Is your Toothpaste Safe? Check if it Contains These 5 Harmful Ingredients

Last Updated on December 2nd, 2020

Do you often feel confused while selecting a perfect tooth paste that fits the requirement of all your family members? But, in this race of finding the right product I am sure you don’t want your family to brush with pesticide type chemicals that may cause life threatening diseases like cancer. But, certainly you are doing this unknowingly (don’t believe me? Keep reading).

Toothpaste has changed a lot over generations, I remember earlier toothpaste use to come in powder form, then it started coming in cream form and today these are even available as gel. With the advancement, they have only been able to change the looks, but modern toothpastes (Colgate, Pepsodent & Close Up) coming in market today contain harsh chemicals that would give you a fresh and cleansed feeling but the truth is not the same as you feel.


Jaw droping facts about your toothpaste
Jaw dropping facts about your toothpaste


Toothpaste sellers these days are coming up with new-new marketing strategies and play with human psychology to grab their attention and make people use their products. They hardly care about the health of consumer in the pace to grab market and earn more money & as a result they end up using harsh and dangerous chemicals for fast cleaning and give you whiter teeth. To better understand this you need to know what your mouth requires and what these companies are giving in their products.

Let’s have a closer look at the ingredients of these modern toothpastes and understand the technical know-how of these ingredients:


  1. Fluoride:

The first and foremost ingredient which is present in each of the modern toothpaste is fluoride. No doubt, fluoride is required by our teeth; since it makes teeth stronger. But it has got nothing to do with cleaning of teeth or any sort of oral cleansing, so even a small amount can fulfill the requirement. But, these companies, they supply comparatively a large amount of fluoride in toothpaste. You may also check this in the ingredients of toothpaste and you may also check how harmful could fluoride be if taken in excess. It may cause permanent discoloration of teeth, rashes on skin, misbalancing glucose metabolism, number of stomach ailments and a lot more.

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Toxins in toothpaste
Toxins in toothpaste


  1. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS):

The next is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). This is how psychology comes into action, we people believe that the more the foam toothpaste produces, better is its cleansing power. Isn’t it?? But, this is not the truth, the cleaning action is not dependent upon the foam produced. But companies today put in more and more of ingredients that produce foam so that consumer remains satisfied with the product. And excess of such foam causing ingredients; sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) can become a cause of a number of health ailments starting from headache, color blindness and ever brain tumor.


  1. Silica:

Then comes silica. Almost all modern day toothpastes use hydrated silica for the purpose of polishing teeth. The more these toothpaste brands who advertise – “get whiter teeth in 7 days or may be just 2 days”, they use more quantity of silica in the toothpaste. This silica is actually used as the cleaning agent here to give you whiter teeth. It may give you whiter teeth and remove tartar but when your teeth gets rubbed with a rough material such as hydrated silica it causes damage to enamel and may hinder the process of re-mineralization. And not just this, it may also change the pH balance of mouth, tongue and gums which again could be very harmful for you and your overall health.

In fact, not so white teeth of yours are zero harm in front of what the white teeth from these chemicals which you might get may cause.

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Harmful Toothpastes
Harmful Toothpastes


  1. Tetra Sodium Pyrophosphate:

Next in the list is tetra sodium pyrophosphate. This is basically used to keep tartar away from becoming rigid on certain parts of teeth which are easily attacked by tartar, like the back of lower front teeth. But, the problem here with the substance is that in order to make tetra sodium pyrophosphate work, it is mixed with strong detergents. And this creates high pH inside mouth which again creates a lot of health issues when done on regular basis. And the harm done by this is far more than what tartar could even do.


  1. Triclosan:

And the last is triclosan. Or you may call it a pesticide as well. Yes, many government agencies across the United States and the whole world have inquired and have found that it is neither safe for humans and nor the environment. Due to some of its antibacterial properties, toothpaste companies add it to the toothpastes and are openly selling them by showing a few medical researches done in their labs in favor of these chemicals.

Apart from the above mentioned chemicals, coloring agents/dyes are also added to these toothpastes to make them look really refreshing. And you won’t be surprised anymore to know that those coloring agents can cause behavioral, nervous and other health problems as well.


Concluding Thoughts

If you still don’t believe me, I can show you a jaw dropping reality of toothpastes. Since they are using poisonous ingredients so it is mandatory for them to mention precaution measures. So, lets see in the image below what have they mentioned. I don’t guess I would need to say anything else after that.


Warning on toothpastes
Warning on toothpastes


Everything is in front of your own eyes. Since no body gives a damn to what is written on the back side of the toothpaste, these brands are taking advantage of it, by also mentioning warning; thus they are also clear in front of law. It’s we, who are not acting against this. 

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After showing you all these results I don’t want you to never brush your teeth again with toothpaste. I just want you to be a better judge while deciding which toothpaste is good for you and which one is not. Just for your reference I personally along with my team have done a thorough research on all the toothpaste brands and have come up with a list of toothpastes which are totally safe and effective for all the oral problems (including getting whiter teeth) and I have written it in a separate article explaining each product ingredients and their safety on kids, adults and everyone. You may checkout here – Top 5 Natural Toothpaste for Oral Dental Health; Safe for You & Your Kids


Stay Aware…!! Stay Safe…!!

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