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Born as a daughter of well-known and famous actor Anil Kapoor and model Sunita Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor no doubt has grown up to become a very popular actress. But, people know Sonam Kapoor by her own name and not as a daughter of a superstar actor. Sonam is not only known for her outstanding acting skills, she is known as The Fashion Icon in the Bollywood Industry. 




Born in Mumbai on 9th June 1985, Sonam has done her Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science from University of East London, UK. She started her Bollywood career under the big banner of Sanjay Leela Bhansali in a romantic drama Sawariya in 2007. She received Film Fare Award for this movie. It was just not looking back for her after this movie. She has feathered with one after another super hit movies like “I Hate Love Story”, “Khoobsoorat”, “Dolly Ki Doli”, “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo”, “Neerja” and many more. She bagged the Film fare Award a number of times including Sawariya and once again for her performance in Neerja, which was in the life of Neerja Bhanot. Sonam Kapoor is entitled as one of the highest paid Indian actors.


Beautiful Sonam Kapoor
Beautiful Sonam Kapoor


Keep aside her exceptional acting performance, Sonam Kapoor is famous for her adorable figure, fitness and beauty worldwide. She was praised for her beauty and sense of style in Hollywood during Cannes Festival red carpet walks. Before wasting much time, let’s check out the vital statistics of Sonam Kapoor which are the talk of the town these days.


Sonam Kapoor Vital Stats:


Sonam Kapoor looking hot
Sonam Kapoor looking hot

Height:                 5′ 9″ or 177 cm


Weight:                 57 kg or 121 lbs


Breast Size:          34 inches


Waist:                   26 inches


Hips Size:            34 inches


Shoe Size:           4 (US)

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Dress Size:          6(US)


Sonam has maintained this envious figure and eye-opening vital stats for quite some time now. But, this was not the case always.

Rumors say, she was chubby in her early years and weighed almost 90 kg. It is not an easy task to transform from a chubby kid to a superstar with a figure, any girl go green watching. Thanks to her disciplined lifestyle, tough fitness routine and optimized diet plan, that made this extraordinary transformation possible.


Let’s watch out the fitness routine Sonam follows every day.


Sonam Kapoor Workout Routine:


Stylish Sonam Kapoor
Stylish Sonam Kapoor

Sonam gained a lot of weight during her study days in Singapore and weighed around 86 kg. She planned to lose weight when she got an offer for Sawariya in 2007.

The struggle was real as she was overweight and she had to lose almost 35 kg for the movie. To lose such amount of weight Sonam took help of professional trainers.

Added different activities to her workout routine, separate trainers help her to do the separate form of workouts every day. 

Sonam focusses different body parts and the combination of workouts help her increase fitness level as well her maintain an optimum weight. 


After waking up Sonam involves herself in jogging for 30 mins every day. This is followed with yoga and cardio exercises.

Swimming, dancing, pilates and weight training are in her workout list all over the week. Famous celebrity fitness trainers Zarine Watson and Yasmine Karachiwala formally set up Sonam’s fitness routine and help her maintain that sculpted figure.


Sonam Kapoor Workout
Sonam Kapoor Workout


In Sonam’s words, “I have battled being overweight ever since I was 12-years old. By 15, I had put on so much weight and by 19 I was 86 kilos. I was borderline diabetic, I had PCOD and I had every weight issue I could have had. I was unhealthy when I was fat.” But with her strong willpower to reduce weight by working out and having a balanced meal she not only managed to lose weight, but also came up as the beauty icon of the nation.

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Sonam Kapoor Diet Plan:


According to Sonam, dieting is not about eating less, it is about eating right. Not eating for long hours and being dehydrated by not drinking water are the two big walls between one and fitness – says the diva.

She eats a small portion of food every 2-3 hours and drinks a lot of fluid, especially water all the day to keep her hydrated. Let’s jump into Sonam’s plate and see what she eats on a usual day:


Sonam Kapoor Diet plan
Sonam Kapoor Diet plan

Breakfast – Sonam eats a filling and heavy breakfast with oatmeal, fruits, and eggs


Mid-morning snack – The duration between breakfast and lunch is long. So, she snacks on brown bread, juice or nuts to make herself full till lunch.


Lunch – Sonam loves Indian food. So, she prefers multigrain chapati, vegetables, pulses, fish/chicken and a full plate of salad in lunch


Afternoon snack –Nuts or dry fruits, egg whites and coconut water


Dinner – Fish/Chicken and salad


She mostly relies on natural sources of protein to fulfill the requirement of protein. 

Sonam, most importantly drinks 3 – 4 liter of water to keep herself hydrated and she also includes water in her pre and post workout drinks.


Dashing Sonam Kapoor
Dashing Sonam Kapoor


Sonam maintains her weight and figure with strict diet and workout routine. She also possesses a flawless shining skin. To maintain radiance and glow on the skin is not easy without a specific beauty routine. So, let’s take a sneak peek into her beauty regime to find out how she possesses such a dewy skin and those lustrous locks.


Sonam Kapoor Beauty Tips:


  • Sonam follows a basic cleansing toning moisturizing routine every night before sleep. Whenever she fails to do that, she gets her facial done by professionals. Most importantly she never fails to remove her makeup before going to bed.


Sonam Kapoor Makeup
Sonam Kapoor Makeup


  • She never steps out without applying a sunscreen with high SPF and UA and UV rays protection


  • Sonam loves homemade products and packs for her face and hair. She specially gets her products prepared by ayurvedic professionals which creates magic on her skin.
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Sonam kapoor Fashion
Sonam kapoor Fashion
  • To keep her mind calm, Sonam prefers Shirodhara and natural spa therapy at least once in a fortnight.



  • She avoids smoking and drinking at parties


  • Most importantly staying calm, eating right, happiness and feeling beautiful from within are the actual beauty secrets – as per the suave actor.


This was all about Sonam Kapoor; her weight loss journey, fitness routine, diet and beauty essentials. So, what are you waiting for, follow her and do what she does and become the next sensation style icon of the country.

You can also follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to know more about her.

I would love to hear from you. Do write down in comments section below if you have any query or would like to know something more about Sonam. And do not forget to share it if you liked it.


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