Tea Vs Coffee , Which is a Healthy Option for You

Last Updated on January 23rd, 2021

I would like to have a cup of…..?? Tea or Coffee?? Still confused?? Which one to go with?? An age-old question is still a question. But this question I guess is not that hard to crack. There are different perspectives to look at this question; one may be looking this question from breakfast meal or as a first thing on to take on bed; point of view where one is in need of something that revitalizes energy and keeps that lethargic feeling to stay in bed away & get a jump start to the day and others may be looking for a safe alternative that they can have all day long in offices over and time again that can help keep them active and boosts energy.

tea or coffee which is better
tea or coffee which is better for health

Both coffee and tea are the drinks that are being taken from ages and both have loads of redeemable qualities, but some people consider coffee is healthy and is better over other drinks while others believe nothing can replace tea as their everyday and anytime drink. Both coffee and tea have a number of health benefits which makes them perfect drink but the cons are also associated with them.

So, before coming to any conclusion I think we must first know the prone and cons of both coffee and tea. First let’s start with tea.


Positive and Negative Effects of Drinking Tea

  • Tea is known for the antioxidant content it contains. Antioxidants in the tea are really good for health; they fight the free radicals present in body that are responsible for a number of diseases including many serious problems like cancer and tumors. Thus, tea acts as a natural immunity booster.
  • Tea contains something you might not be knowing catechins. These catechins have been found to improve bone density; it makes bones stronger and is even linked to lower the incidents of osteoporosis. These same catechins are also linked to better muscle endurance.
  • Tea also contain a good amount of fluroid, which is further related to strengthening of teeth, hence it is also good for oral health.
  • Tea actually perks up the brain with four stimulants it contains and is linked to stress relief by lowering cortisol levels also.
  • How can we forget the flavonoid content present in tea. Regularly drinking tea can help reduce your body’s cholesterol levels, relax your blood vessels and impede the formation of blood clots because of the flavonoid content present in tea. Drinking excess of three cups of tea can also reduce your risk for stroke by more than 20%.
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green herbal tea health benefits
green herbal tea health benefits

So withstanding all these benefits, tea is good for you, apparently. How about coffee? Don’t hurry up and take your decisions, let’s have a look at the benefits of coffee also.


Drinking Coffee Benefits

  • Studies have found that, drinking coffee lowers the incidence of diabetes Type 2 by 35%
  • Coffee is famous for its caffeine content. Caffeine is associated with enhanced alertness, increased productivity and concentration.
  • Coffee is also known to provide some essential nutrients: B vitamins, manganese, magnesium, and potassium. Though these are present in very little quantity but yet, something is always better than nothing, hence helps maintaining essential nutrient content in body.
  • Coffee also helps to prevent Alzheimer’s, cirrhosis, and depression.
  • Various studies have also found that coffee offers a level of protection from some cancers (including breast cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer and skin cancer).
  • Coffee also contains antioxidants, but in less quantity as compared to tea, hence it also boosts immunity.
  • It is also found that coffee may help protect your liver from disease.
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So? What’s up with the answer to your question now?? Even more confused now? Keep thinking and keep reading, you may soon find the answer. Now let’s have a look at the cons that coffee also brings  with it.

tea or coffee to cure headache
tea or coffee to cure headache

Coffee and its Effects

  • More intake of coffee may cause insomnia, headache, nervousness, stomach upset, faster heartbeat, and muscle tremors in some people.
  • Coffee consumption has been linked, over time, with lowering bone density, which could lead to osteoporosis.
  • Unfiltered coffee (espresso, cappuccino, French press coffee) can lead to higher levels of LDL, the “bad” cholesterol.  Filtered coffee does not seem to have this effect.
  • Another serious problem linked with coffee is the production of HCl. If taken on empty stomach, coffee leads to the production of HCl, which is required for digestion purpose, hence to compensate proteins pass too quickly into intestine affecting the consumption of iron in stomach and kidney.


These are the issues that could be faced if coffee is consumed improperly. On the other hand when compared to coffee, tea is not that much injurious for health, it has its own cons like it can be linked to digestive problems, kidney stone and osteofluorosis; but if and only if it is taken in really large quantity, and in old age.


Concluding Thoughts

So, I think we have our answer with us now. Tea has a hand over coffee, if seen overall. But what would I recommend here is, if you are looking for something to be taken in morning meal before start for your work then you should go for coffee because coffee delivers bigger burst of energy than tea. And if you want a drink that you can consume like 3 – 4 times without any fear throughout the day then definitely tea is made for you. And if you are worried about all the disadvantages coffee offers for health, then you must note that these are there if and only of coffee is consumed in very large quantities. Moreover, it will also give you a change in taste; drinking same drink every time may make tea a bore and we also can not ignore the benefits that coffee offers.

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Here you must note that these benefits are for coffee and tea and not the sugar you induce into it. So, try and take minimum of sugar into these drinks, these have enough to make you feel fresh again.


Have Knowledge…!! Stay Healthy…!!

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