5 Best Ways to Improve Eyesight Naturally at Home

Last Updated on September 16th, 2020

It is quiet common these days to find people with weak eyesight. Even very small children can often be seen using spectacles. Weak eyesight is not only a health issue, but wearing specs due to poor vision also acts as a beauty hurdle. In order to improve eyesight, we should first learn the reasons for such condition.

Few major reasons that contribute to poor eyesight are:

  1. Deficiency
  2. Heredity
  3. Ageing
  4. Due to certain medical condition like diabetes
  5. Improper lifestyle: Watching TV with less distance, reading in dim light, glancing computer/mobile/TV screens without blinking and for long duration.

Addressing the above mentioned reasons properly will make you overcome the problems related to your eyes. There are certain ways which will not only help you to keep your eye problems at a bay, but will also cure any pre-existing feebleness in your eyes.

Basic Eye Exercises:

Every morning after waking up, rub both the palms and place them on the eyes. The palms should cup the eyes and should not touch them. You should be able to feel the heat from palm. Repeat this exercise thrice to help improve eyesight.

best yoga exercise to improve the eyesight
best yoga exercise to improve the eyesight

Apart from this, “Traatak” is also very beneficial for eyesight. For Traatak, sit on the floor in “Sukhasan” or “Padmasan”, keep the back straight and stare at a point for two to five minutes from a distance of around five feet. You can also draw a dark colored point (of approx 1cm diameter) on a white background and can use for Traatak. A lit candle will be more beneficial to stare at, to improve eyesight.
Blinking your eyes while working on computers or watching TV or using mobile is a must. Avoid too much strain on eyes as it may cause other issues.

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Diet for eyes:

A balanced diet full of vitamin A, C & E promotes good eye health. Apart from these vitamins, some other nutrients are also necessary, that can be found in various food items to improve eyesight. Green leafy vegetables for antioxidants, carrots and oranges for beta-carotene, orange, lime, berries for vitamin C, almonds, spinach, avocado for vitamin E, etc. Egg and certain types of fish like tuna and salmon are also good to keep up with eye health.


Daily eye care:

Wash your eyes with cold water at least thrice a day. Whenever, you feel that your eyes are tired, you must splash some cold water in your eyes. It will not only soothe your eyes, but will also clean them.

how to keeps eyes clean and healthy
how to keeps eyes clean and healthy

Don’t wear eye makeup if not necessary. This will save your eyes from the damage caused due to chemicals. If wearing eye makeup is inevitable for you, then use only quality products and don’t forget to clean it before going to bed. Though makeup is not a reason that can directly be associated with poor eyesight, but it definitely hampers your eyes and can cause allergies or dryness, which may ultimately add to other reasons causing weakened eye sight.

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Homemade Eye Drop to Improve Eyesight:

home made eye drop to improve eyesight
home made eye drop to improve eyesight

Though you can use any eye drop on doctor’s prescription, but none of these are meant for improving eyesight. Most of these eye drops are used in case of dryness in eyes or for allergies or for clearing dust and outside particles or for some specific eye disease.

A homemade eye drop may however, help you in improving your eyesight. For homemade eye drop, you need to mix one part of onion juice, one part of garlic juice, one part of ginger juice and one part of honey. Mix all these, and store it in an eye drop bottle. Use it twice in a day. This mixture should be used in a span of one month. Take necessary precautions such as discontinue it if you do not find it suitable or in case it causes too much irritation.


Another Remedy:

Soak some (2 teaspoon) Trifla powder (you can find it on any grocery shop in India) in an earthen pot in night. Keep it overnight and sieve the water in the morning and use that water to wash your eyes. It’s been said that this remedy will start showing the results within a week.


These are some of the best tested methods and ways to improve eyesight.While some methods may take some time to show the real noticeable improvements, some may show improvements as early as 1 week or so. All these are very natural therapy or natural ways to improve your eye power and get rid of those heavy glasses in front of your eyes.

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