Top Health Benefits of Eating Guava on Skin, Body and during Pregnancy; Nutritional Tips

Guava, commonly known as ‘Amrud’ in Asia is a very famous tropical fruit.

Once somebody brings Guava at home from grocery, it’s very hard to neglect the fact that ‘Guava’ is in home. Its strong aroma forces us to pack it in multiple layers of polythene before storing it in the refrigerator or end up everything smelling of Guava.

It’s hard texture and seeds make it impossible for elderly people to eat guava. We usually enjoy a plate full of guava sprinkled with salt and lemon/chat masala.

Besides a mouth watering treat Guava also has various health benefits. This simple fruit is known to cure many diseases. Even the leaves of this plant have medicinal properties and are actually used to make medicines.


Health Benfits of eating Guava
Health Benfits of eating Guava



Now let’s go a bit further and find out the exact nutritional facts about this aromatic fruit.

A medium sized guava contains lots of vitamin C. It is hard to believe but in fact, it has double the vitamin C when compared to an orange. Also, Guava contains lots of dietary fiber.

They are rich in sugar. Proteins are also found in guava.

Essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium are found in abundance. You can also find iron, manganese, sodium, and zinc. 

It also supplies Vitamin A, vitamin K, and folic acid.


 After learning about the nutrition present in Guava lets straight head towards the health benefits we can acquire consuming this fruit.


  1. Maintains Heart Health

Guavas being rich in sodium and potassium helps maintain minerals optimum levels in the body. They are excellent in improving blood pressure and thereby solve the problem of hypertension.

They even help maintain the cholesterol level of people by lowering the level of bad cholesterol. Thereby giving a healthy heart and body.


  1. Prevents Cancer

It is an excellent cure for cancer patients. Guava contains very effective antioxidant known as Lycopene. It slows down the growth of breast and prostate cancers.

Eating source of Lycopene on daily basis even helps in outnumbering any future cancers and tumors.


  1. Protects Eyes

Studies have shown possible impact of eating guava on eyes.  It helps prevent cataract development and growth.

It is also known to improve the overall health of eyes by providing it with essential nutrients because of vitamin A present in the fruit. The juice of this fruit is also known to benefit age related muscular degeneration that is found typically in elderly people.


  1. Helps in Diabetes

Since guava contains a high amount of dietary fiber it tends to helps patients with the diabetic problem. The dietary fiber helps check the absorption of sugar by the body which in turn regulates normal body functioning. It is essentially known to provide benefit to people who suffer from type 2 diabetes.

Naturally, if you are consuming Guava on a daily basis then the problem never arises.


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Guava for beautiful Skin
Guava for beautiful Skin


  1. Skin Care

After reading this you will stop investing your hard earned money in those useless high-end beauty products.

Guavas are rich in astringent which help to cleanse and purify skin from any dirt and death skin.

It also has the property of skin tightening and fighting wrinkles. The Juice of Guava when applied to the affected areas help improve premature aging, skin texture or any other dermal disorders.

It leaves your skin supple and glowing. An easy and effective home remedy for fighting those nasty wrinkles. Immediately switch your skin care regime.


  1. Cure Cough and Cold

Being a rich source of vitamin C Guavas are best to cure a cough and cold suffered by a person. But always remember do not use ripe Guava when you suffer from a cough and cold. Instead, use unripe and immature guavas for this process.


  1. Dental Care

Another amazing and magical effect of eating guava is related to the oral health. It has been found that guava could help in a number of oral problems. The juice of Guava is said to cure many tooth related problems such as toothaches, swollen gums, and oral ulcer.


  1. Constipation

Yes! Being highly rich in dietary fiber Guava helps relieves constipation and symptoms associated with it. The laxative property of guava makes it easy to digest and help improves the bowel movement of the person.


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Guava During Pregnancy
Guava During Pregnancy



A number of studies have been done on this particular point to verify is it safe to eat guava during pregnancy, so the outcomes are a mix of yes and no. Yes because guava is very good source of nutrients and women may often get cravings for guava, so it becomes an easy source of supply of nutrients specially iron. And no because one may eat more number of guavas in one go, which is not recommended because of it may cause constipation to pregnant women if they do not remove the peel.

So, our recommendation on this is, if you want to eat you may eat, but remove the peel and eat just one at a time. This way you will be able to ripe the benefits as well and satisfy your cravings also.



Now the question arises in your mind whether it is safe to consume seeds or not then we assure you to go ahead and enjoy the whole relish Guava.

Most of the fiber in the fruit is stored in its seeds. Some people even intentionally eat seed because of its high fiber. So, don’t worry, next time before you eat a guava.


Before we end here is a word of caution – do not eat guava on an empty stomach, it may cause stomach ache. And whenever you have cravings for guava, eat 1 or 2 guava in a day, because eating more number of guava at a time may cause stomach ache. All this is because, since it is very hard, our digestive system needs time to break it and digest it. But besides these two cautions you may enjoy eating guava without any problem.

It’s hard not to eat this fruit after knowing so much about it.

 So, go ahead and grab a plateful of Guava or enjoy whichever way you like. It’s guilt free, simple and easy.

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