Vayu Mudra, For Gastric Problems : How To Do It And Health Benefits

Last Updated on September 7th, 2020

We know what yoga is but we certainly are very less aware of the many other distinctive and independent branches of yoga like the mudra vigyan which is also known as the YOG TATVA MUDRA VUGYAN. This branch of yoga is very closely related to the 5 elements of our body that are air, earth, space, water and fire. When we are able to control these 5 elements we can keep our body healthy and fit both from inside as well as outside. Vayu Mudra is one such mudra asana that helps in balancing the air element in the body.

We have different types of mudras that help us/ benefit us in one way or the other. But what is more interesting about these mudras is the fact that they are very easy to practice and they require the involvement of your fingers only. Another greater fact is “They tend to have huge power diversion when practiced”, so they have to be practiced with certain limited duration only.

yoga postures and vayu mudra
yoga postures and vayu mudra

What is Good Health?

As per WHO, good health is not confined to physical health but includes mental and social well being as well. It is not correct to say that a person is healthy if he merely indicates the sign of absence of disease or ailments. Mental health or mental balance is also an important aspect of good health. Mudra science helps in achieving both mental and physical balance and fitness.

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Food is the source of energy for human beings. But what if that food is not digested properly? You might have faced gastric troubles as it is very common these days due to the fast food life we are living. We tend to eat our food quickly and thus we do not break it by chewing it enough that leads to digestive problems. We also tend to eat very spicy food on daily basis which is not best suited for our body. Now another reason is we tend to avoid home-made food or are forced to eat outside fast food which again gives another reason for your gastric problems.

best home remedies for gastric isse
best home remedies for gastric isse

Now gastric problems are not only limited to farting or simply pain in the stomach. It may lead to many other major issues. Chest Pain, mental stress, heart problems, headache or back pain can also be the result of your gastric problem. In fact it causes skin problems also. Poor digestion leads to pimples and acne on your face.

There are many natural ways you can treat yourself for gastric problems or digestive issues like we have discussed here in the below articles that will give you quick help.

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Now we should move to the Mudra vigyan (Vayu Mudra) that also helps us in dealing with gastric issues.

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Why do we have Gastric Problems ?

Gastric trouble is very common these days. The reason can be anything, lack of water or it can also be because of long hours of sitting or travelling or of course, because of over–eating.

Gastric trouble is not just limited to our stomach, but can also cause headaches or back pains and neck pain.

The simple way to understand is, gastric problem occurs due to increase of “air” element, one of the five elements that constitute our body. And wherever this excess air gets filled, whether in head or back-bone joints or chest or anywhere else, makes us feel painful there. So, this small problem has the power to create great pains to us.


Vayu Mudra :- Solution for All Your Gastric Problems

vayu mudra, mudra vigyaan
vayu mudra, mudra vigyaan

This mudra helps in reducing the air(vayu) element in your body. Considering that almost 80% of the body’s aches and pains are due to wind, the practice of this Mudra is a must if you are looking for natural solution to this.

Method: Turn your index finger in a way so as to touch the bottom of your thumb. Apply a little pressure of the thumb upon this finger. Keep the remaining three fingers perfectly straight.

You can refer to the picture to get a clear idea of how to practice this mudra.

Time – Limit: Practice this for 15-20 min daily. If Possible perform this mudra in the early morning hours to get best results.

Precaution: Many experienced doctors say “Stop practicing it when you start feeling that the problem is overcome”.

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Benefits of Vayu Mudra Asana:

  1. Vayu Mudra gives great relief in gastric trouble.
  2. This Mudra is helpful in constipation too.
  3. Vayu Mudra cures ulcer and abdominal pain.
  4. This Mudra increases concentrating power too. The disturbance caused in our body due to excess air element has been removed.
  5. Vayu Mudra pacifies overactive endocrine glands.
  6. Vayu Mudra relaxes tense or spastic muscles.
  7. This mudra soothes strained voice and allows re-hydration of skin and articular cartilage.
  8. Helps in the joint pain if the pain is due to gastric problem.


Caution: Mudra should be stopped when the trouble abates.

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