Virat Kohli Fitness Workout Routine and Diet Plan

The transformation of our Indian Cricket Team Captain, Virat Kohli is huge. Not just did he emerge as one of the amazing cricket players with him mastering and improving his craft every single day, he also has gone through a huge and noticeable transformation when it comes to how he appears. Needless to mention, the journey wasn’t easy and required a whole amount of dedication and effort. Being an inspiration to millions, there are a lot of people who want to know how the draws his fitness routine so they too can follow his footsteps. Hence, if you are one of them, who are looking forward to knowing Virat Kohli fitness routine, you are definitely at the right place.

Virat Kohli is married to famous Anushka Sharma, a fitness enthusiast herself and tries to maintain good figure and health by doing some great workout. She also follows a well-prepared diet plan to maintain proper body weight and that sexy figure that everyone admires on screen in bollywood. 

virat kohli and anushka sharma fitness
virat kohli and anushka sharma fitness


Virat Kohli Body Stats

Indian Cricket Team player,Virat has worked on his body fitness and body shape to attain the physique that is admired by many cricketers. His Workout has always been focused on maintaining a good body shape along with staying active and energetic. His workout routine is more focused towards gaining more stamina and endurance to stand against different teams on ground and score for his country (INDIA). 

virat kohli fitness routine
virat kohli fitness routine

Age: 29 Years

Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches (1.75 m / 175cm)

Chest: 40 inches

Weight: 72 Kg

Waist: 30 inches

Biceps: 14 inches

Eye colour: Black

Hair colour: Black

Shoe size: 10 inches


Read below to know in detail the complete fitness regime of Virat Kohli and Virat Kohli diet plan.

Virat Kohli Fitness Routine

The profession of Virat Kohli requires him to be fit and proper. Hence, he has to maintain a good lifestyle where cheating is just not allowed. However, are you aware that too was once chubby and had all unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle? But all that changed when he decided to do so. What was required was dedication and focus.

virat kohli fitness workout at home
virat kohli fitness workout at home

Hence, here are some of the many exercises that Virat Kohli does.


In case you have fat stored in your body and are looking for ways to burn that up, then close your eyes and without any second thoughts, switch to doing cardio. The first and foremost workout that marks its place in the Virat Kohli fitness routine is lots of cardio. Nothing burns fat like a proper cardio workout does. There is a huge option of exercises that a person can try doing. Hence, if there is any chance of you not liking a particular exercise, you can always choose to do the others.

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virat kohli fitness cricketer
virat kohli fitness cricketer


The most favorite of Virat Kohli amongst all cardio exercises is running. This is one of the best cardio exercises to do. It does not just help to shred the extra pounds but also helps to tone the posture of the legs and increase stamina. You can do this exercise inside the gym on a treadmill or can even go outside to run to take the fresh air in.


The pictures of the captain in the pool flaunting his toned body has never failed to create a buzz. But how many of you know that Virat Kohli also relies on a perfect swim as one of his cardio workouts. Swimming is one of the most fun and enjoyable cardio workouts you can opt for. It would not cause a lot of sweat or make you feel hot and dirty. Also, if you are a water baby then this cardio workout is the perfect go-to work out for you.



We love abs, no kidding. Although the thought of having those perfect abs excites us, we know that the road to it isn’t that easy. But for Virat Kohli, he makes it look like a piece of cake. Crunches are one of the most sought-after workout people do to gift themselves abs like Virat.

The process is simple. Lie down on the floor which the leg touching the ground in a V position. Keeping our arms pinned on the back of your head, try to get up half, push yourself back down. Repeat the process. Sounds easy, isn’t it? Once your body is accustomed to this, up your crunch game. Try to do crunches hanging on a bar and raising your leg. Works wonders.



Having well defined abs but no chest or arms is definitely a turn off and the Indian skipper takes it seriously. To hit your chest and our biceps to the full without a second thought start doing pushups. This will help you to tone three things at once- arms, chest and shoulders. What a jackpot, right? To get more effective and quicker results, try one arm pushups. Our captain loves doing that.

virat kohli workout routine
virat kohli workout routine

Some other exercises to work on apart from just doing push ups are:

  • Plank: The only exercise where a minute feels like an eternity. But if you can master the plank the results would be too good to handle. Challenge yourself every day to stay put in the plank position for a longer period of time.
  • Seated Rotation: Sit on the body ad lift your upper body up putting pressure on your abs. the next step is to lift the leg up at 90 degrees. Now alternatively rotate the body once on the right side and then on the left side. You can level the exercise up by holding a weight plate on the hand. That way, the pressure on the abs would increase and therefore would yield better results.
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Lift weights:

If you individually want to cater to the different parts of your body and ensure that your body is well toned and maintained, then lift weights; like a lot of it. Sure, cardio exercises are the boss when you want to shred away all the excess fat from the body, lifting weights ensures you do that along with tightening your muscles, making you look better. Along with that, it also helps to increase your bone and muscle strength. The more your body accepts a weight and gets accustomed to it, slowly and steadily increase the weights. However, the best recommendation is to not play with weights alone. Always take advice and help from a professional trainer.


Virat Kohli Diet Plan

Now that we are aware of Virat Kohli fitness routine, it is time to have a sneak peek into Virat Kohli diet plan.

From what we know Virat Kohli diet plan includes a lot of home cooked meal by his mother. Like many of his he is a fan boy of his mother’s cooked meals and does not believe in cutting out of it to maintain a proper diet. The point is to cut out on junk and fast foods since they cause the most harm to our bodies.  

The mantra of a good figure or physique is a lot of protein. Whether you want to gain fat or look forward to losing it, protein works as the fuel to it.

  1. Breakfast: This is one of the most important meals of the day. For breakfast, Virat Kohli prefers omelet, cheese, spinach, and any other protein, lots of it, and fruits.
  2. Lunch: For lunch, the skipper prefers a plate containing fresh veggies, protein, chicken, and potatoes mainly amongst others.
  3. Dinner: Dinner for Kohli mainly contain fresh seafood.


Virat Kohli Fitness Tips:

Virat Kohli fitness routine includes some tips, advice, or plan on what to do and what to strictly avoid. To point some of the best of them are:

  • Never stop training. No matter how tired or not interested, push yourself and workout.
  • Cut smoking out of your life completely.
  • Maintain the mantra of no junks at all. One cheat day after a whole long gap is fine, but the cheat day must not become cheat days.
  • Eat organic and healthy. Try and avoid as much as sugar and salt as possible.
  • Eat boiled food as much as possible. Avoid eating oily food.
  • Early to bed, early to rise. Consider staying up late and waking up late a sin. Make and maintain a proper routine.
  • Never skip a meal. It breaks the entire process.
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The Final Take Away

Fitness is not a day or two’s work but is a lifestyle that each and every individual must adapt to. There might be days when one feels weary not wanting to push themselves up to sweat it out. But it is important to remember that consistency is the key always. Sure, working out is a difficult job and not as sugary as the fitness experts paint it to be, the fruit of it is definitely sweet.

It was the same for the Indian skipper, he too like many of us could not reach the height without falling hard on the rocky bottom. It was only after the pain of falling did he realize the importance of a good and well defined Virat Kohli fitness routine.

Hence, if you consistently follow this workout and diet plan you are sure to track the wonderful changes your body goes through. However, it is also important to understand that one is incomplete without the other. Hence, do not skip one and do the other.

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