Is South Beach Diet Good For Weight Loss?

Last Updated on December 24th, 2020

People looking to lose weight often ask this question with the South Beach Diet. Does it really work? Is there any guarantee that this dieting approach will keep excess weight out? The truth about any weight loss plan is that consistency pays off in the long run. If you are to get the most out of any diet plan you must follow through on the laid out rules to the latter. Nothing could be truer with the South Beach Diet.


South Beach Diet in a Nutshell

The south beach diet is a weight loss diet plan that was formulated by the renowned cardiologist Arthur Agatston. The diet plan helps users choose the right carbohydrates and fats to keep excess weight in check rather than cutting off all carbohydrates.  Agatston developed a three-step approach that emphasis more on fiber and nutrients rather than on carbohydrate only. By taking this approach, those hunger cravings are put in check while your system is rebooted for weight loss.

weight loss diet plan
weight loss diet plan

But does it really work?

This question definitely has an affirmative answer. Yes it works for those who adhere strictly to the laid down rules and plans. Although nutritionists have warned against the restrictive first phase the eating approach will most definitely help you shed some pounds.

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What’s the Purpose

Dr. Agarston designed the diet plan in such a way that the body is revamped with an overall balance of weight loss meals aimed at promoting weight loss rather than building it. This ensures that users are conditioned to forcefully imbibe a healthy eating lifestyle rather than the high carb-laden diet they are used to.

It’s a more healthy way to eat.


Food Choices

What you can or cannot eat depends on the stage you are in, with stage 1 being the most restrictive of all stages. Generally speaking, here is a list of what you can eat:

  • Lots of protein feed i.e. Poultry, eggs and cheese
  • Some fats including but not limited to olive oil, avocado and canola oil
  • Carbs with a low glycemic index including vegetables, tomatoes and spinach.
south beach diet
south beach diet

What you can’t eat

As we said earlier, what you can eat and not eat is largely dependent on the stage you are in. Here’s what’s off limit at the different stages:

Phase 1: Being the most restrictive, stay away from fruits, starchy foods, alcohol and dairy products.

Phase 2: After getting past the restrictive stage one you can incorporate more healthy carbs to your diet. Fruits, rice, wheat pasta, potatoes and the likes are allowed in moderation. Here weight loss begins to slow down as expected.

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Phase 3: This stage is popularly called the maintenance stage were after acclimatizing to the system your body begins to adjust to the new way of healthy eating. Dr Agatston is of the opinion that users having passed through two stages can pick the right choices for themselves.

weight loss south beach plan
weight loss south beach plan

Weight Loss Results

If users follow through on the South Beach diet plan they are guaranteed to lose between 8 to 10 pounds during the first two weeks of the restrictive stage one. Now that’s solid results you can take to the bank. However, most of the weight shedding will come midsection into the program at stage 2. In this stage the program is designed to help users lose 1 to 2 pounds weekly.

The most important thing to note is that you need to balance out the number of calories you take in with those that you burn out. By effectively taking care of the number of calories taken in, the program ensures that more calories are burnt than is taken in.


Health Benefits

Although the South beach diet is directed at weight loss, there are many health benefits to the program. Here are a few:

  1. Eliminates the intake of unhealthy carbs
  2. Promotes a healthy eating lifestyle by following laid down plans
  3. Improved Cholesterol levels
  4. Normalized basal metabolic rates
  5. Healthy fat intake reduces the buildup of “Bad Cholesterol”.
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Hopefully, ketosis will not develop because of the carbohydrate restriction of the first phase. If you experience headaches, fatigue and nausea please consult with a physician.

Dr. Amanda
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