the people who work on their laptops. We cannot ignore work, but we can always take steps to heal the damage, a little every day.

Eye massage is one of the most effective exercise you can do right after getting up in the morning. A soothing eye massage can stimulate tear glands and can prevent them to turn dry. It also helps in increasing the blood circulation in the eye area. Do this for at least 2-3 mins every day and then wash your eye with cold water.


  1. Sunning

Yet another excellent way to prevent eye damaging and a healthy approach toward eye development. We all have heard from our elder’s that green is good for eyes and some of our seniors in our house will also move straight towards the balcony or window after getting up from the bed. Well that’s totally healthy.

Giving your eye (without sunglasses or contact lenses) a warm morning sunlight actually helps release dopamine which prevent myopia (quite common in young children).

Caution: Do not stare at the sun for this method. The process needs to warm your eyelids.


  1. Warm Compress

rubbing eyes due to eye strain problems
rubbing eyes due to eye strain problems

This exercise is very useful for those whose have to sit in front of their desktops/laptops for around 5-6 hours a day daily. When we do this, our eyes slowly start to dry. And it’s very necessary to prevent it, from its early days.

To do this exercise, you need only 2-3 mins in a day, a clean towel and a bowl of hot water. Dip the clean towel in the hot bowl water and squeeze the towel after that. Lie down in a comfortable area and place the hot towel in your eye.

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Make sure you don’t remove it because of the initial warmth. Keep the towel for 1 minute long and relax. Do this for 3 times more with both the eyes. This exercise will clam the eye muscle area and give a relaxation to the tear glands too. It is very useful in reducing eye strain problems.


  1. Cold Water

I usually prefer doing this early in the morning, my grandpa was too paranoid about this exercise and he made sure that all his grand kids follow this without fail. Cold water splash in your eye early in the morning, not just energies your mood but also helps the eye improve its blood circulation. It is also useful when you have puffiness or swelling around your eye. If you are wearing glasses/ contact lenses, then you can also add an extra step to this exercise to control your eye power.

All you must do is, fill your mouth with water and then splash cold water in your eye for at least 6-7 times. Make sure you keep your eyes open all the time. After this throw the water from your mouth and dry your eye using a clean wet towel.


how to keeps eyes clean and healthy
how to keeps eyes clean and healthy

Care: Make sure you don’t immediately start to rub your eye after this process.


  1. Aloe Vera

We all have tried aloe vera for our face, hair and areas in an around our eye, definitely not for the eye in precise. But have you ever tried applying aloe vera in your strained eye/eyelids? Yes, this process is very useful as it helps in reducing the eye swelling very quickly than any medicine.

All you have to do is to apply the natural extracted aloe vera from your house plant and apply it on your eyelids and take a 10 mins power nap. After that you can rinse off the aloe vera extract or you can gently massage the same aloe vera with a cotton around your eye. You can also combine this with a gentle milk lotion and do the same process.

Aloe Vera Uses and benefits
Aloe Vera Uses and benefits

Conclusion and Take Away

While there are some technical things also you can take care along with the things shared above. Like have good laptop screen that cuts of harmful rays before they get into your eyes. If you are wearing glasses for eye power, we suggest to take good lenses. Blue light glasses that cut harmful rays before they get into your eyes are available in market. Also lenses which cut off harmful ultra-violent rays are there. Use shades or sun-glasses when you are planning to go out on a sunny day for a long period of time. Apart from these also try to avoid continuous screen watching that can cause huge high eye strain problems. 

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All these processes stated above are small exercises that won’t take a long time if you want to do it daily. The results are excellent and have helped so many of us till now. You might be aware of few and some may have a few more tips that they follow. We will be happy to hear that, write to us in the comment section your easy home tip that you do to prevent your eye from straining, puffiness or swelling.


Meanwhile, don’t forget the fitness mantra


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