8 Amazing Weight Loss Tips for Relieving Joint Pain

Last Updated on November 16th, 2022

Is it challenging to drop an extra pound? Overweight adds stiffness to your achy joints and makes the condition worse. Weight loss is the best treatment for people suffering from joint pain. Losing weight may seem like a challenge for older adults, but incorporating a healthy diet and regular exercise help them massively in relieving joint pain.

Indulging healthy foodstuffs and regular exercises reduce the risk of joint pain and maintaining a healthy weight. Joint pain can range in chronic or acute, but obesity increases the risk factor and afflicts the joints—Kick-start a healthy diet, along with regular workouts with proper medications for weight loss. According to the Arthritis and Research journal, losing weight would alleviate pain and inflammation thus helping in relieving joint pain. 

Exercising at a particular time may help you to maintain weight loss successfully. Dieting and regular exercise both work well in losing weight for people with joint pain. Carrying extra weight can exert pressure on your cartilage, and there is a possibility of cartilage wear out. Even overweight people may struggle with a lack of proper blood circulation, and scarcity of oxygen to the joints can act as the pain culprit. But for relieving joint pain, losing weight is very necessary for quick relief.

how to get rid of arthritis pain
how to get rid of arthritis pain

Catch a Glimpse of the Methodology to Reduce Extra Pounds

Consume Anti-inflammatory Diet

Embracing vegetables, fruits, whole grains, chia seeds, legumes, herbs, spices, and fatty fishes including salmon, mackerel, trout, herring, sardines help to lose weight and keep your joint pain at bay. These healthy food items stimulate your body to fight from inflammation, swelling and keep the metabolism elevated. Fatty fishes contain an active form of omega-3 fatty acids and rule the anti-inflammatory food chain. You may also want to consider adding a specialist supplement, such as Bio X4 to help reduce your appetite and further boost your metabolism.

Healthy food boosts your energy level with nutritional values and improves the digestive system. Start pouring avocado or olive oil in your food items along with herbs and spices to augment the flavor, and try to avoid butter and excess oil. Limit the intake of sweet foods and beverages for maintaining a good health regime. Consume late-night dinner for proper metabolism and dropping extra calories. Try to stock easy-to-prepare food items at your place for convenience. And most importantly avoid junk food. All these will help you keep your body weight in check and thus you will see a weight loss. The will in turn help you in relieving joint pain.

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exercise for weight loss
exercise for weight loss

Move to Burn Calories and Relieve Pain

People with stiffness and joint pain require more physical activity to reduce their pain. If they don’t move their body, joint pain may worsen. Regular exercises alleviate body pain by lubricating and maintaining the joints. Start working out two or three days a week with short intervals to keep your heart rate elevated. Perform aerobic activities to lose weight and increase the stamina.

Walking is excellent with short intervals, so start with slow walking. It is recommendable to walk for 10 minutes each in the morning and afternoon. Consult your doctor for proper exercises in joint pain. Elliptical machines are less stressful for your joint pain and increase your calorie deficit. Keep a 30 minutes’ goal of elliptical training at the initial stage and gradually increase to 60 minutes. A morning brisk walk is an excellent technique for relieving joint pain or to make your body fitter so that it does not even happen in first place.


amazing weight loss benefits of green tea
amazing weight loss benefits of green tea

Follow Smart Rules for Relieving Joint Pain

Start using smaller bowls and plates to maintain the right amount of food for consumption. It will avoid overeating and help you to maintain the correct weight. Portion sizes of utensils increase the intake of food and impact the weight. Using portion-controlled utensils affects the rate of weight loss as we eat with our eyes first and then with other senses.

Don’t miss to weigh yourself every week and keep a close observation on your weight. Weekly monitoring helps to reduce it gradually and achieve the right structure in a few months. While consuming your meals, strictly follow the Pareto principle of 80 percent to fill your stomach. Pack and keep the remaining food in the refrigerator and avoid wasting it.


Imbibe Good Eating Habits

Follow the advice of slow eating, and swallow the food after properly chewed up. Slow consumption helps us to enjoy the diet more and gives us better cues of satiety. Slow eating helps in proper digestion, reduces the calorie intake, hydrates your body, and helps you lose weight with greater satisfaction. Fast eating leads to poor digestion, increases pressure, and doesn’t give any pleasure. Get rid of overeating due to stress, anger, and pain as it increases your weight. We don’t realize that our eating habits get connected to emotions. We consume sweets in a stressful period. Ensure to follow diet charts to cope up with different types of emotions.

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stress can cause joint pain
stress can cause joint pain

Improve Your Sleep

Lack of sleep intense your hunger and makes you crave for salty and sweet foods. Try to take proper rest so that you can eat food when you are starving. Short sleep duration decreases your satisfaction hormone and leads to weight gain due to a bigger appetite. Sleep deprivation affects your overall health and makes it prone to serious health issues apart from appetite hormone. Lack of sleep for a long duration disrupts the immune system. Ensure to get better sleep at night for boosting your immunity and increasing productivity.


Stay Hydrated and Avoid Alcohol Consumption

Water washes plaque-causing bacteria and manages your appetite. Drink two glasses of water before meals to keep your hunger pangs subside. Sipping a glass of water makes your tummy full and compels you to eat less during meals. Staying hydrated boosts your energy, lubricates joints, regulates body temperature, and manages your weight. Stop alcohol consumption for losing your calories, opt for a glass of water to hydrate your body, and promote cell tissues. Drink two glasses of water before meals to fill your stomach; this process will help to lose weight.


weight loss tips for relieving joint pain
weight loss tips for relieving joint pain

Consult Physical Therapist

Make a plan to meet the physical therapist for strength training and therapeutic exercises. Strength training reduces joint pain and improves the function of your body. A physical therapist would concentrate on strengthening the area of the joint pain. Manual therapies decrease pain by increasing your mobility. They are beneficial for people suffering from chronic joint pain. Some medications for joint pain can cause weight gain and have side effects. So, ask your doctors about prescribed medicines to avoid such circumstances before buying it from the pharmacy shops.


Build Healthy Relationships with Food at Restaurants

To combat the urge to indulge unhealthy stuff at restaurants, fill your stomach with tons of veggies. Before exploring any restaurant in the city, try to be selective with the right one. Choose the one which can provide healthy choices like eggs, yogurt, nuts, broccoli, and spinach to treat your taste buds with super high antioxidants. Consider food as a source of fuel, which provides energy to our body for proper functioning. Think about the nourishment you receive while eating any food item.

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junk food causes obesity
junk food causes obesity


Losing weight is a tough endeavor, but if you are carrying extra pounds, concentrate on losing it for relieving  joint pain. Incorporating regular exercises in your lifestyle, along with a healthy diet, offer positive results on weight loss and joint pain. Sometimes in cases of severe joint pains, you can also consult your doctor and get some good joint health supplement for faster improvements. Commit yourself and practice exercises regularly to make a gradual change in your body. Regular workouts can strengthen your muscles around your joints, boost your energy levels, increase your bone strength, control your weight, and enhance your overall life. 

Exercise keeps your muscles and surrounding tissue healthy to maintain support for your bones. Lack of exercise weakens the supporting muscles, creates stress on your joints, and aggravates the pain and stiffness. If you are facing soreness after strenuously doing exercises, immediately consult your doctor before making it severe. So now you understand that why weight loss is so important for relieving joint pain, we hope you will work towards having a good Body Mass Index.

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