Spending More Time in Air Conditioners? AC for Health, Beware..!!

Last Updated on October 13th, 2022

The days are gone when people use to clean up their coolers and fans before the summers use to arrive. Now are the days of air conditioners. The easy, fast and best way to get cooler atmosphere in summers is via AC. But “AC for Health” is it good or bad? Today, not just grown-ups but children also want air conditioners installed in their rooms. Parents are also fulfilling all the demands of their children without even thinking its pros and cons. This air conditioner which they have installed in their child’s room for his/her comfort will not do that much good to their health as much it will ill affect their health. The air conditioned room is more dry and arid as a desert than being cold like North Pole.


AC for Health benefits and risks
AC for Health benefits and risks

What Actually Happens

Actually what happens is, air conditioners pull out all humidity from the air present in room. Not just this, along with the moisture present in air, these air conditioner also pulls out moisture from human skin leaving it dry and stretched. It robs the outer layer of epidermis of skin of its moisture and water content, due to which itching and flaking usually happens.

But, water is one of the most important nutrient for skin, as it only helps to maintain blood circulation and maintains elasticity of the skin. On a long run this loss of water in skin may even result in several skin diseases. That along with early aging, skin darkening, acne and much more is worse to think about.

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air conditioners and health issues
air conditioners and health issues

There are certain benefits of air conditioners which make them a necessity these days.

Following are the benefits or you can say the comforts provided by air conditioners that help improve the human capabilities.

Benefits of AC for Health

  1. By using air conditioners one may rectify extreme heat and nullify the negative impact of heat on physical activity.
  2. AC also helps improves the performance. Air conditioned offices and work places are provided by companies to their employees. Air conditioners increases the comfort zone of individuals. Thus improving their performance at job.
  3. Air conditioner also helps to Increase the physical and intellectual activity of human being. They do so by providing a comfort zone that body always look for.
  4. As we all know air conditioners reduce the temperature of room due to which presence of insects and parasites is reduced. They are not able to survive at that very low temperature.
  5. Air conditioners reduces the risk of dehydration in human bodies.
  6. A clean air conditioning system helps exclude external allergens such as pollens.
  7. It renews and improves air quality, due to which chances of getting ill are low.
  8. Patients are often advised to stay in air conditioned rooms, especially the ones suffering from fever. Air conditioners keep germs away, eliminates chances of spread of disease and also provides constant temperature to the body which is always beneficial for health.


Enough of the benefits, now is the time to face the bitter truth behind the comfort of air conditioners. Following are the risks involved with the constant and long term use of air conditioned places.

Risk in AC for Health

  1. hot summer without AC
    hot summer without AC

    If you are in an air conditioned room and you have to suddenly come out of the room, there might be huge difference in the temperature and humidity of the atmosphere. This may affect the respiratory system. Not just this, moving from air conditioned cool rooms to outer hot atmosphere suddenly may even result in reducing immunity and puts you at a high risk of catching fever and cold.

  2. As mentioned above also, air conditioners suck the moisture from human skin, making it dry and arid like deserts, which gives invite to many skin ailments including ageing.
  3. Air conditioning systems also adds to ambient noise, contributing noise pollution.
  4. In air conditioned rooms, i.e. in absence of humidity, infectious respiratory diseases transmit very easily.
  5. Airborne dust and fungi can cause allergic reactions.
  6. It is also associated with chronic rhinitis and pharyngitis, throat irritation and hoarseness.
  7. It can also accelerate several eye conditions such as conjunctivitis.
  8. This might come as a surprise to you, but staying in AC for long can also make you fat as it makes you to start bingeing. Actually what happens is, as the energy stores of the body does not decrease in the colder atmosphere, the food you ate is not used up to the best, providing body with the extra fat, hence leading to obesity.
  9. It has also been found that air conditioner cold air can aggravate joint pains, arthritis and neuritis.
side effects of air conditioners
side effects of air conditioners

Other Poor Health Effects of AC

These are not just it, one may get prone to cold, cough, illness and several chronic diseases permanently if stayed in over air conditioned room for long hours daily. Not just to human health, excess use of air conditioners is harmful for environment also. Scientists have even said that, if nobody on this planet uses air conditioner for 3 years, the world would again become a perfect place to live with normal temperature, proper rainfalls, adequate snowfalls, no UV layer depletion.



I am not saying you have to follow this and avoid using air conditioners, it’s just one must set limits to the use of air conditioners. Because the benefits of air conditioners mentioned above are also till the time it is used in moderation.

So, stay aware, stay awake. Don’t fall weak in front of the comforts, make yourself ready to face all the conditions. Eat healthy and use other modes of fighting hot weather like coolers as much as possible.

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