Best Ways to Get Firm Breast Shape After Breastfeeding

Last Updated on September 30th, 2020

You have sex, you become pregnant, you have baby and now you have breastfeeding. Often females have a complain of saggy breast after breastfeeding and they want to regain the best breast shape or the firm breast shape they had earlier. If you again want to have the same good looking Firm and Stiff Breast shape that was attractive and gave you the healthy confident feeling from outside and inside then you are reading the correct article. We will tell you the best natural ways that will help you gain the good looking firm breast shape again in no time.

breastfeeding tips for mothers
breastfeeding tips for mothers

There is a lot that can be done to change the saggy and droopy breasts post-nursing into good looking, good in shape breasts.
Without wasting much time let’s start with the remedies for saggy breast.

1) Do BreastFeeding till Certain Time Period Only.

Wean your baby off the breast milk at the correct age, neither too early nor too late.
Do not stop breastfeeding baby abruptly just to save your breast from sagging. Look for the hints that states that it is time for your baby to stop breastfeeding practice. Make sure you do so at the right age. Consult your doctor if you have any doubt about the time you should wean off your baby from breastfeeding.
In Most cases babies of 10 to 12 months old start having semi-solid food and their breastfeeding frequency also reduces. This is the early sign of weaning baby from breastfeeding.

As per the guidelines of WHO you can breastfeed your baby till 2 years of age. So once you stop breastfeeding after 11 months or so, you can reduce the frequency of breastfeeding to once 1 day or so and then completely off after some time.

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breast feeding tips and breast enlargement tips
breast feeding tips and breast enlargement tips

2) Proper Diet is Really Important – Get Firm Breast Shape Again:-

To make sure your body is getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals. During breastfeeding you require double the proper diet to fulfill your body and baby’s body requirement also.

Common Mistake that most women make post delivery:-
Cutting down the saturated fat intake to manage the weight gain during pregnancy. This however leads to other problems like skin damage, especially around the breast thus making them to lose their shape. They start losing the firmness and elasticity due to straining while breastfeeding.

The fact is all the cell membranes of the breast are made of saturated fat. You can prevent the stretch marks on breast which develop due to rapid milk supply by adding saturated fat in your diet.
Eat right while your breastfeeding and include food like dairy products, eggs in your diet which are rich in saturated fat.

gain firm breast shape after breastfeeding
gain firm breast shape after breastfeeding

3) Hold your Breast and Sit in Right Posture While Breastfeeding.

Many women tend to sit in very uncomfortable position during breastfeeding. You should always sit in a comfortable position and place with your proper back support. Hold your breast while feeding your baby to make sure your breast is not getting stretched unnecessarily. Use your entire arm to support your baby tiny body. Let your baby rest on the crook of your arm to be able to latch the breast properly. This will make sure you don’t strain the breast muscles or tissues too much.

Now apart from these there are some natural Yoga exercises and workout routines that can help you regain your firm breast shape and overcome saggy breast issues. These are very basic exercises and can be practiced at home also.

Workout To Increase Breast Size, Bigger Boobs Exercises


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You can refer to the various types of yoga and workout physical exercise that can help you get good looking shaped breast and improve your breast size as well.



Now there are some medical procedures as well that let you get your firm breast shape again in perfect look with just the spending of some money. But these are medical procedures so they may be having some medical limitations as well.

Do consult your doctor or physician before opting for these procedures and treatments.

1) Mastopexy:

Also known as breast lift procedure. Women who faces saggy and droopy type of breast after breast feeding are going to get benefited from this where a cut is made on the breast in order to remove the extra fat tissue. This tightens the breast making it look good in size and shape. This also helps in reducing the size of nipples and areolas which generally increases during lactation.

breast implants and breast feeding
breast implants and breast feeding

2) Breast implants:

Another medical procedure for breast enlargement and breast shaping. Cases where women experiences reduction in the breast size and nipples start pointing downward due to breastfeeding, breast implantation is suggested by doctors. Breast lift won’t benefit such situation. During breast implantation, implants are placed behind the breast muscles and breast tissues remain unharmed and safe. This simply means that women can still opt for breastfeeding if she wants to.


3) Lypo-filling

The injection based procedure for breast firmness. Injections are used that transfer fat tissues in the breast to bring them in shape and have breast enlargement.

As already mentioned earlier in the post, medical and surgical breast enlargement or firmness restoration have medical limitations attached with it.


Some of them are :-

1) You cannot continue breast feeding immediately after surgery or any other medical procedure.
2) Cannot have the breast of exactly the same size and shape following the procedure.
3) You should go for these procedures only after you have weaned off your baby of breastfeeding.
4) Breast enlargement or breast firmness medical procedures are usually safe but one must know about its side effects and complications and any consequences forehand.

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Learn it from your doctor before opting any of the medical procedure.


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