How to Stay Away from Cold and Fever this Winter Season?

Last Updated on December 20th, 2020

Weather is changing and we are slowing moving towards the cold chilly weather “winter”. But are we taking all the necessary precautions to safeguard ourselves from this changing season. Usually we fall ill, catch cold and fever, during this very changing weather and thus it requires to be safer when the cold winds starts blowing.

There are some common and effective ways that you can follow to counter the effect of this chilly Winter season.

  • Never leave your house without a sweater. Very basic guideline that we should always follow. It might actually be sunny in the morning or day time but it starts getting colder as the sun sets. So make sure you have a woolen wear for the colder night.


  • Do not walk without slippers or any other footwear in your house or home. We have a habit of staying bare foot at home. The cold passes from foot to head in no time and that is why it is necessary to wear something in foot to avoid catching cold.
cold and fever symptoms and natural cure
cold and fever symptoms and natural cure
  • Eat Chyawanprash in the morning along with hot milk. This will increase your immunity and will keep your body shielded from external cold or bacterial attack.
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  • Drinking ginger Tea helps a lot to get the warmth in the body during the colder days. Green Tea is also good for health. Taking 1 cup of green tea keeps your body fit and cure many health issues. Green tea is also good for those who want to lose some weight.


  • Protect your ears from chilly winds. Ears are the first point of contact where the cold or fever is caught in your body. Cover your ears with scarf or cap to avoid chilly winds get into your system.


  • Have home made fresh bowl of tomato or mix veg soups. It helps the body to stay warm during winter. Soups are really tasty and nutritious.They help in digestion as well as increasing immunity of the body.
how to stay safe from cold and fever
how to stay safe from cold and fever
  • Still if you catch cold, do not let the cold build up in your body. It is better to take quick action against cold and avoid any escalations. To recover from cold, best solution is to have a steam therapy. In Steam therapy you have a big container of hot water giving steam. Put 1 spoon of vicks vapor rub in the hot container. Now put your face just above the container facing towards the water and cover the head with towel to let the steam stay inside the container for longer period. Now start breathing slowly. Make sure the steam is not strong. If you start feeling really hot on your face, wait for the water temperature to come down a bit.
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  • Do some warm up exercise in the morning to help your body gain some warmth? Rubbing your hands rapidly against each other creates heat in your body. Jogging also helps your body to become warm. Stretching exercise also helps. Yoga also helps in preventing cold and fever. There are different types of yoga postures that helps you stay warm and active.


Follow these simple steps and we are sure you will enjoy the winter season with complete freedom and hot cup of Tea.

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