Top 6 Vitamins And Minerals to Boost Your Energy

Last Updated on September 27th, 2022

Vitamins and minerals play many essential roles in the proper functioning of the body. Among these bodily functions include the generation of energy. Vitamins and minerals are required in trace amounts for the processes involved in generating energy. Therefore, a vitamin or mineral deficiency may be the reason why you always feel tired and low on energy levels. Thus improving your intake of the essential vitamins and minerals could be vital to boost your energy levels.


What vitamins and minerals can help boost your energy levels

All vitamins and minerals do not serve the same purposes in the body. Some of the vitamins and minerals are specifically important in energy production in the body. The essential minerals are mostly required only in small amounts by the body, and as such, are called trace minerals. Included in these minerals are iron, magnesium, zinc, among others. If you want to learn more about trace minerals,  read here

vitamins and minerals to boost your energy
vitamins and minerals to boost your energy

Building Strength With Iron

Iron is a mineral required in small amounts by the body for energy generation. Iron is a crucial component of hemoglobin, the substance in the blood that carries oxygen around the body. Oxygen, in turn, is involved in the metabolic processes that produce energy from food nutrients. An iron deficiency may lead to some kinds of anemia, with one of the critical symptoms being constant fatigue. If you are interested in improving your iron intake, you could check out various iron supplements available or indulge in foods rich in iron. Foods rich in iron include beans, vegetables like spinach, baked potatoes, etc.

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Maxing Out With Magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral that’s involved importantly in energy production for the body. Indeed one of the first signs of magnesium deficiency in the body is fatigue. Magnesium helps in the formation of ATP, the energy molecule of the body, from food nutrients. It follows, therefore, that a possible solution to your constant fatigue could be improving your intake to optimal levels. If you are interested in enhancing your magnesium intake, you can achieve this by taking magnesium supplements, and also eating food rich in magnesium. These foods include black-eyed peas, almonds, cashew, soy nuts, etc. Additional nutritional supplements, like Multi-GI 5 (you can see Unify Health Labs reviews here), that contain magnesium amongst other ingredients, can also help boost your energy levles. 


food for vitamin and minerals
food for vitamin and minerals

Vitamin B Complex

Members of the vitamin B complex play essential roles in the body production of energy. They are water-soluble and, as such, not stored in the body. They must, therefore, be derived from the diet. It is thus relatively easy to experience a deficiency of these vitamins if your diet does not contain sufficient amounts of them. Among the key symptoms of a lack of B complex vitamins include constant fatigue. A possible solution to always feeling tired might be improving your intake of the B complex vitamins to optimum levels for your body. Members of the B complex of vitamins which are involved in metabolic processes to generate energy include :

  •         Vitamin-B1: found in wheat, pork and sunflower seeds
  •         Vitamin-B2: found in organ meats, beef, mushroom
  •         Vitamin-B3: found in chicken, lentils, and tuna
  •         Vitamin-B5: found in liver, avocado, yogurt, and fish
  •         Vitamin-B6: found in chickpeas and salmon
  •         Vitamin-B7: found in yeast, eggs, cheese, salmon
  •         Vitamin-B9: found in leafy green vegetables, liver
  •         Vitamin-B12: found in meat, eggs and dairy products
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Properly combining these foods into your diet can ensure your body has a stable supply of these essential vitamins. Also, you may try out vitamin supplements to raise your body intake to optimum amounts.

boost your energy with vitamins
boost your energy with vitamins

Zinc to Boost your Energy

Zinc is a vital mineral required by the body in trace amounts. It is vital that your body gets access to adequate amounts of zinc as a deficiency could result in low energy levels manifested as constant fatigue. Foods rich in zinc include meat, shellfish, nuts, eggs, etc. Also, zinc supplement tablets are available to boost the body zinc level where necessary.


Vitamin D is of Immense Importance

Vitamins are an essential factor where energy production by the body is concerned. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the body cells and generate most of the cell’s energy. Vitamin D helps to boost mitochondrial function, among other effects thus helping to boost your energy levels. It can be produced by heat energy from sunlight on the skin. More so, some foods contain vitamin D, including fish, liver oil, egg yolk, and many others. Vitamin D supplements are also available if required.



Calcium is Good for the Muscles

Minerals – Calcium is essential for the muscular contraction to do work. Beyond that, calcium also plays a crucial role in cellular processes regulating energy functions. Calcium is essential for the proper functioning of several other nutrients involved in energy production, such as B complex vitamins, etc. Foods rich in calcium include milk, soya beans, nuts, bones, etc. Calcium supplements are also an intake boosting option.

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Energy is vital for many of our bodily functions. Some vitamins and minerals are essential for energy building in the body, with six of the most important explored in the article above. These vitamins and minerals can be consumed for the body’s use by either ingesting foods containing them or taking vitamins and minerals supplements.


Stay Healthy Stay Energetic

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