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Last Updated on December 24th, 2020

Karenjit Kaur Vohra or popularly known as Sunny Leone is a famous model and Indian – American actress. Presently, she is working as an actress in Bollywood movies and has worked as a porn star prior to her current profile. Her flamboyant physique and attractive fitness have compelled many people to choose a healthful regimen to get in good shape.


Sunny Leone smiling
Sunny Leone smiling


Born on 13 May 1981 in Canada, Sunny Leone shot to stardom in India with her participation in the well known reality show Bigg Boss. From then onwards, she got a lot of offers for Bollywood movies which she couldn’t decline and started to act in a few films and also performed in special songs in many Indian movies of different languages. She always advocated the importance of staying fit and healthy because according to her that is what keeps her in shape.


Bold Sunny Leone
Bold Sunny Leone


Sunny Leone Fitness Regime:


Sunny Leone has a very great and robust body that is on par with any actresses of industry. She gives a great amount of prominence to fitness and she herself stated that ‘there are no perfect bodies, there are only fit bodies’. Therefore, she indulges herself in rigorous workouts and follows a stringent diet plan in order to maintain her fit and curvaceous body. Her perfectly toned, extremely fit and curvy body is the reason why her fans get inspired to begin working out and have a good diet.


Sunny leone vital statistics
Sunny leone vital statistics

Sunny Leone Vital Statistics:


Height: 5’4” or 163 cm


Weight: 54 kg or 119 pounds


Breast Size: 38 inches


Waist Size: 24 inches


Hip Size: 36 inches


Shoe Size: 7 (US)


Dress Size: 6 (US)


A well-shaped and toned body does not appear just like that. Sunny Leone spends lots of hours for workouts with extreme sincerity and maintains a proper diet that suits her body type and lifestyle in order to appear ravishing.

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So let’s checkout Sunny’s workout schedule that she swears by.



Sunny Leone Workout Routine:


Sunny Leone understands the fact that she needs to workout more in order to stay in shape. Hence, she takes her workouts very seriously and has a fixed schedule to perform various exercises regularly.

She is a frequent visitor to the gym. She ensures to visit the gym at least thrice a week and enjoys spending time there for workouts.

Her warm-up routine includes neck stretch, upward and downward head bend, arms stretch, semi-side lunge, quadriceps stretch, shoulder rotation, upper body twisting, hip rotation and side-to-side bending.

She practices arm rotation, roundhouse punches, shoulder rotation, push-ups and triceps arm push-ups with chair dips for the sake of upper body conditioning.

For the sake of conditioning her lower body, she performs lunges, high knees squats, front kicks, side kicks and squat punches.


Sunny leone Yoga
Sunny leone Yoga


Sunny Leone’s core training includes abs crunch, abs superman, abs-leg raises, abs cycle, abs jackknife, abs flutter kicks, bridge ups and plank.

Her gym workout mainly comprises High-Intensity Interval Training that concentrates on fat loss, free weights, and cardio for keeping the muscle groups in shape.

Sometimes, she also takes boxing sessions to gain mental and physical endurance.

She practices yoga on a regular basis for 30 minutes even when she is traveling, so as to get improved flexibility and metabolism.


Sunny Leone Workout routine
Sunny Leone Workout routine


She loves performing pilates because that will help to burn calories quickly, keep the body in good shape, and increase the energy levels.

Her workout plans seems quite effective and can be easily followed by many people.

Along with her workout there is one more thing that Sunny gives a lot of attention, and that’s her diet plan. She is very particular about her diet, so let’s check out what is being served to Sunny in her plates.



Sunny Leone Diet Plan:


Sunny Leone strongly feels that just staying in shape is not important but what matters is to have a fit body and she plans her diet accordingly.

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She does not believe in eating less or starving to get a toned body, but she follows and recommends balanced meals to maintain fitness and a superb body shape.

Sunny completely avoids frozen or packaged foods and junk food because in the long run, they disturb the fitness.

She always consumes lots of fresh fruit juices and raw vegetables as a part of her diet.

Sunny understands the importance of proteins in diet and hence relies on quality natural sources of protein.

Sunny prefers antioxidant-rich food.


For breakfast, she has a few slices of toast and egg whites in addition to a glass of milk.

She eats grilled chicken salad combined with fresh vegetables for her lunch but she makes sure to avoid heavy salad dressing.

She opts for fish or chicken with vegetable salad for her dinner.

Sunny Leone consumes fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and berries for snacks in between her meals and makes sure that they are 100 calorie snacks.

Along with this diet, she also ensures to drink plenty of water to keep her hydrated and also flush out toxins from her body. According to Sunny drinking water is the easiest way to stay fit that anybody can do.


Sunny Leone Beauty Tips:


Sunny Leone has offered a few effective beauty tips for a healthy skin and body.



Tip#1: In order to stay hydrated, Sunny Leone drinks 8 glasses of water every day. She says that it helps to maintain healthy hair and skin.

Tip#2: She prefers to have black coffee over regular coffee and suggests that all the coffee addicts should also do the same.

Tip#3: Sunny Leone has revealed that the secret behind her glowing skin is consuming coconut water on a daily basis and including a good amount of milk in her diet.

Tip#4:  She says that she protects her complexion by removing the makeup thoroughly and going makeup-free whenever possible.

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Tip#5: She consumes food with less salt because it’s good for health and suggests everyone to do the same.


Sunny Leone triumphed in getting a fit body with a fabulous physique due to her commitment towards regular workouts and healthy eating habits. She gives a very high priority to fitness despite her busy schedules and constant traveling. Her determination towards fitness has inspired all her fans also to become fit and toned.


Sunny Leone Beautiful
Sunny Leone Beautiful


 If she can do, why can’t you? Start following her fitness regime from today and get ready to rule the world like Sunny.


To know more about Sunny, you may follow her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.


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