Top Health Bloggers and Blogs in India to Explore Fitness

Last Updated on July 1st, 2020

India is home to many bloggers and health experts. Combining these we have health bloggers who constantly update you with latest Health advancements or health related news that can help you stay fit and fine over the coming years.

With Increasing population and pollution of course we are moving towards the era where staying healthy becomes one of the most important and critical task of life.

Health is a resource, that once lost is really difficult to gain back.


fitness excercise for females
fitness excercise for females


A theory States that “Nature evolves on the basic idea of Survival of the Fittest”. So to survive till last you have to be fit and healthy not only physically but also mentally. We have already started sharing many such health tips on our blog that will help keep your body fit in order to make sure that you stay healthy. You can start your health journey from here:-  Health Tips, Body Health, Fitness.

We have some really “Short Notes” on health guide that you can check out here:- Smart Health Guide


What Else We Share Here

you are stronger than you think
you are stronger than you think

Apart from these there are many Body related health tips that will help you know about your body. We share the Natural Remedies only so that we can avoid the harmful side effects of chemicals used in medicines. But sometimes Medicines are the only source of fighting health problems; there we suggest consulting a doctor and getting a body check-up.

What if it is a common health issue that can be dealt with home remedies or can be treated with simple exercise or yoga practice; there you would surely want to grab those best health tips that can be followed at home.

Since they are natural, they have better chance of making you fit.

India is a country where the AyurVedic treatment was started first in the history and our ancestors were the first who performed many critical operations. They successfully did many medical treatments just with the help of natural herbs, sherbs and liquids like rose water or honey. But later we started taking things from external trade that showed good early response on our illness but they were having many “over the period” bad health effects.

So why can’t we still have the natural medic care for our body health that ensures that there will be no side effects and also we will gain lot more things in terms of good health.


top best indian health blogs
top10 best indian health blogs


To encourage this we have started this website where we talk about

pain is weakness leaving the body
pain is weakness leaving the body
  • How to have Natural Care for your body
  • Best Ways to treat health issues with best Home Remedies
  • How to keep your body fit with Yoga and exercise.
  • How can natural fruits and vegetables keep you healthy
  • What are the causes of illness?
  • What you should do to stay healthy
  • And many more things


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There are many other good Health Blogs that you can refer to. To make your task easier we have come up with a list of top Health bloggers in India that are trying to make the society healthy by giving best health tips and guide.


be the best version of you
be the best version of you

About the List Here

The List contains only the Indian Health bloggers so you will have a good chance of communicating with them on any health issues and seek their help or guidance. The list is ranked after taking into consideration many factors and parameters like alexa ranking, their front end looks, their content management, their blog url, and the fact that how easily you can approach them.  

The list of Top health bloggers was made after taking into consideration more than 700 health blogs in India and we tried to have the best for you.


medictips top health bloggers list
Medictips top health bloggers list


If you think that there is something that is missing or someone is not on the list then please let us know. We will make sure that his/her blog is taken into consideration in the next update.

We hope this list of top health bloggers will help you in coming across some good health tips from these expert health bloggers and will certainly give you the best natural solution to your health problems.

Some Top Health blogger in the list blog about healthy food, some blog about yoga and exercise, while some blog about health tips and home remedies. We tried to have diversity in the blogs so you can check which blogger blogs about which health domain.

So let’s check out these Top Health Bloggers and their blogs to know more about them.


kishor kumar health blogger
kishor kumar health blogger


Blogger:-Kishor Kumar

Short bio: 

Kishor Kr. is a blogger, writer, entrepreneur, enthusiast learner, and occasional web designer. He is founder of ‘Zigreads’ and ‘Zigverve’. He is also the owner of ‘Pastel Red Clothing’


About website/blog: 

Zigverve brings you the latest and accurate information related to various lifestyle topics. From kishor “Our aim is to improve your life, enhance your style and take you closer to perfection.”



priyanka health blogger
priyanka health blogger


Blogger:- Priyanka Mallu

 Short bio: 

Priyanka is a passionate blogger from Bangalore, but holds an engineering degree. She loves writing, sharing stories and experiences. Priyanka considers this blog to be the best decision of her life. She is a animal lover and would like to start a blog for animals.

About website/blog: 

Diva Journals is primarily a blog about Health & Wellness with interactive forum. “Diva” derived from the word divismo meaning star hence the name. She is also writing about various product reviews and health tips and tricks.



tarun preet health blogger
tarun preet health blogger


Blogger:-Tarun Preet

Short bio: 

Tarun Preet is the co-owner of Indian Weight Loss Blog (IWB) – She is an MBA graduate by education, a consultant by profession and a blogger by passion. She is a foodie who believes food thy medicine. Swimming, HIIT and weight training are her favourite workouts. 

From Tarun “I started IWB 2.5 years back when I was gaining weight heavily due to thyroid. I left no stone unturned and wasted tons of money to get back to my normal weight. I realised that there are millions of people like me who are struggling with health issues who give up hope of a healthy life”.
About website/blog: 

IWB is a platform to reach those millions of people and bring a bit of differnce in their lives! IWB started as a weight loss blog, but now covers health, fitness, weight loss, weight gain and all lifestyle issues. 



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tarun pahwa health blogger
tarun pahwa health blogger


Blogger:- Tarun & Samar Pahwa from New Delhi

Short bio: 

Samar Pahwa has been pro-actively engaged in the Internet Marketing since 6 years. After providing service to the SMEs, large corporate houses and having worked successfully with leading Indian & US portals such as Gaadi, Goibibo, Getit (now Askme), Missmalini and SEO agencies in India and US, he is now full time associated with Blogging Studio. He has been working as chief blogger of the network. 

About website/blog: is the part of Blogging Studio. This blog has been setup with the vision of providing right in-depth health information.


payal bansal health blogger
payal bansal health blogger


Blogger:- Payal Bansal

Short bio: 

From Payal “Hi, I am Payal Bansal, full time Home Maker and Blogger by passion. My love for reading and writing brought me to this beautiful world of Blogging. Staying close to my family and responsibilities, the self satisfaction of pursuing my passion gives me immense pleasure. My whole family is proud of me and supports me in my passion which makes blogging all the more interesting. 
I have done masters in English and a few course in nutrition & health and psychology. My educational background and my keen interest of reading & writing, is the backbone of my blog’s articles and helps me keep moving ahead. Hope you all like my blog- Trends and Health.

About website/blog: 

Trends and Health is a contemporary website that caters everything for today’s youth. Health, Nutrition, home remedies, Fashion, cosmetics, Yoga & Meditation, Relationship, Facts and all today’s youth would love to read and explore.



sulav shrestha health blogger
sulav shrestha health blogger


Blogger :- Sujit Shrestha from Delhi


Short bio: 

Dr Sulav is Intern Doctor in KIST Medical College.
Dr Sujit is Doctor and Pediatrician.

About website/blog: 

Established in 2009 with a view to widen the online horizon for Medical students, Doctors and General Health enthusiast has today become popular blog magazine. Medchrome includes articles written by professional health writers and health enthusiasts. A question answer and video sections are available on its subdomains. 



dr lawrence kundu health blogger
dr lawrence kundu health blogger

Blogger:- Dr. Lawrence Kindo

Short bio: 

Dr. Lawrence Kindo, a health care practitioner, an avid reader and blogger. He is a great fan of football and love to write. Preparing himself to help others understand health in a simple but practical way. He own a medical blog, and would love you to read all the wonderful health tips out there.

About website/blog: Medical Island is the home for health freaks and all those interested in getting cool health tips that really work. It is the premier health blog in India with a wide range of articles from serious health articles to rib-tickling, humour-filled articles. More articles to come on medical writing and wonderful ways to earn with your medical writing skills and freelancing. 



neah ghosh health blogger
neah ghosh health blogger

Blogger:- Neha Ghosh

Short bio: 

She is a fitness aficionado, a Certified Nutrition and Diet Therapist and a lover of everything luxurious and calming (meditation, anyone?), she have 10 years of experience in content strategy and web journalism.

From Neha “When I am not reading about the latest fitness and diet trends, I can be found in a cross fit class or practicing yoga.”

About website/blog: 

Put That Cheese Burger Down is a zero bullshit content portal for anyone who wants to, or at least thinking about, getting fit. 


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We end up the list of top health bloggers here and would like to shift your attention now to some small small but really necessary things that will help in making our society healthy and fit.

Our Sincere Thanks

The list of top health bloggers has ranking that is according to the data as per current date of publishing this post. We think that every blog is good and informative in its own way and holds the capability to rank on top and we do not deny from the very fact that there can be a possibility that a blog not listed here might deserve a position here. For that we would request you to share with us the details of that very blog so that we can look into that blog for the ranking.

We would like to thank all those who are listed in the list for their cooperation and sharing information.

crunches for abs for female
crunches for abs for female

Our Vision

The list of top health bloggers will serve as a guide to the people looking for some health details and experiences. A health station where many new health conscious people can actually clear there doubt and look for some awesome health tips, points, solutions, treatments, remedies and deals.

This post will provide them a link to get in touch with such Health blogs that can help them explore more such “Health Tips and Fitness Ideas”

We wanted to create an unbiased, objective list of the Indian Top Health bloggers and their blog. We hope that we accomplished that with great sincerity.


If you are a Health & Fitness blogger from India who thinks he is supposed to be in the list of top health bloggers ranking then please e-mail me your details and we will surely look into your blog and would consider (doesn’t ensure that it will be listed) your blog in the next ranking. Our email id is


Now it is your turn to drop your comments and tell us what you feel about the list and share your thoughts.

If you like the list then subscribe to our newsletter to get notified about more such upcoming list.

Cheers to Health Blogging

Anurag Ajmera

Fitness and Health is an area of my interest. I like to read and write about fitness in my spare time.Looking for Natural Remedies and Healthy Lifestyle.I sometimes also like to write on other blogs like

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