What is Body Weight Workout and Why Should You Do it?

Last Updated on September 30th, 2020

If there is anything that one can do for completely free, it is “Body Weight Workout”. Yes, you heard me right. Body weight exercise have always been a clear way to reduce not just the body fats, but also have been proved to be useful in getting toned skin, enhanced metabolism and above all have improved immunity. Immunity rate is found to become better tremendously. With 15 or 50, it is always recommended to have a basic workout plan included in your daily routine.

Now, if you ask “Why Body Weight Exercise?” and not anything else, then the answer is, yes, there is a lot many things that can done instead of lifting weights and exhorting your muscles like Power Yoga. Power Yoga, is yet another useful cardio exercise that helps gain the same motive that any body weight training does. Also Power Yoga is different from other forms of yoga in a way that it requires at lot of body moment and hence it is also called as “Dynamic Yoga”. Read more about it at:

Everything About Power Yoga, You Must Know

We have always heard people coming up with the same lame reasons to avoid workouts. Common one being, lack of time, no gym membership or not knowing how to use weight machines properly as major huddles to strength training, here’s an idea: Simply do body weight exercises instead!

best body weight trainings and workouts
best body weight trainings and workouts


No doubt Cardio workout are really good and highly effective, but on the other side of the table when we look on the overall development of the body then, Body weight workout is considered very important: for strengthen the body muscles and also to prevent body from muscle tearing. Numerous studies show that building lean muscle mass is also great for your heart, blood vessels, lungs, hormone production and even brain activity.

Here are few points that might encourage you to take Body Weight Practice, even more seriously:

  • Helps generate more lean muscle mass in the body by including proper body weight exercise.
  • Have been proven to give healthier blood cholesterol levels
  • Instant improvement in blood pressure levels
  • Lowers stress to a considerable amount
  • Helps getting sound sleep
  • Opens your reflexes and generate better metabolism
  • Increases oxygen levels use by muscles
  • Reduced joint and bone pain
  • Removal of metabolic waste from muscles during resting periods
  • Increased insulin sensitivity
  • Increased resting metabolic rate
  • Reduced risk of stroke, acute coronary syndrome and overall cardiovascular mortality.
how to increase testosterone naturally
how to increase testosterone naturally

A less known-benefit of body weight exercise and other forms of exhorted strength trainings is that it helps to reverse the negative effects that dieting can give to your body. I mean yeah, its confusing reading this, you must be thinking, at the time of having a perfect diet plan I am supposedly telling you about its negative effect in our body.

But, just for a second take an instance, someone who has been dieting for years now, have lost a considerable amount of tissues both from hormonal changes in the body and dieting also to add up by aging as well, so from a low-calorie diet that doesn’t provides required supplements in the body can actually make the situation go the other way around.

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But if we give enough nutrients, than, that helps the metabolism to nurture the lost tissues and also gives strength to accept body changes. Muscles are crucial for maintaining a healthy weight because it is metabolically active tissue, it hence requires more calories than fat just to be sustained.

best body weight exercises
best body weight exercises

What amount of quality preparing do you have to do every week? Most experts suggest:

Performing quality training exercises at least 2-3 times a week. Each ought to be a “full-body exercise” in a perfect world, which utilizes various huge muscle gatherings (like your back, legs, chest, and center) to get the most value for your money. For every quality exercise, intend to complete eight to 10 unique activities, fluctuating the muscles that everyone target. Each activity is done in one set, and inside each set, you ought to perform 8 to 12 repetitions of the same exercise.

After finishing your quality exercises, make a point to do stretching, within few days or two in seven days to prevent injuries and increase the scope of movement, adaptability and flexibility during that time.

how to do reverse crunches , workout tips at home
how to do reverse crunches , workout tips at home

5 Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises

Regardless of whether weight reduction, or even weight pick up, is your essential objective, remember that body weight workout have benefits that are a long way past simply enhancing your appearance. Here are a few ways that doing body weight exercises or activities can enable you to keep up better intellectual, insusceptible, cardiovascular and hormonal activity:  


  1. It’s a super-productive exercise:

Research proposed high-output results; bodyweight-based activities like plyometric yield is considered as one of the best weight picks up. Since there’s no machine or any hardware included, body weight workouts make it simple to change starting with one move then onto the next with little rest. What’s more, you’ve most likely officially heard that those short-however extreme HIIT exercises can yield significant outcomes.

mountain climbers workout exercise , Fitness-Program
mountain climbers workout exercise , Fitness-Program

So what’s HIIT? “It’s a method of training in which you perform an exercise at your all-out, maximum effort for a short period of time, then follow it with a brief rest period,” explains Daphnie Yang, a certified personal trainer and the creator of HIIT IT!, a NYC-based fitness class. “By repeating this over and over again you create intervals of spiking your heart rate up balanced with recovery.”

  1. It can join cardio and quality preparing:

Performing speedy cardio workout sessions, (for example, 60 seconds of burpees or high-knees) between quality developments, (for example, an arrangement of push-ups or thrusts) will keep the heart pumping while as yet reassuring muscle and quality improvement.

  1. You can burn fat—quite quick.

Only a couple of minutes of a bodyweight aerobics can majorly affect the body’s digestion. In the event that you’ve at any point knew about the after-burn impact, you realize that notwithstanding when your exercise is finished, your body can in any case be revved for quite a long time to come.

how to do back pain exercise
how to do back pain exercise
  1. At any fitness level, it’s challenging. 

Body weight workout are awesome in light of the fact that they’re effortlessly altered to challenge anybody. Including additional reps, playing out the activities speedier or super gradually, taking shorter breaks, or including a ballistic development (like an applaud at the highest point of each push-up) are only a couple of approaches to make the least difficult exercise harder. What’s more, with each additional change, your advance is self-evident.

  1. You’ll pick up core muscle strength quality.

Your center is something other than well-defined abs. Truth is told, no less than twenty-nine muscles make up the storage compartment of the body, and numerous straightforward bodyweight developments can be utilized to connect with every one of them. Such activities won’t simply give you more tightly abs, you’ll likewise increase better chance, soothe bring down back pressure, and enhance general execution.

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yoga girl yogi mudra fitness
yoga girl yogi mudra fitness

To get the most out of your body weight workout, center around practices that utilize different muscle bunches without a moment’s delay. “They are more viable at raising your heart rate since they are utilizing such a large amount of the body without a moment’s delay, and they enable you to accomplish benefits speedier than confined quality preparing works out,” says Candice Seti, PhD, a fitness coach and sustenance mentor

Here, are some exercise recommendations from specialists that share 7 common yet very successful body weight moves that can enable you to achieve your fitness objectives. Try not to do them each and every day, as your changing body and creating muscles require time to regroup. “It’s best to take a rest day, a weight preparing day, or cardio workout day in the middle of in the event that you truly need to stimulate your outcomes,” says Devan Kline, CEO, fellow benefactor, and coach at Burn Boot Camp.

chalene johnson fitness workout tips
chalene johnson fitness workout tips

Other benefits of Body Weight Workout is:

  • Its free
  • It enhances flexibility
  • Creates better body balance
  • Prevent injury
  • Reduces boredom

Here are some of the body weight exercise that you can follow:


Step by step instructions:

  • Stand with your feet bear width separated, at that point jump up and give a clap over your head before bending down in a squat and hopping your feet behind you into push-up position.
  • Drop down into a push-up, at that point return up.
  • Presently bounce your feet forward to your hands, stand (or jump up), and clap. (Try not to stress—they get less demanding.)
burpee step by step guide
burpee step by step guide

The push-up connects with your abdominal area, and the jumping gives you a burst of cardio workout.

Bounce Squat

Step by step instructions:

  • Stand with your feet bear width separated and your chest lifted. Bend down, keeping your weight in your foot sole areas and your knees in accordance with your toes (not bowed internal or pushing before your knees).
  • Try not to dip under your knees. You can add a jump at the top and sink straight down into the squat, or just do a standing squat to begin.
squats jumps position
squats jumps position

“Squats engage our lower body, which is the key for building strength,”. “Lower body muscles make up some of the largest in your body, meaning more calorie burn.”

Squats Workout is really essential for powerful and toned body.

Exit Push-Ups

Step by step instructions:

  • More like a plank positioned exercise. All you have to do is, get into a position, where your hips are widened and you bend down towards the ground in the “Plank position”.
  • “Keep your hands outside your shoulder line to protect your elbows. Maintaining your flat back, gaze in front of your hands as you drop your chest to floor. Then imagine pushing the floor away from you as you walk your hands back toward your feet, standing all the way up.”
power yoga for weight loss
power yoga for weight loss
  • Why it’s compelling: This development does everything: “Walk-outs are awesome abdominal area developments, as they push your muscles and condition them to persevere through, all while building your center dependability preparing”. (On the off chance that you require help acing a push-up, do these 5 moves.)


Step by step instructions:

  • Stand with your feet hip-width separated. Place your hands on your hips and edge your chest up.
  • Presently, step your correct leg sufficiently far forward to bend your body down without your front knee going before your toe.
  • Make a point to keep up an little gap between your feet from your correct leg pushes ahead.
  • In the meantime, enable your back knee to twist toward the floor without really touching—consider two 90-degree points in your legs—and after that push off your front foot back to standing.
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lunges best way for building leg muscles
lunges best way for building leg muscles

Not just do lunges enhance your posture, but also coordinate with your muscles to give it a proper shape and strength. While you may be unbalanced at in the first place, as you start to put more time and effort  in your own particular way, you will get to a point where you can bounce to switch jumps.

Sprint or Running on a Treadmill

Step by step instructions:

  • Running which may include running on a treadmill or outside, is the most straightforward approach to do HIIT (which has been demonstrated to turn around maturing) on the grounds that you require alongside nothing to complete it.
  • You can always challenge your ways to attain an utmost level of getting a mark. Running has proved to be the best and the most instant calorie burner.
how to stay fit, jogging and running in morning
how to stay fit, jogging and running in morning

Remember it not just helps you to develop a cardio-vascular strength, but also helps in gaining leg strength. It is one of the best cardio workout for body building.

Skater Jump

Step by step instructions:

  • Start with your legs bear width separated, and after that bounce to the other side and adjust on one leg, while your other leg is reached out behind you.
  • Presently switch.
  • As you turn out to be further developed, you’ll have the capacity to touch the floor each time you bounce.
piyo workout by chalene johnson
piyo workout by chalene johnson

Skater jumps work to manufacture nimbleness and leg quality in one compound motion.

Mountain Climber

Step by step instructions:

  • Start in a high board position, with your hands specifically underneath your shoulders and you’re in a straight line.
  • Without pushing your base into the air, draw in your center and begin to bring one knee into your chest at once.
  • This should seem as though you’re running; however, staring you in the face and knees.
mountain climber workout technique
mountain climber workout technique

This move is a go-to in light of the fact that it completes a great deal at one time—in addition to the fact that you are chipping away at your cardio workout perseverance, however you’re building stomach and arm quality.

Here are few of the body building exercises, though you can always go for something apart from these too. A good consultation with a fitness mentor for workout plan is always advisable.

There is no excuse for not getting focused into body weight exercise, now we know what needs to be done next!

Chime beneath! And let us know what you feel about body weight workout, and which exercise helped you the most.


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