Healthy New Year Resolutions to make 2021 a Happy Year

Last Updated on July 12th, 2020

We have just entered a new year so; first and foremost I and my whole Medic tips team would wish all our readers a very happy and healthy new year 2021. I hope you all must have enjoyed the new year eve, but I want you to enjoy all the 365 days of a year, so, before you go ahead and start taking Healthy New Year Resolutions, I would like you to read this.

Do you know the year 2020 has been tamed to be one of the unhealthiest years for human race? The average age of humans has come below because of the unawareness and unhealthy practices.

So, before anyone of you end up with your new year resolutions I would urge you guys to take at least two of the below mentioned new year resolutions that I have specially prepared for you. These are not the most difficult of the tasks that you’ll have to take special care of, these are the most easy tips one can opt for in day to day life and enjoy a healthier life. Because whether one accepts it or not; Health is Wealth and if you are healthy, only then you can enjoy these special occasions of new year’s eve or Christmas or any festival.

Make 2021 a healthy year by taking following Healthy New Year resolutions:


  1. Running/jogging:

If you want to do something really good to your health then opt for early morning walk or running/jogging. I would recommend you to go for slight of running or you can say jogging if you are not 55 or 60 yet because running/jogging is better than brisk walking. No doubt walking is also good, but the main point here is these exercises makes heart pump more rapidly, hence takes care of your cardio health, more pumping of heart means more supply of blood, so each and every part of body gets enough blood and oxygen.

Hence maintains blood pressure, sweating accompanied by jogging/walking brings all the germs out of the body.

Making it a habit will definitely improve your stamina and it will also keeps your skin glowing, takes care of your stomach problems, effective for diabetic patients, reduces obesity, cuts your bellyimproves eyesight, good for your brain, distresses your mind, keeps you active throughout the day and much more. It has more than 400 benefits to be mentioned that’s why World Health Organization has also declared early morning jogging/running as the healthiest practice.

So, just say yes and make early morning walking/running your first activity to begin the day with and also the first promise in your Healthy New Year Resolutions list.


  1. Drink water:

Can this be one of your Healthy New Year Resolutions?

Whether you know this or not, but drinking water is one of the most healthy practice one can do. You must be wondering “drinking water”? But, yes, drinking 4 litres of water a day can make you healthier than you can ever imagine.

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Now, you may find it difficult in the beginning but you can start from 2 litres a day and slowly reach to 4 litres. And do not forget to take at least two glass of water early morning on vacant stomach; this is yet again one of the best practices you can do with water.

It helps maintain bowel movement, keeps stomach problems at bay, helps lose weight and stubborn belly, increases production of blood and new cells, gives you glowing skin. And yet drinking water throughout the day can also help you remove waste from body, helps carry oxygen and nutrients to cells, helps convert food to energy, keeps heart healthy, purifies kidney, maintains lever health, good for brain and eyes, fights hair fall and so on. There are uncountable benefits of drinking this plain water.

So go ahead and make this your first New Year resolution and see good health coming to you.


  1. Eat at least one fruit daily:

You all must have heard “An Apple a day, keeps doctor away”, yes our ancestors haven’t said such a proverb to increase their sales of apples, but this holds a meaning, a healthy meaning. Apple being one of the richest sources of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals helps meet our body’s nutrient requirements. Here, I have just modified it to instead of apple you can opt for any fruit; may it be orange, watermelon, kiwi, guava or any fruit. All you need to do is eat a fruit daily.

Eating a fruit daily won’t cost you much, but in return it will give you a million benefits. Eating fruits provide our body with the essential nutrients that we don’t get from our daily diet. Either you can take fruit or you can also opt for a glass or two of juice.

It can help you get rid of many health problems including heart problems, stomach problems, obesityrespiratory problems, and even if you don’t have any such problems then it won’t let these problems come to you. It will give you healthier body with more glowing skinstronger and shinning hair. It will give you all that you are missing in your health.

Being one of the easiest of the mentioned resolutions this one is I guess the easiest so say yes to eating a fruit and make 2021 a better year to live healthier. So with this getting added to the list of Healthy New Year Resolutions, we have started feeling healthy already.


  1. Say no to smoking:

It’s been a lot of eating and drinking; now coming to some bad habits which I think you should leave. Smoking… if you don’t smoke then it’s very good, but if you do then it’s really a worst thing you can do to yourself. You might be wondering about the same that I will leave smoking this year but not getting enough strength? So, go ahead and say No to your habit of smoking. I know it’s a bit hard when it has become a drug for you, your habit, but trust me it’s really not at all good for you, not even 1%.

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You might not be fully aware about the harmful effects of smoking, if you’ll know; you yourself won’t ever dare to touch that cigarette again. The effects of smoking are serious. It causes nearly one of every five deaths in the world each year. It harms nearly every organ of the body. Starting from your mouth or your hair to the tip of your toe, it affects each part of your body.

Risk of Smoking

It increases the risk of cancer, it is a possible reason of heart attack as it blocks the arteries, it may cause heart related chest painhigh blood pressure, it highly affects your lungs by shortening their capacity to shrink and expand and overall reduces the intake of oxygen, hence it is linked to various respiratory problems like asthma, tuberculosis and pneumonia, it is also found that it reduces the vision ability and causes a lot more eye problems. And this is not it, the list is ever lasting.

So, make efforts, take help from the natural remedies that helps leave smoking – “8 Ways On, Smoking Cravings Gone” and move ahead in life this year leaving smoking and health problems behind. So Say No to Smoking and make this part of your Healthy New Year Resolutions.

New Year Resolutions 2017
New Year Resolutions 2021
  1. Practice yoga:

One of the Best Healthy New Year Resolutions you can take is, starting Yoga, a physical and mental practice that originated in India is now worldwide known and has been given international standard by the United Nation General Assembly and June 21 is declared as international yoga day. If you have done yoga before then you must know that how yoga is different from anything in the world; a sense of satisfaction that it gives, it cannot be put into words.

It gives mental peace and inner satisfaction, reducing the stress.

It also promotes memory concentrationpositive attitudefeeling of wellnessincreases flexibilitystrength and stamina.

It could be your weapon to fight against depression as it reduces tension, stress and tension in muscles.

It is found that it also reduces blood sugarcholesterol levelblood pressure and increased weight.

So, if you don’t want to go out and run, then you can opt for yoga and this is not a rule that if you are doing jogging then you can’t do yoga, in fact, yoga after jogging/walking is the perfect combination to maintain a total well-being. If you are worried about hoe to perform yoga then you can refer to the videos that I have specially availed for you on my website. So make yoga a routine activity and enjoy a healthier and satisfactory life ahead.


  1. Minimize consumption of market food:

Leaving cigarette could be an easier task for some people but market food is something that most of us relies on. No surprises as this was the case with me also if we go a few years back but as I begin my health oriented approach first thing that I did was to minimize outside food.

No doubt it’s always easy to grab a cooked meal from outside rather than going home after a hectic day and cooking (case may be different for many of you), but saying no to outside food is a real yes to your health. It tastes tempting because they prepare food using extra spices, the one’s which are not required at all and are not good for health, use substandard quality of oils and spices, which definitely takes a toll on our health.

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But yet, if you manage to get good quality food then the amount of cheese, oil and spices you’ll consume will definitely take a toll. It ends up making you obese, may make you allergic, slows down the nervous system, may make you diabetic, may lead to insomnia and several heart related diseases and once you’ll get use to the taste then you won’t like a simple less spicy food without much of oil.

Minimize to minimum

Here I am not saying you to totally boycott outside food, take it, its life, we are here to enjoy, but try and minimize it to minimum. A recent study has shown that more and more of the celebrities like to eat homemade food even if they are out of their place because their nutritionists don’t allow them that, moreover they are aware of the studies that have shown that those who prefer and eat home cooked food lead a healthier and longer life.

So, give your life a boost with the home cooked food and stay healthy. Say yes to outside food just for occasional purpose and not a frequent deal. Lets make this part of Healthy New Year Resolutions and avoid jun food that can degrade your health from inside as well as outside.


These are the six Healthy New Year Resolutions that I have come up with, especially for all my readers. I assure you even if you take just two out of these six; you yourself will feel the difference and will opt for all six. And don’t just keep these resolutions to yourselves, ask your friends and family members also and feel the difference in an ordinary/healthy and a really healthy life.

And don’t forget to comment if you really feel the difference. 


Practice Healthy…!! Stay Healthy…!!

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