Ways to Tackle Old Age Urinary Problems in men and women

Last Updated on September 30th, 2020

Urinary problems can be a big issue in the life of anyone. It creates many issues like leakage problems, frequent urination problems, urination during sleep etc. These issues further create many other issues like itching problems near the urinary glands, foul smell from wet undergarments due to leakage, untimely frequent urination may create huge disturbances in life, social shame due to all these issues etc.

adult diapers uses and types
adult diapers uses and types

Now before finding solutions to deal with all these problems, it is necessary to first understand the reason why these issues occur and what triggers these issues in males and females.

The majority of the patients who suffer from urinary problems are old age people. Some might be suffering with urination issue due to some other health related problem as well but urinary problems is more prominent in old age people due to the fact that they have weaker kidneys which are not able to function properly due to weaker arteries that supply to the kidneys.

There is a whole biological story behind this which tells us why this issue is found mostly in old age people. But the old age is not the only issue responsible for this problem. We will try and understand the important parts and learn about the underlying issue.

As the body ages, the kidney functionality and weight reduces. You need to understand that kidney is responsible to filter blood and excrete waste products. Now in order to carry out normal kidney functions, both the kidneys need to work at their full capacity. Damage to any one will result in issue and loss of functionality.

The bladder that is responsible for holding the urine do undergo some changes with age. The amount/volume they can hold reduces. This results in urinary incontinence and they are higher risk of urinary tract infections.

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When to consider the urinary problem an issue?

Simply understand the thing that, if release or leakage of urine happens when you don’t want it to happen, means you need to consult the doctor.


What is the Solution?

There are various medications for such problems which can be taken after consulting doctor. The medicines should be taken only with doctor prescription.

There are various medical devices which can be used (by females) to avoid the urinary leakage. These should also be used only after consulting a doctor. The doctor tells how frequently you can use them and which one to use.

Apart from these there are various Interventional therapies which helps in dealing with these issues. Radiofrequency therapy, botox etc are some of them.

Then the last solution would be surgery. It is done in case if therapies are not effective and need urgent solution for the big problem.

Apart from all these solutions which may take time to deal with urinary issues, the patient has to deal with the daily urinary problem by the time it gets solved. So for that, there are absorbent pads.

There are various types of absorbent pads which can be purchased online or from supermarkets.

Some are like normal underwear, while some are like diapers. They are designed for both males and females.

Different types of diapers

There are “Different types of diapers” that you can look out for. Lifree is one of the known brands that provide the best adult diaper solutions for your urinary problems.

Mostly used are pant style adult diapers which are easy to wear and take out.

Now you should also know “How to choose and wear adult diapers”. It is really simple and that is why many doctors suggest this solution from the very early stage itself.


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Try and understanding why Adult diapers are suitable for active people. They can help them carry out their routine work without any issues. It keeps their life simply tension free. No more foul smell, leakage tension and social shame.

lifree adult diapers for urinary problems
lifree adult diapers for urinary problems


Urinary problems depending on the severity is responsible for many aspects of your life. It may be the deciding factor for what you wear, who you go with, where you go, how you sit, stand and sleep and what you do.

Adult diapers help you overcome these problems of making everyday decisions in your life, since after using this you feel free to do many things in your day to day life. They help you lead normal life with minimal issues.

People with Urinary problems have to undergo many difficulties. These simple solutions like adult diapers help in making their life easy. Let’s share it with all those who does not know about it yet so that we can help them lead a respectful life.

You can tell us your views and share your opinions in the comment section below. You can even ask your doubts and queries if any. Our team will try its best to give answers to your problems because that is what we do.

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