What is Botox Treatment for Hair?

Age-related changes are something mainly associated with wrinkles occurrence, skin’s lack of elasticity, and other visible signs everyone will experience sooner or later. That’s why skin Botox is the most popular option to prevent these processes and preserve rejuvenated looks for much longer. But what if we tell you Botox is also an excellent solution to improve hair health? With age, the structure of the hair changes a lot, so people may notice a slowdown in hair growth, as well as its reduced strength. Thus, it is crucial to use aesthetic treatments to protect it and return it to a younger form!

Today, we would like to discuss hair Botox treatments and how they can be useful for general hair improvement. We believe it is crucial to be aware of all available procedure options to pick the most helpful one for an individual’s needs. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this topic.


Hair Botox treatment benefits
Hair Botox treatment benefits

Definition of the Botox Hair Treatment

When you talk about Botox, the first thing that pops up to mind is probably a botulinum toxin skin injection used for specific aesthetic purposes. However, for Botox hair treatment, product administration is not required; on the contrary, it’s a deep conditioning procedure used mainly to strengthen weak and repair damaged hair (and, in this way, reduce the frizz).

If you wonder where to buy Botox, we recommend looking for a reliable online supplier on the Internet. Such companies as FillerSupplies offer affordable prices for every budget, an excellent selection of products, and fast delivery around the world.

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And now, we have a surprise for you. What if we say that Botox hair improvement doesn’t include a botulinum toxin-based solution at all? Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, the truth remains the same: over-the-counter items for this procedure usually include vitamin E, argan oil, ceramides, caviar oil, and biotin. Almost all of those are types of fat that are crucial for keeping hair healthy and strong. Botox doesn’t include chemicals, unlike keratin treatments, so even individuals with damaged hair can benefit from it. But, of course, to make sure you’ve chosen the right option for your needs, it is better to consult with a medical professional first. This step is incredibly important, so don’t ignore it!

The average durability of this procedure is from two to four months (the numbers depend on numerous factors, so, once again, it is crucial to discuss your goals with an expert). 


Botox treatment
Botox treatment

Which problems can be solved by using Botox for hair?

The best thing about Botox hair treatments is that they are suitable for individuals with any type of hair; it doesn’t matter whether you have thick curly hair or thin damaged – one way or another, you will benefit from this procedure.

So, what issues can be solved with the help of Botox injections for hair?

  • Split hair ends;
  • Damaged or dull hair;
  • Brittle or fizzy hair.

In order to prolong the results and protect hair better, a special aftercare routine should be planned to take proper care of it. It may vary based on the hair type: some people should think about hair smoothing products, while others should look for something with a collagen complex included for a better moisturizing effect. We recommend discussing this topic with a professional.

Main Benefits of Botulinum Toxins for Hair

botox injections for hair
botox injections for hair

Botox for hair is a deep conditioning treatment that doesn’t include chemicals and can be used for various purposes. Mainly, specialists choose it for the following aesthetic goals:

  • Boost the hair health and give it its health back by replenishing hair fibers and repairing already damaged hair;
  • Take frizzy hair under control;
  • Improve a scalp’s health (and protect it from psoriasis, dandruff, and other unfortunate conditions);
  • Deal with hair loss, split-end problems, as well as hair-thinning situations;
  • Reduce hair damage by making it much stronger;
  • Add volume to the hair to boost its overall appearance.
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Of course, to make sure this product can fulfill all the aesthetic needs of a patient, it is crucial to have a consultation with a professional and go through all required medical tests. In this way, the treatment will be planned in the most effective way!


Botox Hair Treatment
Botox Hair Treatment

How is a Procedure Performed?

Now, we would like to tell you more about what you should expect from a hair Botox work performed by an experienced professional so you have a better general understanding of the treatment:

  • Step 1. The hair should be carefully washed to get rid of the dirt and oils constantly present on the scalp. Special clarifying shampoo is typically picked for this purpose to provide an excellent cleansing effect; it also works well for opening up hair cuticles. After washing, a conditioner is used to prepare a base for the treatment;
  • Step 2. A specialist gently dries the hair with the help of a towel so the Botox treatment can be applied from root to tips. The substance is left there for approximately 45 minutes and is gently washed away with the help of a sulfate-free hair cleanser;
  • Step 3. Afterward, the hair is typically blast dried and heat-straightened (it helps seal the product in the hair fibers). Please remember that the procedure may vary from salon to salon; some of those don’t wash out Botox and go directly to hair drying and straightening processes to provide a deeper, more intense action.
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Note: It is possible to perform this ultimate deep conditioning treatment at home; however, we still recommend going to a professional salon to ensure all the processes are done correctly by experienced specialists in the cosmetic beauty sphere.

The Final word about the Botox Hair Treatment

Botox hair treatment (that, as we found out in this article, doesn’t include a traditional botulinum toxin injection) is a procedure meant to make hair stronger, more glowing, and healthier in general. If performed correctly, this treatment can provide up to four months of noticeable improvement; however, to make sure it is suitable for an individual, it is vital to talk with a specialist first. Hopefully, now you understand the working principle of Botox for hair much better. Stay safe!


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