Sometimes Going on Unplanned Trips, is all you Need, BlindList

Last Updated on June 6th, 2020

Let’s go miles away without knowing where to go. All we will have is assemblage of eidetic memories at last.

It’s alright if you don’t have a plan. Yeah, you heard me right, you can still enjoy if you don’t have a plan. It’s not about destination, it’s about the journey. Don’t wait for perfect plan before starting the journey. Just start it. The best thing lies in experimenting with life that too courageously.

Fun fact for you:-we spend lot of time in planning for our destination but we enjoy the journey, company and the unexplored part the most. We so convince ourselves of what we want to do rather than we don’t see that what we really meant to do. Life gives the best experience when you let it go free without tension and stress.


fly where the life takes you
fly where the life takes you

A trip without itinerary, map and no plans.

You are just leading to the way where foots are directing. There will be no complications, no predictions and no expectations.  It might be a possibility that you get lost there. Have you ever imagined to get lost in unexplored and under-discovered area? You will spot that it was not fear of getting lost rather than buzz of scrutinizing the rickety place whose other side will overwhelm you.

Actually, excitement comes where there is pinch of fear. Believe me because I have experienced it in “the abode of clouds”. Being at that place was “Cloud 9” feeling or we can say I have experienced “seventh heaven”. Back in the days, my trip to Meghalaya was a really blind date for me. When I started for the trip it was all a mystery for me. But later it was becoming part of me, my memories. I only thought that beauty of this wondrous town was left behind from my bucket list. It was a state where you can see the clouds touching the ground and its beauty was peeking from the mist. The calmness and serenity of place left me speechless.

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travelling the unplanned trip
travelling the unplanned trip

Also, those crazy nights of trips where you are what you want to be, irrespective of all the facts. Crazy nights always makes unbeatable souvenir. That time you wish to do every single thing going around. You enjoy playing with different people, you play their kind of games like dum sharaz, UNO, cards, musiclys, karaokes, dancing. You feel full of life and also you enjoy sharing of playlists, enacting weirdly, writing notes for each other and what not.

Life is an equation expressed as LIFE= UNCERTAINTY.

This uncertainty makes it actually more than interesting. Life happens to you when you are busy in planning the things. Usually, people spends whole week in planning millions of things to do on weekend trip but at last yet end up socializing on internet with usual pizza, coke bottle and movie plans. That time you do planning according to your bucket list.

It is the #TheBlindList that you should try now.

Since childhood, everybody has a bucket list that I will for sure visit this place with these people. In that way, you are shielding yourself and not opening to measureless slots that travelling provide us. In contrast, unplanned trips are blind date that leave you with creating new bucket list on the spot, you will enjoy more than the bucket list you were already attaining. For you, at that time, whole world is new with new sky, you just need to write your name and story on the sky. Trust me guys, it is okay to let unfold life’s magic as it comes.

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getting lost with the unplanned journey
getting lost with the unplanned journey

Travelling with someone you don’t know is the best way to get to discover your own self, may be the better version of you. It’s always amusing to create special and unique reminiscence with someone you don’t know. Actually you meet people there whom you have never come across but that time every moment with them is like worth living. It’s like you want to discover that person from his inner side. May be you get a friend, best friend or partner in crime there. Most of sincere, genuine, consummate relationships starts with school times. But who knows we may find someone better over there.

Believe me, if all the things in your life goes the way you thought then you will never know the necessity of this disturbing question “What if?” Miracles happen when you are not aware of things. In my blind date with world, I got chuckled with someone as we both discovered that we are pursuing same mantras of life. That divine and soothing feeling along with mesmerizing serenity of winsome nature. Sometimes, while travelling we all come across the experience that we are never ever able to get out of our mind.

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travelling trips on blind date
travelling trips on blind date

Life is also an unplanned trip in itself where you meet new people, come across new enriching experience and new events. But in case, if you do planning of daily routine then life becomes bogus. As a result, naturally occurring periods of solitude and stillness that will squeeze out our lives, the same goes with the planned trip.

#SayYesToTheWorld and make the best use of the time life gives you to experience the unknown.

The best plan is to not have a plan, and face the unplanned.


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