What is Black Water, and is it Safe to Drink Black Water?

All human beings should consume a certain amount of water as part of their diet to remain healthy. Recently, a type of water has taken the internet and fitness concerned people by storm. You might have heard of it, or you might not be aware of it. We are talking about black water. Celebrities from different fields, such as sports and film industries, have made this drink popular among netizens. Black water is known to offer several health benefits but is it actually safe to drink black water? If you are seeking an answer to this question, you are in the right place. Here we will discuss every aspect you need to know about black water. 


What is Black Water and the Reason Behind It Being Black ?

The first question comes to mind when we hear ‘black water, which is black in color. Well, you are not wrong. Black water is black in color, which is due to the highly alkaline nature of this type of water. The presence of salt in higher concentrations makes the water alkaline. Salts of metals like magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium are present in black water. Due to these mineral salts pH of the alkaline water reaches close to 9. Packaged drinking water costs between 20 to 40 INR, whereas, for a bottle of black water, you need to pay 100 INR. Although some renowned celebrities consume black water regularly, you need to ensure whether it is safe to drink black water or not. 


Why Celebrities are Drinking Black Water ?

As previously mentioned, celebrities who can influence the masses have made black water popular. Ordinary people believe that if celebs consume black water, it must be safe to drink black water. Nowadays, almost every celebrity is conscious about their fitness. Intake of black water helps these celebrities keep themselves in much better physical condition as it contains fulvic acid (FvA) and several other minerals and vitamins.

Because of the fulvic acid in the water, black water becomes less acidic than any additional normal packaged drinking water available on the market. Celebs got inclined towards this drink because of several health benefits that it has to offer. Medical professionals suggest that black water improves gut health, increasing the absorption of minerals into the body’s cells and generating an immune response.

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safe to drink black water
safe to drink black water – image credit : evocus

How is Black Water Different From Normal Water ?

A few months back, EvocusBlack launched alkaline black water in India. It is entirely safe to drink black water as it has undergone several tests. There are quite a few differences between black water and regular water. The acidic level is the first thing that separates these two variants of water. Black water is more alkaline than regular water as it has a pH of approximately 8.5. Black water is rich in minerals. Almost seventy rare minerals are present in the black water. This infusion of minerals found deep in the earth’s crust makes a person healthier, which normal water can’t.


Benefits of Consuming Black Water ?

Black water is very different from natural or mineral water as it is lined in nature and rich in minerals. Celebs consume black water regularly to keep themselves fit, but can you do the same. Another query that might pop into your mind is how safe drinking black water daily is ?

Most animal studies have been conducted to know the advantages of black water. Medical professionals found out that black water primarily affects hydration, detoxification, and the aging process in the human body. So, without wasting any further time, let’s thoroughly review some of the most significant benefits that black water offers.


  • Reduction in Blood Viscosity

Health-conscious people are mostly consuming black water. As people exercise, the body gets dehydrated, which increases blood viscosity. After exercising, you need to rehydrate your body. Rehydration, in turn, brings down the blood viscosity level. Both standard glasses of water have higher pH and more alkaline black water both can do the job. Studies now show that black water works more effectively in reducing blood viscosity. 


  • Reduces Signs of Ageing

Black water can slow down the aging factors, while it is safe to drink black water. Body muscles will function better, and collagen and elastin fibers will not get loosened up with increasing age which causes wrinkles and fine lines to appear on the face. All these things will make you feel young from both inside and outside.


black water benefits
black water benefits – image credit – evokes
  • Increase Life Expectancy

Vital organs of the body function well, such as the kidney and heart, after including black water. This is proven by an animal study. Moreover, as we discussed, reducing the aging factors in the previous point caused by black water increases life expectancy. 


  • Beneficial for Diabetes Patients

Suppose you are suffering from diabetes mellitus caused by the deficiency of insulin hormone in the body. In that case, you can start drinking alkaline black water. Intaking black water can reduce blood glucose levels and keep HbA1c levels in check. Besides that, black water also has antioxidant properties that work on the pancreas’s beta cells to promote insulin production. Black water also shows neuroprotective effects in the body. 


  • Remove toxins and Prevents Acidity

Including alkaline water in the diet removes harmful toxic materials from the body. Also, it prevents the over-formation and secretion of gastric acid in the stomach, which can cause Acidity. 

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Black water is alkaline, and this property of black water helps manage acid reflux. The body’s acidity level can be controlled by checking the enzyme activities. Studies and reports show that alkaline black water having a pH of 8.8 causes the denaturation of pepsin enzymes permanently at a rapid pace related to food digestion. Black water is also known for promoting and augmenting metabolism. Other than that, this variant of water works effectively to boost the buffering activity in the body. 


  • Lower Down the Chances of Heart Diseases

Drinking black water will keep your heart in healthy condition for a prolonged period. Chances of any cardiovascular disease (CVD) or coronary heart disease (CHD) will be reduced. This happens due to the presence of minerals in the water. Alongside keeping your heart functioning normally, this more alkaline black water will also help solids to dissolve more efficiently and faster in body fluids. The total dissolved solids (TDC) amount reduces the chance of cancer in the human body.


  • Improve the Condition of the Bones

Bones start decaying with age as the cytoskeleton bones begin to lose calcium. Black water consumption prevents the loss of essential minerals like calcium from the bone, reducing the chance of osteoporosis.


  • Helps You Exercise More

Regular exercise can keep your body healthy. If healthy individual consumes black water regularly, they will benefit from that. Black water makes the human body feel energized, which in turn helps to exercise more.


  • Induces Sleep

An adequate amount of sleep positively affects the human body. If you sleep after consuming alkaline black water, you will have a sound sleep. Sleeping well will help you to build endurance and reduce the fatigue caused by a heavy workload.


black water
black water – img credit – blk

Black Water – Safe or Unsafe?

Now that you know almost everything about black alkaline water, it is time for you to finally determine whether it is safe to drink black water or if you should stay away from it. Though there are several benefits a human body can get from drinking black water, there are still some disadvantages that we can’t ignore. As more and more human trials are taking place worldwide, the cons of this water are coming out in front of the world. After consuming black water, you can experience the following side effects in your body: 

  1. Nausea
  2. Vomiting after consumption of black water 
  3. Getting confused about your daily work 
  4. Degeneration of cardiac cells can severely affect your heart 
  5. Alteration in the urinary pH leads to painful urination.

Your body’s pH level can get altered, resulting in alkalosis. With the consumption of black water, you can also feel nausea and vomiting because the body takes time to adjust to the new drink. Last but not least, one of the animal trials on rats shows degeneration and eventually the death of cardiac cells. Moreover, blood and urinary pH can also change due to the consumption of black water. 

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Can we Convert Black Water to Normal Water ?

No it is not possible even after multiple filtering process. You cannot convert black water to normal water. Water’s dark color comes from the addition of minerals and fulvic acid produced by the biodegration of dead organic matter. The product reportedly provides a bevy of trace minerals and electrolytes. It also helps to balance the human body’s pH levels.


Does the Black Water Smell ?

No, actually it does not smell at all. It is very normal to simple transparent water in terms of taste and smell. If you have really strong taste buds, you might slightly feel the alkaline nature of the black water, but otherwise there is no taste in black water. Only difference in terms of senses comes in the color of the black water.


Final Words

Water is present in every bodily fluid, such as blood, lymph, CSF, saliva, and others. Almost 70% of our body’s constituents are water. We consume water to keep our bodies hydrated. Consuming an inadequate amount of water can dehydrate the human body, which directly affects the metabolic and neurological systems of the body.

You can replace regular water with black water, as studies have shown that it is safe to drink black water. This water variant can improve your body’s vitals and functionality. Still, the only problem is the lack of research and human studies. We recommend you consume black water only after consulting with your physician. 

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