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Started acting career with a superhit movie directed by Karan Johar – “Student of the Year“, Varun Dhawan has become quite a name in Bollywood. Once known as The Chocolate Hero, Varun has changed himself to a handsome hunk from his boy next door avatar. Son of director David Dhawan possess very good acting skills and managed to bag Stardust Award for best actor male in newcomer category in the very beginning of his career for his role in Student of the Year Movie. 


varun dhawan 6 pack abs
varun dhawan 6 pack abs


Born on 24 April 1987, Varun has completed his masters in Business Management from the renowned Nottingham Trent University in the UK. He made his feet strong in Bollywood with his next releases like Main Tera Hero, Badlapur, Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya and a lot more.


varun dhawan muscular body
varun dhawan muscular body

This actor with a sculpted body and perfectly shaped abs has always an ultimate fitness goal in mind when he starts workout every day.

Varun never looked back after coming into the industry and never stopped himself to grow as a fine actor and a fitness enthusiast.

Varun had to work on his physique very hard to achieve that chiseled body to get the roles he did after his first role as a school student.

He got trained under the supervision of Prashant Sawant, his personal fitness trainer to get the brawny body.

As a very good dancer, Varun loves dancing.

As per the actor, dancing is a great form of exercise to keep himself fit and fresh without even knowing that he is exercising.

Let’s take a look at the latest body statistics of Varun Dhawan to know how fit he is today.



Varun Dhawan Body
Varun Dhawan Body

Varun Dhawan’s Body Statistics:


Height: 5’9” or 175 cm


Weight: 78 kg or 171 lbs


Chest: 40 inches


Waist: 32 inches


Biceps: 15 inches


The handsome actor has maintained quite a rough and tough look and gorgeous body continuously for quite some time now.

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Varun had to keep up with a tough exercise routine and a disciplined diet plan.

Let’s have a look at his workout routine, that helped him make those muscles in matter of time.




Varun Dhawan’s Workout Routine:


Varun lost around 20-25 kg of weight before coming into Bollywood. He use to be a fat chubby guy while he was a student, but Bollywood being the industry of glamour, required a hot and fit body. And for that Varun underwent a lot of weight loss trainings and as a result he came out as the handsome hunk.

Varun has a very strict workout plan designed by his fitness trainer which focuses on different body parts and muscles each day.

Varun Dhawan Workout routine
Varun Dhawan Workout routine

He works out at least an hour and a half for six days a week.

He takes rest on Sunday.

As per Varun’s words, Sunday is the “Cheat” day.

He works on the stability, strength, flexibility and balance while working out.

Varun’s workout routine starts with a warm-up, followed by freehand exercises and then body weight training.

He does a lot of Pilates on the alternate days.

Each day his workout is different to keep him motivated. This makes his workout interesting and a level up challenging each day.


By doing Pilates and dancing Varun improves his balance and flexibility.

Other then dancing, he loves doing cycling and swimming for a wholesome fitness of mind, body, and soul.

Varun does not focus only on getting a bulky muscular body, but he wants a completely fit physique with a right balance of mind, contentment, and stability in his life.

He challenges, trains and improves himself according to demand of the roles he gets.


Varun Dhawan gym
Varun Dhawan gym


Let’s checkout his gym routine that he swears by.


Varun Dhawan Gym Workout Routine:


Varun focuses on different body parts daily. His proper gym plan is described below:


Monday – Chest

Varun Dhawan exercise
Varun Dhawan exercise

Barbell Bench Press

Machine Decline Press

Dips For Chest

Bent forward cable crossover


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Tuesday – Shoulders

Arnold Press

Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise

Barbell Rear Delt Row

Standing Military Press


Wednesday – Biceps & Triceps

Barbell Curl

Standing Biceps Cable Curl

Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row

Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Press

Triceps Pushdown


Thursday – Abs

Varun Dhawan gym workout
Varun Dhawan gym workout

Prone Plank

Squat Thrust with Twist

Ballet Twist


Single-Leg Stretch


Friday – Legs & Calf

Front Squat

Olympic Lifts

Bulgarian Split Squat

Leg Press

Calf Anatomy

Seated Calf Raise

Jumping Rope


Saturday – A mix of exercises plus aerobics and yoga


This rigorous workout needs to be essentially followed by a proper diet plan. So lets have a look at what is being served in Varun’s plate.


Varun Dhawan Diet Plan:


Though Varun endorses many junk food items in his movies and ads, but he does not eat them at all.


He keeps his diet simple and yet nutrition rich for maintaining that envious body and glowing skin.

This hunky actor always refrains himself from eating sweets and oily stuff.

A lot of vegetables, fruits, juices, salads, lean meat, and water, of course, is the key for his sexy moves and fitness level.

The actor does not believe in mindless dieting and follows the instruction of dieticians to keep himself away from diseases.

His family has a history of blood sugar and Varun does not want to be a prey of that. So, he keeps his diet sugar free as much as possible. 

He eats fish and lean meat for the source of protein along with some natural sources of protein, which according to him gives best results.

He also add up Omega 3 in diet which helps to build muscle and glamorous skin and hair. 

Let’s us take a look on what Varun Dhawan eats on a usual day.


Varun Dhawan Diet Chart:


Breakfast – Eggs, whole wheat grains and cereals, and a whole sandwich without dressing inside it.

Varun Dhawan six pack abs
Varun Dhawan six pack abs

Lunch– Chapati, small bowl of rice, pulses, vegetables, salad, and chicken.

Evening Snacks – Fruit salad, protein shake or post-workout smoothie.

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Dinner – Fish/Chicken, salad with green veggies and green tea.


Dhawan drinks a lot of water in a day to keep himself hydrated and stay away from fat deposits.


Perfect diet, wholesome workout, and hard work is the key for success to become fit like Varun Dhawan.


If Varun can do it, so why can’t you. You can also loose that belly and make chiseled body like Varun and be the next heartthrob of the nation.


Handsome Varun Dhawan body
Handsome Varun Dhawan body

To know more about Varun Dhawan you may follow him on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram as well.


I would love to hear from you. Do write down in comments section below if you have any query or would like to know something more about Varun Dhawan’s workout, diet or weight loss. And do not forget to share it if you liked it.


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