Vegetarian Workout Diet Plan With High Protein Food For All

Last Updated on July 6th, 2020

It’s a common notion that eggs serves as the best source for protein and you would have usually seen gym freaks rushing towards the snack hut for ordering boiled eggs without yolk and milk! It’s common to hear them taking boiled chicken for a better muscle build up. I wonder how they eat the tasteless chicken everyday! They can definitely opt for vegetarian workout diet plan with high protein food sources.

I don’t know if non-vegetarian protein diet plan eaters would want to follow this, but I am definite that vegetarian readers would love to explore the different alternate available to them for the high protein food and other supplements. It’s always better to go for Vegetarian workout diet plan as its cheap, low on calories, environmental friendly and gives a high quality protein when compared to non vegetarian diet.


protein shake and workout diet plan
protein shake and workout diet plan

Amino acids are the building block of protein. There are some of the proteins that our body can make and some we have to intake. So vegetarian gym enthusiasts, there are plenty of high protein food that you can experiment with.


Let’s explore some High Protein Food – Vegetarian Workout Diet Plan:


Soy is a complete protein solution for the non-meat lover category. It is advised to see the different processed variation available in the market. But “Tofu” is one of the best. You can usually purchase it from a departmental or grocery. It might taste a bit different than Paneer but is a better option than Paneer. It’s important to see the hardness of the tofu chunk; the harder it is the more protein it has.

You can make “Tofu Salad” with small chunks of tofu, boiled beans, salad leaf, tomatoes, cucumber & a sprinkle of salt/pepper.

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Tofu for vegetarian workout diet enthusiasts
Tofu for vegetarian workout diet enthusiasts



Chickpeas and other legumes are another source of high protein food for vegetarian folks. They are low fat carbohydrates, makes them a good snack for hard workout. The best part about chickpea is the Lebanese platter of hummus and pita. It’s fulfilling, tasty for the utmost satisfaction of eating something which is not boring and is high on energy for workout. Don’t forget to include it in your workout diet plan.



A complete vegetarian workout diet plan will include seeds like flax seed, sesame seed, and sunflower seeds. They are packed with necessary protein, fatty acids and fiber. It’s good to take flax seed in the morning with warm water as it will cleanse the stomach. You can add chia seeds to smoothie and it will make a perfect after workout snack.


Chickpea salad for high protein food
Chickpea salad for high protein food



People usually prefer protein while thinking of building a body but vegetable play an important role if blended well with high protein food. Vegetables like spinach, lettuce are rich in iron and vitamins which reduce muscle inflammation and improves muscles concentration. Vegetable like carrot, radish, and cucumber serves as the sources for fiber for stomach health, which help for more sculpted abs.



Nuts like almonds and cashew and pistachios are loaded with protein and fat which makes them a good pre or post workout snacks. At one go you can have 5-6 almonds and 5-6 cashew that is an apt proportion for a healthy snack time.


Banana as gym diet part for vegetarians
Banana as gym diet part for vegetarians



It’s a common notion to see a gym enthusiast to eat banana. Firstly, they are easily accessible; secondly, easy to eat, they make a good escape for not cooking for a bachelor gym enthusiast. Banana is high on potassium which prevents bloating and puffiness. Also help in ease of soreness of muscles due to training. It’s just not banana that can make a good addition, there are other fruits too. You can have berries added to your portions; they add great taste and are high on Vitamin C. You can always add watermelon or muskmelon as they maintain water content in your body.

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Sweet Potato

Like potato, gives you good energy if you start your day with a boiled potato sauté in butter. Sweet potato is also power house carbohydrates that keep you full of energy for that heavy training workout sessions. They are high on dietary fiber, they maintain you digestive system, helps you control your urge to eat unnecessary. They also high on potassium that helps ease muscle cramps.


Fermented Dairy

Fermented dairy such as buttermilk & yogurt gives out more calories than milk. They are high on calories and the presence of probiotics aids digestion. You can have a salted buttermilk or flavored yogurt as pre workout snack.


Cottage cheese for veg gym diet
Cottage cheese for veg gym diet


Full Fat Cottage Cheese

Full fat cottage cheese is the tastiest option available for building body. It improves lean muscle mass. It contains casein, a slow digesting product that causes slow rise in amino acids in blood for a longer period of time. Cottage cheese is loaded with good bacteria that helps in absorbing the nutrients required to build a good body.


Things to keep in mind

  • Taking just the high protein food will not help you build muscles that you require. You need a healthy mix of everything. You can combine cottage cheese with grains or tofu with salads, chickpeas with fresh vegetables.
  • Watch out for deficiencies such as iron, vitamins, zinc. You can always take supplements for them but it’s better to take them in your diet out of vegetables or fruits organically.
  • Opt for “Energy bars” they are a good post workout snack. Look out for calories on the description; you can take up to 230 calories.
  • Adding Protein shake to your diet can make a huge difference. You can take one glass post workout for muscle building.
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Eat Vegetarian , Stay Fit and Healthy !!

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