Ways to Stay Healthy during Economic Crisis, Fitness with tight Budget

Last Updated on December 11th, 2020

Every day is not a Sunday, and similarly ups and downs are a part of life. But, we need to be prepared for everything that life throws at us. But one thing that I have often observed is that whenever there is shortage of money due to any reason the first thing that people start compromising on is health in one way or the other.

But, no more taking toll on health because of lack of money. There are a number of ways to eat healthy and stay healthy on a very tight budget as well. Here are the best ways to stay healthy while economic crisis:

  1. Buy Seasonal Fruits/Vegetables: Seasonal fruits and vegetables are cheaper as compared to the non seasonal fruits and vegetables. Moreover, the seasonal veggies are found to be healthier as compared to the ones which are brought up against the season because preserving anything against the nature needs to add some artificiality into it which could prove to be very dangerous for health in certain ways. So, this must be your first and foremost step to avoid over expenditure and keep family fit and healthy at the same time.
how to stay healthy with lesser budget
how to stay healthy with lesser budget


  1. Avoid Wastage: Wastage of food items not only costs you, but it also costs this world. We need to understand this and to meet the need of the hour, it is very much important that one must plan before every meal. You can decide the menu for whole day with the family and accordingly plan how much of food is required and prepare in the same quantity. This way you can control your kids who these days are more interested in eating junk food outside home. It would suddenly help you make everyday life pocket friendly and make your family healthy. So, avoid wastage, save money and be a health guide of family.


  1. Buy Un-processed Food: Purchasing unprocessed food items could help a lot when it comes to save money and stay healthy. The demand of processed food items have increased exponentially with the time, because it allows people to save time by getting processed food by paying some bucks extra for the item. But, to meet this increasing demands food processing companies sometimes compromise with the food quality for more profit and happy customers. So, try and avoid taking processed food items and prepare things on your own in a long but healthy way.
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Pocket friendly health
Pocket friendly health
  1. Buy Directly From Farmers: If possible you should opt to buy fruits, vegetables and milk products directly from farmer. This will remove the commission of retailer in the mean thus you’ll be able to save your hard earned money. And not just it, with this you would not be a sufferer of adulteration as well. Buying products directly from farmer will ensure that no third party could adulterate the food, thus no more danger to health from adulteration.


  1. Avoid Eating Outside: Not just for the sake of money, but for the sake of your own good health one must try and skip eating outside in restaurants and cafes. If you are someone who is prone to the habit of eating outside like more than once a week than you need to put a control on your habit. First of all it is not at all pocket friendly, secondly the food served outside in restaurants and cafes is not that healthy and reliable for health as much you can rely on the food made in your own kitchen. You can also opt for joint dinner parties where one day you can go to your friends place for their homemade food and the other day they can join you for food. This way you would get to eat some different recipes and could get different taste of food so that you do not feel bored of same taste every day and maintain health and fitness at the top.


  1. RnD Before Buying: Look for the prices of things you need in everyday food on different platforms like you can check the prices of local vendors, wholesale markets and online retailers and make the list of price and food item and then purchase accordingly. This will not only help you save money but when you’ll have things at lower price you would obviously prefer to purchase better quality and better brand products which would ultimately add to your family health in long term.
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  1. Avoid Junk Food: Not only children, but grownups also these days are fond of junk food. I know it definitely tastes awesome, but trust me it’s not good for health. So, you need to cut out some of the junk food from your daily routine diet plan. Junk foods offer very less nutrition and are charged like anything for the taste. If you’ll see your daily food bill at home and compare it with the one charged by junk food vendors you will see be surprised to see the price difference. Say no to junk food today and start getting healthy and wealthy without workout at gym.


  1. Carry Your Lunch-box: If you are going to office, or for some shopping or for any other activity that may take up your time then you need to ensure that you are carrying your lunch box with you every now and then. You need not feel embarrassed of it, as you know your home made meal is obviously healthier and pocket friendly to you then why buy anything else from the market or food shops. It will definitely show you good results in near future in your health as well as your pocket.


best workout at home
best workout at home
  1. Alternate Gym: If your pocket now doesn’t allow you to take up your gym, then no need to worry. There are alternate ways to stay in shape and healthy by maintaining your bank balance as well. You should opt for morning/evening walk/run. This is indeed the best cardio exercises and after that you can search online the best gym workouts possible at home. You can do pushups, pull-ups, chin-ups, crunches, triceps, planks and a lot of things at home or near buy park. Going to gym just gives a feel that yes I did work out, but once you’ll get use to gym at home I am pretty much sure you will never face towards gym. And at the same time you will be able to maintain a good health and fitness at no extra cost, thus adding extra money to your pocket.
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These are the points that if taken care of, could help you stay healthy with the less money and could help you use that same money for different requirements of your family.

You can’t even imagine how much you can save by following the above mentioned tips. And can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


You can write down your queries and suggestions in comment box, I’ll be more than happy if I could help you in your hard times. And as I always say don’t forget to share these tips with your friends and family.


Stay Aware… Stay Healthy…!!


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