Sushant Singh Rajput Body Workout and Fitness Secrets

Last Updated on August 21st, 2020

The hottie & handsome young blood in Bollywood town SSR aka Sushant Singh Rajput was one of the most discussed actors who proved his mettle in acting on the platform by shunning his critics who thought he was not an actor material. Sushant was also one of the fittest young actors in the Bollywood. Wondering how he used to maintain such good looks with a great body? Read here secrets about Sushant Singh Rajput Body Workout, diet and fitness regime that kept him healthy and fit.

Lets Know More about Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant hails from a small town in Bihar with his father and 4 elder sisters making him the youngest of all. His Nick name was Guddu and he was 34 years old when he died (in 2020). Moved in Delhi did enroll for mechanical engineering in Delhi Technical University. He was a bright mind which can be seen from his AIEEE, 2003, score card that shows rank 7 all India. But soon after 3 years he dropped out of Engineering to pursue his acting carrier. Sushant in his early life was part of Shaimak Davar’s dance troupe and joined Barry John’s drama classes and then further went to Mumbai to join Nadira Babbar’s theater group to make his sway into acting. He was proving to be an inspiration to all those newbies who are making their struggle in the acting industry.

Sushant singh rajput was Unmarried but had affairs with Ankita Lokhande, Rhea Chakraborty and Kriti Sanon. He was also in live-in relationship with Rhea Chakraborty.

Let’s know a bit about him before we discuss more on fitness regime and secrets to such good and handsome Sushant Singh Rajput body.


Bollywood for Sushant Singh Rajput

The journey for Sushant had not been so easy where he tasted his first touch of Bollywood by performing on awards function along with other dance troupe members of Shaimak Davar team. Then made his breakthrough from a daily soap on Zee TV by name Pavitra Rishta along with other daily soaps but Manav of Pavitra Rishta gave him the fame and recognition at various award winning platforms apart from making his stardom to make him participate as a guest celebrity.

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sushant singh rajput married to ankita
sushant singh rajput married to ankita

 Sushant began his Bollywood career with his first movie “Kai Po Che” a story from Chetan Bhagat’s novel “The Three Mistakes of My Life” which was a big hit and then further on to movies like Shudh Desi Romance, PK, Detective Byomkesh Bakshi and the latest to his kitty was a movie based on the life of famous Indian cricketer and Indian cricket team ex-captain MS Dhoni, MS Dhoni: The Untold Story.

shudh deshi romance with sushant singh rajput and parineeti chopra
shudh deshi romance with sushant singh rajput and parineeti chopra

The amount of hard work he was putting to portray his best characters in the Bollywood like a chiseled look boy in Kai Po Che, where he also had to undergo a helicopter stunt which the actor performed himself was an outcome of practice. Also playing the role of a professional cricketer for which he went through to watch almost 1000 videos of MS Dhoni to understand his personality on the field and off the field and to get under rigorous training like a professional cricketer from Kiran More, former Indian wicket-keeper is something that makes him the second perfectionist.


sushant singh rajput dashing personality
sushant singh rajput dashing personality

Sushant aim to be in the industry

He had been very clear about bollywood and acting and which was very clear from the way he had grown as an actor and as a personality in physique. The number of workouts he did to keep himself fit and the diet plan he used to follow are something to be really looked upon.

Also, the actor was undergoing his fitness regime hard work for an upcoming movie where he was building up massive look in crunch packs by doing those solid hard crunches and weight lifts. That will leave you spell bound to see the commitment he was showing in taking up each role he was going to portray.

sushant singh rajput best pics and photos
sushant singh rajput best pics and photos

 Vital Stats of Sushant Singh Rajput:

Height in Inch72.04 inches
Height in feet6.0 foot , 6 feet 0 inches
Body Build
Muscular Build
Age (2020)
34 Years
Sushant Singh Rajput Physique Muscles/Body Measurements42 inch (Chest size) – 30 inch (Waist) – 15.4 inches (biceps size)
Sushant Singh Rajput Weight in 202077 kg or 169.75 pounds/lbs
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Sushant Singh Rajput Body Workout Secrets

Regular workout and visits to the gym have been the main reason behind the fitness of Sushant Singh Rajput Body Fitness. Although Sushant was not a big gym fan, he still used to maintain 4 days a week gym routine just to keep his body fit and good looking. You will be astonished to know what a regular workout session can do for your body and health. Learn from the best here.

sushant singh rajput body gym fitness
sushant singh rajput body gym fitness

According to Sushant himself, his regular gym visits keep him healthy and burn those extra calories he may gain by eating his favorite foods. He also says that the exercise helps him in keeping his blood pressure level in control and avoids unwanted diseases. We all know that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body and Sushant also believed in that very clearly. He also believed that his gym had helped him a lot in getting stronger bones and muscles and those fabulous six-pack abs. Exercise also helped him get relaxed after a long day at work.



Sushant Singh’s Daily Routine

Let’s have a look at some other regular activities that Sushant used to participate in to keep himself healthy and fit.

Horse Riding: A hobby based practice which Sushant did to keep himself active.

Ballet: Yes, the actor loved dancing which made him part of Shaimak Davar dance academy, get trained by him and participate in various reality shows like Jhalak Dikhlaja to stun his fans with his groovy moves. The actor had been practicing ballet to improve his limb coordination, burning fat etc.

sushant singh rajput body fitness pics
sushant singh rajput body fitness pics

Gym: Sushant was not a gym person though he worked out for 4 days a week to burn out those extra calories, reduce the risk of high blood pressure and other ailments along with the benefits of improved metabolism, stronger muscle strength and better lifestyle. He followed this 4- Day gym rule. Check out the abs of Sushant singh rajput body in the pic above.

Wing Chung Kung Fu: a form of martial art and self- defense which the actor loved to do; it helped him to improve arm and legs strength, better posture and flexibility.


sushant singh rajput body fitness mantra
sushant singh rajput body fitness mantra

Sushant Singh’s Diet Plans

Healthy food and diet was another thing that kept his body in check. Let’s take a look at Sushant’s diet routine.

sushant singh rajput gym workout and fitness mantra
sushant singh rajput gym workout and fitness mantra

A lover of aalo and gobhi paranthas with butter spread, Sushant used to keep a check on his craving which makes him eat boiled vegetables, sprouts, protein shakes. He said it’s better to control your cravings than messing up with the fitness regime.

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No Fried Food: Sushant says a big no to fried food because that’s the thing which can spoil your health by increasing fat, cholesterol in the body.

Boiled Sprouts: It’s a healthy snack for craving and mid-meal hunger filler. Boiled sprouts give a lot of protein, fiber, minerals to keep yourself fit which is why the actor prefers it over junk food.

Protein Shakes: the most required component to build up strong muscles and stamina is the protein which the actor takes to ensure he gets the required amount of input to perform his rigorous workout and keep him balanced for his day-long shoots and routine.

sushant singh rajput and parineeti chopra
sushant singh rajput and parineeti chopra

Sushant Believed

He believed that everyone, especially actors should really focus more on their body and health. Then only, we can manage to provide our best at our work and have a nice disease-free life. Now that you know some secrets about Sushant singh rajput body workout and fitness, you can start following them as well.

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