5 Best Ways to Get Luscious Pink Soft Lips

Last Updated on November 23rd, 2021

How to make your lips look more plump, luscious and full is a favorite question to many women? Men do have a deep crush for such delicious soft lips even from the oldest time periods. In fact, juicy lips or pink soft lips are the major focal points on any face. And this is the reason why people, especially women often run behind lipsticks to change their feel, appearance and look.

There are even Botox insertions and surgical procedures to keep the beauty of your lips. These are usually expensive and painful and hence fall on to a lesser place when it comes to easier ways of obtaining perfect soft lips. Lip pumps are devices that are kept inside lips to make it more luscious. They are said to be very effective and needs much investment and is not a preferred choice for many.


Lipsticks: Best Choice Forever

Lips are too soft and delicate to touch and hence needs some level of extra care to keep it well toned and fuller. Lipsticks will keep the tenor of your skin well balanced and will accentuate your spirit and smile in the simplest way. It is always best to select lipsticks that act as a sunscreen and moisturizer to your lips. Let us pay a bit more attention to these makeup loving areas with some lip tricks.


amazing tips for lips and women health
amazing tips for lips and women health


Lip-Tricks: Keeps you More Charm

Makeup is not just a way of fashion, it keeps you confident and charming. As you go for the foundation cream or powder, just add some mineral powder to your lips too to have a base for your lip liner and lipstick. Outline your lips with a sharp lip liner by keeping your lips closed. This will aid to trace a fine contour on your lips. Start from the V-region of your upper lips and move towards the corner with small strokes. Similarly line from the middle portion of the bottom lip and then go outwards.  Be careful not to move out of the lip borders.

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Lip liner: Lines your Smile

If you want a larger lip, then lip line should be at the outer edge of the natural lip and if want to bring down your lip size, then just have your liner at the inner border of your lip line.

Filling up of your lip liner before adding lipstick can help you to have your lip shine for more hours. Usually, a light colored lip liner will give you natural look than the dark shades. While putting a lipstick, it is better to use a lipstick brush for better control. Or else if it is stick itself, then use a tissue to blot both the lips once it is applied. Keep your lips well closed to ensure even spreading.

Give some extra touches for your lips during the day if you want to keep the freshness for more hours or just have some lip glow in between. Now your lips are pretty enough to walk out with a perfect smile.


Hydrate Yourself to Keep your Lips Attractive

Keeping your body hydrated plays a major role in keeping your lips juicy and soft. You should make sure to take lots of water in order to hydrate your pout – aim for a minimum of eight glasses of water daily for a healthy body and, therefore, healthy lips. Should you feel like your lips still need a little extra help, you could consider applying a plumping lip gloss to help lips appear fuller and smooth out any fine lines and wrinkles that they may have. You may wish to check out these City Lips reviews to see if their products could be a good option for you on your quest for perfect lips.

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lip balms for really good lips women lips
lip balms for really good lips women lips



Juicy Lips with Lip Balm

Lip balm will make your lips smooth and delicate. It will hydrate your lips and avoid getting dried up. Petroleum jelly can also be used to rub your lips so as to make them supple and soft. A mixture of petroleum jelly with honey is a wonderful pack for your lips to be more attractive. You need to apply the paste on your lips, at any time of your convenience and wipe it off after ten minutes. The result will be truly amazing.


Soft Lips: Mirror of your style

A smile can be literally said as a signature of confidence. Your lip curves reflect your personality and style. Hence it is very important to take special care of this most sensitive part of your face. You need to improve the blood circulation of your lips to make it more reddish and luscious. Honey alone is a the best option for soft lips. It is a natural aid to keep your lips smoother. Brushing is yet another simple way to clean off the dead cells in your pout. A bristle brush can be used for this. After brushing, just pat your lips dry and apply a good moisturizer. Repeat it at least once in a week for your celebrity lips.

best ways to get luscious lips
best ways to get luscious lips

With These Best and Effective solutions you can get soft, juicy lips without any medical help. Just follow these natural remedies at home and get luscious lips.

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