Tara Stiles Fitness Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Last Updated on August 18th, 2020

Tara Stiles is an American former model, actress and yoga instructor. She is also the founder of the successful Strala Yoga in New York and is the author of several books, such as her bestselling book “Slim Calm Sexy“, and more recently, “Guiding Strala: The Yoga Training Manual” among others.


Tara was brought up, with her elder brother on a farm in Morris, Illinois, USA. It was when she began studying dance in Chicago, that one of her acquaintances introduced her to yoga, something that would impact her life greatly. Eventually, she while pursuing modelling, she received an assignment from her agency to make promotional videos on yoga.

tara stiles yoga fitness tips
tara stiles yoga fitness tips

Tara ended up taking a 200-hour course and becoming a certified yoga instructor. She then began attracting her students, one of the first yoga instructors to ever do so. Eventually, she decided to open her own yoga studio in New York City, with the aim of making yoga more accessible for all. Rather than focusing on the spiritual and traditional aspects of yoga, Tara focuses on its physical aspects, which has drawn a lot of flak for her from the yoga community. Yet, she and Strala have certainly been a success story, with Harvard including a case study on her in one of their courses.


Her success led Tara to work on expanding Strala, which now enjoys a global presence. Her successful partnerships with CMG, Paris and Millennium Partners Sports Club have given Strala a great boost. Tara continues to expand and open yoga studios all across. She also continues posting videos and has over 20 million views on her videos. Moreover, she has written for Women’s Health and The Huffington Post and has been featured in “W”,”Men’s Health”,”Yoga Journal” and “Marie Claire” among numerous others. Tara has been roped in for ads and commercials by top brands such as Reebok, Nike, Target, GAP, Avon as well as Nike.

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beauty tips and yoga tips tara stiles
beauty tips and yoga tips tara stiles

In addition, Tara has also partnered up with Reebok and together they have launched the Reebok Yoga line. She has also been roped in by several agencies to star in the hit DVD series, “This is Yoga” and on documentaries pertaining to yoga. Some of her famous students include Deepak Chopra and Jane Fonda among others. Tara also starred in her show, “Yoga Rebel“. She is happily married to Michael Taylor and the couple have a beautiful baby daughter.


Tara has brought in an unconventional form of yoga in the fitness world and has undoubtedly carved quite a niche for herself. After suffering a traumatic incident in her youth, she found solace in yoga. Read on to know more about how she manages to maintain her fitness and how yoga, as well as her diet plan, plays such a crucial role in it.


Tara Stiles Workout Plan


On most days home, Tara heads down to her studio in New York City and teaches at least one class, post which she stays back to practice for some time. However, she tries not to put in an obligation on herself to practice for a certain amount of time. Rather, she tries to fit in as much yoga as she possibly can, given her schedule.

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yoga cow pose by tara stiles fitness trainer
yoga cow pose by tara stiles fitness trainer

At home too, she has a huge space where she loves to take up the studio. She put on her favourite music and simply enjoy her yoga sessions. While she is travelling, however, she tries squeezing in at least 20 minutes of yoga practice with herself, apart from the videos shootings and training sessions she conducts. All in all, Tara tries to fit in as much as she can. This Yoga practice helps her, as the energy boost and positivity she gets from doing yoga, is incredible. Apart from yoga, she also enjoys workouts and exercises that are far away from the gym. Hiking and snowboarding are just two of the several activities she enjoys.


Tara Stiles Diet Plan


When she was merely 17, Tara was raped in her own dorm room. In the aftermath of this traumatic incident, ensued an eating disorder which plagued her for long. It was only once yoga became an integral part of her healing process, that Tara began approaching food and nutrition in a positive manner.

tara stiles food and diet plan

So now, Tara focuses on eating food that makes her feel healthy and good about herself. Rather than following a stringent diet or attain a particular shape, the yogi moderates her diet. She does that with a lot of healthy foods and that occasional indulgence in her favourite foods. She especially enjoys cooking and baking, as it de-stresses and relaxes her mind, making her feel better.

Tara eats foods that are both healthy, nourishing. That provide her with enough energy to go about her extremely hectic day. Post and during her pregnancy, Tara began eating healthier than before and now the yoga rebel starts her day healthy, with a protein smoothie or a green juice and then keeps having regular meals. Steamed veggies, quinoa, fresh salads, scrambled eggs etc. make frequent appearances in her diet plan.

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And yet, pasta, pizzas, ice creams and chocolates are most certainly on the menu, but occasionally. As long as you feel good about your body, there really isn’t any need to restrict yourself. You can have anything and no need to stop yourself from having foods that you love!


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