Sophie Turner Workout Routine, Diet Plan & Beauty Tips

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Born on 21st February 1996, in Northampton, United Kingdom, Sophie Turner is a young and highly talented English actress. She gained enormous stardom right from her professional acting debut itself. She has garnered recognition all over the world with her debut role as Sansa Stark on the most famous HBO fantasy television series Game of Thrones in which she has been acting since 2011. Her gorgeous body and fit figure have caught the attention of everyone and inspired a lot of people to hit the gym.


Sansa Stark in real life
Sansa Stark in real life


From being a 15-year-old child in the series premiere to appearing like a strikingly beautiful woman with a flattering silhouette in the recent seasons, Sophie Turner has undergone a great change by adopting healthy practices and has thus motivated all of her fans to embrace fitness. With great determination to look like a superhero, she worked very hard and bagged the role of the very popular and powerful mutant Jean Grey/Phoenix in the X-Men film series. She appears extremely appealing in her X-Men costume with an enviously fine physique. Many people have become huge admirers of her fitness.


Sophie Turner Instagram
Sophie Turner Instagram


Sophie Turner Fitness Regime:


Getting selected to play the role of Jean Grey in the renowned X-Men series forced Sophie Turner to change her lifestyle and welcome a proper fitness regimen because she felt that it is extremely important to look spectacular for playing the role of a superhero. She desperately wanted to fit in the X-Men suit and worked very hard in order to achieve a toned and slender figure. Her sincere hard work and devotion towards successfully getting a dream figure motivated a lot of her admirers.

Let’s checkout the body stats that Sophie has managed to achieve in matter of time.


Sophie Turner Vital Statistics
Sophie Turner Vital Statistics

Sophie Turner Vital Statistics:


Height: 5’9’’ or 175 cm


Weight: 64 kg or 141 pounds


Breast Size: 34 inches


Waist Size: 24 inches


Hip Size: 34 inches

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Shoe Size: 8 (US)


Dress Size: 4 (US)


Many people think that actresses may have a naturally toned body and hence they need not work hard at all to stay in shape, but that notion is very incorrect. Sophie Turner has performed rigorous workouts and incorporated strict dietary habits to get in shape for her action-packed roles.

Let’s get into the Sophie’s gym to check what all exercise she is doing to get those curves.



Sophie Turner’s Workout Routine:


Sophie Turner understands that it is very important to stay physically fit at all the times to justify her acting roles and also to stay healthy.

To fulfill this, she constantly indulges herself in a wide range of workouts that can quickly allow her to achieve a good shape.

Sophie is a big enthusiast of physical activities and she always has an athletic mindset. This made her employ a variety of workout styles to her regimen.

Her training schedule includes 60-minute workouts for 5 or 6 days a week.

She carries out a full-body workout which helps to target every muscle group in the body without missing any part at all.

It includes activities like squats and deadlifts which require multiple muscle groups and this helps to burn a lot of calories in just one go.

Her exercises are not only focused on getting a good physique but they also help to improve the posture and energy levels significantly.

She also uses kettlebells to target glutes, legs, and stomach.

She performs circuits with weights ranging from 22 to 35 lbs.


Sophie Turner Diet Plan
Sophie Turner Diet Plan

In order to strengthen and tone her upper body, she performs very intense resistance sprints for 10 minutes.

She enjoys regularly performing very complicated boxing drills and sparring because it is not only good for fat loss but it also helps to stay focused and stay strong.

Sophie’s workout training techniques are very promising and they seem to be a must-try regimen by all.

Now this workout needs to be followed by a proper balanced diet. So let’s have a look at the diet suggested by Sophie’s nutritionist.

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Sophie Turner Diet Plan:


Before becoming health conscious, Sophie wasn’t much concerned about her food and she even used to skip her breakfast. But now, she has realized the value and importance of a proper diet and has made drastic changes to her dietary habits in order to look lively and healthful.


Sophie Turner Seductive

Sophie follows a low-carb diet and a Paleo-Style plan.

Her Paleo-style diet plan recommends eating foods eaten by early humans like fruits, vegetables, meat and fish and it excludes dairy foods, grains, and processed foods.

She makes sure to include rich proteins and healthy fats in each of her meal.

Lots of fresh vegetables like spinach, cauliflower and occasionally sweet potatoes are a part of her diet.

Now let’s find out what does Sophie eats on a usual day.

Sophie Turner Eating Plan
Sophie Turner Eating Plan
Sophie Turner Diet Chart:


Sophie’s food philosophy is to eat healthy food and eat in right proportions.

Breakfast: She prefers to eat cereal along with fruit juices in the morning.

Lunch: She likes to have pasta and chicken combined with a vegetable salad.

Dinner:  She chooses to have fish along with some fruits.

Whenever she feels hungry in between her meals, she grabs healthy snacks like almonds, fruits, and yogurt.

She has firmly embraced healthy eating because it makes her feel better and more energetic and inspires her to get up and out.


Sophie Turner Beauty Tips:


Sophie Turner shares a few of her beauty secrets about how she protects her skin and also gives some styling tips.


Sansa Stark Game of Thrones
Sansa Stark Game of Thrones

Tip#1: Sophie suggests that heat-protectant sprays are a must have for those who keep experimenting with their hairs through straightening and curling. She herself regularly uses the spray to shield her hair from damage.

Tip#2: She prefers not to put on loads of makeup when she is not shooting. She likes to keep it simple for a naturally beautiful look.

Tip#3: Sophie always carries a lip balm with her to avoid dry and chapped lips.

Tip#4: In order to get a hydrated and glowing face, she regularly moisturizes her face.

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Tip#5: In summers, Sophie prefers to use sneakers because they help to move around freely.

Sophie Turner believes that exercise has made her feel more positive about herself and enabled to make her feel stronger and liberated. Her motivational fitness story is a huge inspiration for many people to eat right, exercise regularly and keep fit.


To know more about Sophie, you may follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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