What to do & What Not to do After Masturbation

Last Updated on January 7th, 2021

Masturbation…!! If you are somebody who is fed up of hearing against masturbation and want to learn how you could stay healthy while masturbating, then you are at right place. Because if you’ll follow healthy ways of masturbation; trust me, you will never face any side effect of masturbation. And one of the place where most of the people fail to follow a healthy practice is What to do After Masturbation? They ain’t aware of healthy practices recommended by experts, they don’t know what to eat, how to clean up, and they certainly end up doing unwanted things and as a result they end up hurting their sexual powers. But, you need not worry; today I am going to tell you everything step by step.


Post Masturbation Health Tips
Post Masturbation Health Tips


I often receive emails where people ask that they feel guilty after masturbating. They feel they wasted the energy or minerals inside their body. While others think that they committed a crime as they did something which their religion doesn’t allow. Here I can’t comment about religious beliefs, all I would like to say is masturbation is as normal as peeing and no law in this world could stop you from masturbating.

When your body gets ample amount of water, it moves throughout the tract from mouth to the stomach to the kidneys to the intestine, doing all its duties inside a body and when it becomes a waste it must be excreted and so your body does, it creates a pressure of urine at urethra and you pee.

Similar is the case here, when sex hormones start producing sexual fluids inside the body, and you are not able to fulfill the natural demand of body (have sex), you have to eject them because the production of these sexual fluids goes on continuously inside the body, so it’s better to excrete the extra waste inside the body yourself or else your body takes care of it on its own by excreting it during night in the form of nightfall or the sperm may even come out with urine while you pee.

To get more understanding on what is masturbation checkout my article on Masturbation; where I have written on what is masturbation and how specialists define it. It will give you a good insight on what you have been doing since childhood and will show you why you should not feel bad about masturbating.


What to do after masterbation
What to do after masterbation


So, it’s better if you could make the excretion process of sperm a bit more meaningful and enjoyable for yourself. Now, without wasting much time coming to the main point what to do after masturbation?


What To Do & What Not To Do After Masturbation

 I have been asked this question over and over again by a number of people. So, here are the points you need to take care after you masturbate, or you can say following are the things that you should do after masturbation:

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Clean Up After Masturbation:

First and foremost thing you need to do is clean up the mess. Dispose the tissue paper properly, clean off your organ thoroughly. Many of you might not be doing this, but cleaning your organs is very much required. It removes the chances of formation of bacteria around your organ. Though, peeing may remove most of the residual, but if you will clean it off yourself after masturbating, then the chances of developing bacteria or any kind of disease reduces to zero. Also, cleaning your organ with water makes sure that any sort of lubrication if used during masturbation also gets cleaned up.


Cleaning after masturbation
Cleaning after masturbation


One more thing that I would like to mention here is that many people have myths in their mind that cleaning the organ after masturbation with water causes loosening of nerves, which further leads to many sexual diseases.

This is nothing but mere myth, how could water be harmful for the nerves and that too when used on outer skin. Instead I would recommend you to clean your organs with water once you are done with the act. And don’t forget to keep creams and other stuffs used on their appropriate places, so that chances of discovery of any unusual act by others is reduced.


Rest After Masturbation:

Once you are done with cleaning, now is the time to enjoy. If you have time you may take a small power nap, or else you should simply lay down, close your eyes and feel the goodness throughout the body. Masturbation actually soothes the muscles, reduces stress, releases tension and act as pain killer.

Now, in the absence of any stress and soothing effect throughout the body, one should definitely enjoy this state. So, I would recommend you to take a small power break.


post masturbation relaxation
post masturbation relaxation


And sperm is what, nothing but accumulation of minerals, proteins and essential nutrients, so it is not a big deal if you feel a bit lazy, dizzy or restless after masturbation. But, this dizziness stays for a while and it has been found that the deficiency is fulfilled by body within just two to three minutes. So, stay back and take rest for four to five minutes and enjoy. If the dizziness is lasting longer, it means you are overdoing the act of pleasure and must keep a check on the numbers and your diet also.


Do Not Overthink After Masturbation:

Thinking the other way round the corner does nothing but just makes you feel bad. Do not think that you have done something you shouldn’t have done. No doubt, this is not something your parents or guardians might have taught, but still there are things that one has to learn on their own. You may discuss it with your parents, this won’t be a big surprise for them.

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Though nobody does all this in open and tell others, but at the same time this is also true that there is no body on this planet who doesn’t do this or thinks to do so.


Feeling guilty after masturbation
Feeling guilty after masturbation


So you are not the only one who masturbates and be happy about the fact that at least you are not committing a crime as there are no rules or regulations passed by any government around the world which says anybody found masturbating would be jailed or fined. You are doing a normal activity just like scratching after you feel bitten by a mosquito, you are just fulfilling the demands of your body. So, do not regret that you masturbated.

Also, you need not think that with every masturbation you are reducing your sperm count or you will become impotent or blah blah..!! All these are just myths, once your body starts producing sperm, or begins menstruating, it will continue to do so till menstruation stops in females while in males sperm is produced till last breath.

In fact, masturbating helps the hormones work more efficiently and helps keep the sperm count to normal and menstruation cycle to stay steady. There have been studies which even prove that those who masturbate enjoy a longer and healthier sex life as compared to those who don’t. So, forget that you will ever run out of the fuel due to masturbation.


Regain After Masturbation:

Now is the last and final step that you must take care of. As mentioned above, sperm is nothing but an accumulation of proteins, minerals and other vital nutrients. So, all the loss must be recovered. No doubt our body recovers the loss within minutes, but to maintain the capability of body to recover we must provide our body with the essential minerals and nutrients.


What t o Eat or Drink after Masterbation
What to Eat or Drink after Masturbation


It is recommended that one must intake something nutritious within 2 hours of masturbating. Actually what happens is, that our body keeps a reserve of all the minerals and nutrients and a sudden requirement (during masturbation) may lead to the end of accumulated stock of nutrients. And if the same is required by body for some other process, or other activity, in absence of the nutrients one may end up getting injured or may faint. So, make sure you have a glass or two of juice or fruits after one or two hours you are done.

And if you are masturbating twice a week on regular basis so it is highly recommended that you keep a check on your diet. You are recommended to take at least two glasses of milk daily, one glass of juice, plus fruits whenever possible, almonds and drink minimum 3 liters of water daily. In short maintain a good balanced diet. To know more about what to eat immediately after masturbation and diet for those who masturbates on regular basis click here.

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If you can take care of the above mentioned four steps after masturbation, I bet you will have a longer and healthier sexual life and also you need not be afraid of any masturbation related myth. Don’t you ever associate masturbation with bad feelings, and don’t let this association stop you from masturbating.

In order to stay completely healthy while masturbating, i would recommend you to go though these articles as well – Is Masturbation Healthy? , How to Masturbate,  How Much to Masturbate in a Week or a Month, How to Stop Control Masturbation and How Many Times to Masturbate. They will surely make you more clear on what exactly is masturbation and how can I so confidently say that it is totally safe.


Things to do before & during Masturbation
Things to do before & during Masturbation


I am not provoking you to masturbate more, but all I want to state is that masturbation is not unhealthy, the way one masturbates makes it unhealthy. If you will follow proper ways to masturbate, knows what to do after masturbation and how to masturbate, then you will never face any side effect; and in fact will be able to enjoy the benefits of masturbation.


I hope I have been able to cater what you were looking for. To know more about masturbation and sexual health you may follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn as well.


If you have any queries that I have not been able to answer up here you may ask them in the comment section below. I’ll cater each query personally through email as well as in comments.


Know Masturbating..!!

No Repenting…!!

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