The Man’s Guide to Testosterone

What makes you a man? The idea of manhood is debated across society, but medically speaking, it really just comes down to a complicated hormone: testosterone. While all genders have this hormone, males are the ones that have it as their dominant and defining hormone.


Men, Do You Really Understand Testosterone?

You might associate testosterone as being related to bodybuilders and gym rats with massive amounts of muscle. If you’re considerably more meek than this and not really into sports or athletics at all, then you might think you don’t have or even need a lot of testosterone. That’s simply untrue. While it does play a role in muscle development, it does so much more.

Hormone Testosterone does many things for men, including optimizing sexual performance, impacting your psychology, determining your reproduction, and even controlling a great deal of your personal behavior. When you secrete testosterone normally, then you are a healthy and typical guy. However, if you are lacking in it, then nearly every aspect of your health winds up suffering.


sexual health problems
sexual health problems

Hormone Testosterone: What Is It?

Testosterone is a hormone, but for men, it’s the MVP of their entire hormonal team.

It doesn’t just impact fertility, as it also has an influence on wellness, muscular strength, thick bones, libido, and energy levels. Your testosterone will probably start dipping in your 40s, but unless you suffer a dramatic decline suddenly you might not need treatment.

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Fortunately, treatment is available. The younger you happen to be, the easier the fix is, but there are options at all ages.


Impacts of Testosterone in Men

As a hormone, testosterone has many responsibilities. These are three, in particular, you should know about:

  1. Body Building: Whether you want to bulk up like a wrestler or not, testosterone is responsible for building up your body. From your biggest muscles down to your tiniest cells, testosterone determines your physical density. Healthy levels of T mean a healthy body, but it can be overdone. Bodybuilders who go crazy with supplementation deflate their own testes, risking infertility and wrecking their own ability to produce testosterone.
  2. Libido: Ever wonder what makes you ready for sex in the morning? It’s testosterone. Sexual dysfunction and loss of libido can result from low T, and without correction, your romantic relationships and quality of life can suffer.
  3. General Health and Wellness: Hormone Testosterone has symbiotic relationships with many other things in your body, including insulin and neurotransmitters that make you happy. Low T can mean anything from diabetes to depression. There can be risks involved with hormonal therapy, but the risks of doing nothing about low T can be even greater.


sexual health issues like Erectile Dysfunction
sexual health issues like Erectile Dysfunction

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

A simple blood test prescribed by your doctor can diagnose low levels of hormone testosterone. How do you know to ask for one, though? Watch out for certain warning signs.

Difficulty in getting an erection is a common early indicator. So is having trouble sustaining an erection.

Loss of libido can also manifest as loss of your morning erections. Depression and weight gain are also potential symptoms. In bad cases, you might not be able to grow a beard anymore and your legs might lose their hair.

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Don’t let fear of embarrassment keep you from talking to your doctor about this.


Should You Take Testosterone Supplements?

Restoring your T levels to normal is ideal for your health, but how you get there can be tricky. If your doctor diagnoses a significant deficiency, then they might prescribe supplements in the form of “testosterone therapy”.

The process of recovery can take time. Libido should improve pretty quickly, but metabolism might need more time. Weight loss and insulin resistance can take up to a year to happen. Still, you’ll restore your physical masculinity over time as long as you are monitored and guided by a physician.

Supplementation can happen with daily applications of a gel or an occasional injection at your doctor’s office or home. Yes, your home! It is very common for your testosterone therapy treatment to be delivered discreetly to your home or office for administration at your convenience. 


Levels of testosterone
Levels of testosterone

Restoring Testosterone Naturally

Physician-prescribed medications aren’t your only option. Eat clean, get some exercise, don’t do drugs, cut back on your drinking, and start adding hot spices to your diet. Spicy foods aren’t proven to work in restoring testosterone completely yet, but the heat they bring seems to get your body revved up like it used to be. In fact, there are many ways you can help improve your chances of increased testosterone just with diet changes alone.           


Speak with Your Physician

If you believe that low testosterone is negatively affecting your life, speak with your physician to discuss your options. In many cases, men over the age of 35 do have diminished levels of hormone testosterone. While it’s completely natural, you shouldn’t have to live with the daily impact of low-T. 

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Need help finding a physician that works exclusively to help men with hormone issues? Visit Ehormones MD to find a local physician that treats low testosterone.

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