Best Wearable Fitness Gadgets for Tracking Your Health

Last Updated on October 4th, 2020

Latest Generation has worked out different mechanism to keep you healthy and fit and to alert you when you are not following the doctors rule. To keep you safe and fit there are multiple wearable fitness gadgets in the market that are cool looking as well as gives you great performance and fitness alerts.


So What are the Wearable Fitness Gadgets?

The definition of wearable devices is simple to understand “Wearable health devices are electronic devices or gadgets that can be worn by users upon their body similar to wrist watch or like a bracelet or may be like a neck wear or shoulder tapped”.  Now the question is how they track your body health performance and how they can alert you about wrong habits?

top smart health wearables
best smart health wearables

These devices are equipped with biosensors, spectrometer and wire-less technologies. The wearable gadgets connect with smartphones/tablets via Bluetooth and provide data which can be converted into useful information by leveraging apps in the smartphone devices. These data can also be shared over internet and can be stored in some cloud space to be used later to check out the improvements in your health. In many ways it sounds to be a really useful device but do all devices are able to give you the best performance? No, some are not and they may fail to update you with your health status.

Health and fitness tracking gadgets are some of the hottest items on the market right now, and it’s hard to sift through what’s just a gimmick and what’s actually helpful. So get the Best in the market by following our list of best health wearable fitness gadgets for the current year.

full body stretching and workout
full body stretching and workout

Wearable Fitness Gadgets and Smart Watches for Tracking Body Health

Self-monitoring fitness like tracking your daily health diet, your daily body motions, daily exercise time and duration and many more are some of the common uses of health tech wearable fitness gadgets.

The Concept of IOT (Internet of Things) makes this technology more better and gives you the better data and automatic storage thus making the task of achieving health-oriented goals more easy and promising.

While this brings up critical questions about the security of our private data, the advantages seem to outweigh the risks. The systems on this page—all of which combine a gadget with an app—have made good health care more immediate and personalized. In an age of sedentary work and rising medical costs, this is surely a healthy trend.

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From collection of many wearable fitness gadgets that consists of many health devices like a  web-connected tennis racquet or web-connected toothbrush and fitness tracker accessories to heart-rate tracking headphones and a gadget that helps you sit up and stand straighter, here’s a look at some of our top best picks.


Wearable Fitness Gadgets for Tracking Health


Fitness Band :- Nike Fuelband

nike fuel band wearable health band
nike fuel band wearable health band

Simply tracking your activity can be a good way to motivate yourself to do more. The Nike Fuelband makes that simple: it’s a wristband that contains motion sensors to track your movement through the day, translating your activity into ‘Nike Fuel’ points that aim to let you compare yourself to others, regardless of the sports you’re doing. It also counts the steps you take – 10,000 per day is seen as a good indicator of a healthy lifestyle – and tells the time. It comes in three colors but the sleek black version is the coolest.


Nike+ Fuelband SE

For those who need a little more motivation to reach their fitness goals, this wristband might do the trick. The band records various metrics as users exercise, and converts them into NikeFuel, a proprietary measurement system. This is then pushed to the smartphone app, which analyzes performance and helps build social networks around fitness regimens.


Microsoft Band

If you’re willing to splurge a little more for a fitness wristband tracker, the Microsoft Band ($199) is your best investment. In addition to monitoring steps, workouts, calories burned, sleep cycle and heart rate, it displays calendar alerts, call and text notifications (the Fitbit Charge only does the latter) and even your tweets. It acts more like a smartwatch than most fitness trackers we’ve seen so far.

microsoft band smart health wearable
microsoft band smart health wearable


Fitbit Charge HR

fitbit charge wearable device
fitbit charge wearable device

Rather than just tracking how many steps you take, the Charge HR can see exactly how hard you’re working. It allows far more accurate estimate of the number of calories that you burn. You can also track your resting heart rate – hopefully seeing it fall as you get fitter. That measurement is taken while you sleep as it’s the most relaxed and inactive you get.


Garmin Vivofit

The Garmin Vivofit is for the city fitness junkie who want to track steps taken, calories burned, hours slept and overall fitness progress. It also tracks heart rates, is water-resistant and lets you sync the collected data to your smartphone. It comes with a 1-year battery life and tracks fitness levels 24 hours a day. [$129]

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garmin vivofit band health wearable
garmin vivofit band health wearable

Garmin Forerunner 620 GPS Running Watch

If you want a simple watch to record runs with minimal fuss, the Garmin Forerunner 620 is not for you. But if you want help to plan a training schedule, to track how well you perform and get advice on how much faster you’re capable of going and when to try again, then this is the GPS watch for you.

fitness watch for health lovers
fitness watch for health lovers


LG Lifeband Touch

lg lifeband touch health wearable gadget
lg lifeband touch health wearable gadget

The Lifeband Touch features a bright OLED screen that is visible even when you’re outdoors, and it’s touch sensitive for easier navigation. You’ll be able to see your fitness activities, calories burned, speed, and other measurements taken through its 3-axis accelerometer and altimeter sensors. You can also pair it with a heart rate monitor or smartphone to view notifications and control music. [$179]


oral -b tootthbrush smart device
oral -b tootthbrush smart device

Oral-B Toothbrush

This web-connected toothbrush from Oral-B syncs with an app and gives you real-time data about how well you’re brushing and if you’re missing some key spots. It’s also a good tool for kids too — parents can monitor just how well they’re doing and how they might need to improve.


iFit Active

ifit active wearable health device
ifit active wearable health device

The Brand iFit started out as a fitness tracking app but has now ventured into making their own fitness tracker called the iFit Active. The Active would come with a mode-switching feature, depending on where you are: at home sleeping, braving traffic to get to work or doing your morning gym routine. These modes change automatically to allow 24-hour tracking without any hiccup. [$129]


Lumo Lift

lumo lift wearable fitness gadgets
lumo lift wearable fitness gadgets

Wearable gadget “Lumo Lift” is a posture-correcting device that you can wear on your chest. This little gadget nudges you to stand up straight. The Lumo Lift which comes in a variety of colors, detects your body’s positioning and when you start to slouch, the device vibrates and reminds you to adjust your stance. The Lift can be clasped to an undershirt, collar or bra strap. 

It reminds you to sit straight by generating small vibrations. It can also track how often you are sitting in the proper posture in a day. Lumo Lift also tracks steps and calories burnt. To view the data collected, just pair it with a smartphone. [$59-$79]


Spree Headband

Headband “Spree” is currently the only consumer fitness tracker that can tell you in detail the temperature your body is operating at. To do this, the device has to be worn on the forehead. Spree can track your heart rate, movement and the distance you have covered through the app. [$299]

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spree headband wearble smart health devices
spree headband wearble smart health devices

Alivecor System

Thanks to a nifty device backed by experts and physicians, users can now have information about their hearts at their fingertips—literally. By grasping the FDA-cleared Heart Monitor (which attaches to the back of a phone), users can record an electrocardiogram to be analyzed by AliveCor’s experts or shared with a cardiologist.


Netatmo JUNE

The fashionable Netatmo JUNE measures your daily sun exposure rates and will advise you to wear a hat or apply sunscreen lotion when necessary. It measures the sun’s intensity in real time. The information can be viewed when paired with a smartphone. [$99]

Netatmo JUNE smart health wearable gadget
Netatmo JUNE smart health wearable gadget

Concluding Thoughts

We can finally see a lot of these smart wearable available for commercial use. They help you track your workout, your calorie count, heart rate, sleep patterns, step count and other aspects of your health you want to keep watch on.

We have tried to build the list of best health gadgets that will help keep your loved ones stay healthy and fit. Try these gift-worthy options as we head into the season of eggnog, holiday parties, New Year eve and Christmas.

These wearable fitness gadgets are fun, informative, and can really open the eyes of someone who’s never tracked calories or fitness before.

Tell us what you feel and which one is your best choice for your health. Also follow us on facebook and twitter to know more about healthy choices you should make in your life.


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